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About Highlands Golden Retrievers
I have been breeding strictly Golden Retrievers for 27 years with strong field lines. They are not only hard working in the field hunting but also in the performance environment running AKC and HRC hunt tests in the season. My dogs are raised in the home and have that highly desired on/off switch. Their temperaments are wonderful and always ready to go when asked.
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Golden Retriever
Breeder Contact Info
Diana Mcclain
N1601 W. Ra Le Drive
Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin 53538
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 27 years.
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Testimonials (4)
Submitted by: Brian on Nov 30, 2023
My wife and I purchased a Golden from Diana three years ago. This was our first dog that we have purchased together. We wanted a Golden that came from a good hunting background and would also make a good house dog. Once we got in contact with Diana, she helped us through every step in the selection process of picking the dog that would be best for us. She guided us on picking the puppy that would have the best drive, temperament, talent, etc.

Our dog has definitely exceeded our expectations from both hunting and house manners. I’m a very avid duck hunter, and our dog definitely has a natural instinct out in the duck blind. I’d like to say it’s all from the training I did with him, but I would be doing the dog a disservice by saying that.

I would recommend Diana to anyone looking for a Golden, whether it be a hunting or a house dog.
Submitted by: Brian Treinen on Nov 29, 2023
After losing our 11 year old male Golden to cancer a few months earlier my wife and I and our 2 year old Golden knew we needed to get another pup. I wanted a hunter this time for upland and some duck. I did a bit of searching and fortunately found Diana & Highlands. I called and we talked for almost an hour, shed a few tears, shared stories and philosophy and I was pretty sure I'd found our breeder. Even though she's almost 2 hours from us we drove down to see her and the litter. Well, you know how that went given that I'm writing this! She was great, pups were healthy and happy as was Mom. My wife and I had made our decision before we had time to back out of the driveway! We drove down one more time a few weeks later to see how the pups interacted with a chukkar - we ended up with pick of males but all of the pups had great drive and were VERY interested in the bird. That hasn't changed in the 6 years since we got our boy. At 7 months I brought him back to Diana to train him for his Started field tests. He's a natural with incredible drive, is super smart, quick to learn and a wonderful athlete. He achieved his title in 4 runs and has since become an outstanding upland hunter. Great nose, listens well and has some retrieves that have shocked me. Nothing seems to phase him. On top of it he's one of the most loving, loyal, sweet dogs we've ever had. As hard as he runs in the field he's equally happy laying on the couch next to you, as long as you're petting him :) We've stayed close with Diana and consider her a great friend. You cannot go wrong with one of her pups, they're cared for, loved and socialized from the first breath and our boy has been a wonderful example of her effort and love. Highly recommended!
Submitted by: Robert Mroz on Nov 27, 2023
I have two dogs from Highlands. Both females. Ray is 5 years old and Storm is 9 months. I’ve hunted with Golden’s for over 30 years. Ray is the best upland dog I’ve ever had or hunted over. Her drive and athleticism is like nothing I’ve ever had before in a dog. In thick reeds and the nastiest of briars she will bull doze through and make sure that bird flushes out ! We hunt at home in NJ and have been to other states on several types of birds. Grouse,woodcock chukkars. It doesn’t matter what I’m hunting she’s the best. Little Storm is doing just as well. Her first actual hunting experience was In South Dakota this year. Wild birds on public land. She did awesome. Even had her first solo flush and retrieve. The only reason I don’t have have a puppy from this litter is my wife won’t let me ! lol. These dogs go from the field hunting and right back home to sitting on your lap cuddling. I can’t say enough about the quality of these dogs. Feel free to email me with any questions. Rangerbob01@aol.com
Submitted by: Debbie Domagalski on Nov 26, 2023
Way back in the day I was looking for a groomer for our 2 golden retrievers. After meeting Diana, I realized we would be friends for life, having our dogs being the most important part of our lives, in common. Then I met her girls. Dusty, Jennie and Evie. The sweetest girls ever, who all smiled every time we saw them. I warned her to not tell me when she bred Jennie, but she did, and the rest was history. We took home litter mates Sera and Star in 2009 and after losing our 2 original girls, in 2017, again took home litter mates Morgan and Mandy from Nessie's first litter (Nessie came from an Evie breeding). Although bred for and being AMAZING hunting dogs, we don't hunt, so our girls are professional family dogs :) All our Highlands girls have the sweetest dispositions, have been extremely healthy, easy to train, and quite honestly, the most loyal companions. I suspect at some point in the future, there may be another set of Highlands litter mates in our home and having 4 and potentially 6 dogs from the same breeder is, in my opinion, the best testimonial one can receive. Consider yourself blessed to have a Highlands pup!
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