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The Gundog that your WIFE will love!!

Our mission is to provide the hunter with the highest quality hunting dog, by selective breeding and training. But also a dog that can be a part of your family. Let's face it, your dog will not be a hunting companion only, there is a large part of time that he/she will become and part of your family and will spend a large amount of time with your wife and children. We understand that the day to... day dog is just as important as the beast that a hunter wants in the field. When those two things are considered something amazing happens...

Our goal is to provide each individual/family with a dog that not only will be amazing in the field, but also an amazing addition to your family! Each of our pups starts at 3 days old with Early Neurological Stimulation, where they are exposed to different methods of stimulation. Why do we do this? Studies have shown time and time again, that the early development of a puppies brain is crucial to what that puppy will be like as a grown dog. By introducing early stimulation in a controlled and specific way it has been proven to do wonders for a pups over all development, health, ability to learn and adjust. It's a program that our military still uses today.

Our pups are also handled by our family and all it's members, so they will be comfortable adjusting to any family dynamic. Until our pups go to their forever homes, they are a part of our family and we treat them as such, dinner at the kitchen table teachs a pup not to jump at or on the table. You can be confident that when you take your new pup home, it will already be started with the do's and don'ts of the world. Which as we know from experience is a large asset when taking home and raising a new member of any family.

Now who are we??

 We are a family that has been fortunate enough to be owned by a 100% pure bread Irish Imported Black Labrador Female. Tullyah Derramore Jade AKA "MEG"  She is not only our loving family pet she is our gundog.

Why Irish Imported and not American? Irish and British Labradors have become increasingly popular in the U.S. as of late and the big difference is temperament.  American Labs and Irish/British labs have many simular qualities.  The first and formost is their hunting drive, trainability and desire to please.  No other dog will love you like a lab! There is also some very distinct differences between the two "cousins" The biggest is temperment when not in the field. By necessity American breeders (and rightfully so, to be competitive in US field trials) have bread their labs to be bigger, faster, stronger.  Which is great in the field, but what happens the other 300-330 days per year when you are not hunting. Dogs imported from Great Britain are bread for the hunt tests that they are going to run. In these test the dogs are asked to sit patiently for long periods of time, makeing any noise or excessive movement will mean immediate dismissal from the trial. After a long period of waiting while the dog watches hundreds of live birds shot overhead, the dogs are asked to retrieve a certain bird from the hundreds that have fallen. Failure to bring back the correct bird under control results in dismissal from the event.  Because of the way the trials are run over there the dog is bread with a focus on different traits. Both breaders are looking for the smartest trainable dog to pass on intelligence and trainability to their pups, but unlike American breeders that are also looking for the fastest, biggest, most energetic dog, in Great Britain they are looking for a calm, hard hunting trainable dog that can be trained with little effort and in a shorter period of time. Thereby giving the two dogs entirely different personalities, one rambunchous and rearing to go, the other just as ready to go at go time but calmer and more relaxed at all times. Haveing had both lines of labs and having trained both lines, we have found that the Irish/British Labs are calmer in the house and easier for the novice to train.
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Mike Keller
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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 3 years.
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