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Chump Change strives to produce german wirehaired pointers that are truely versatile. Dogs that are equally as good in the water as they are in the uplands. These dogs actually go hunting for both upland and waterfowl on a regular basis.  Chump Change is the leader and sets the standard for german wirehaired pointers and water work.  Don't be fooled by the doggy gamers or dumbdowners!! Chump Change is the versatile hunter's choice in Wisconsin for real versatile hunting german wirehaired pointers.  Hip dysplasia free, outstanding temperaments, references.  Pups available on occasion.  STUD SERVICE available to approved females from NAVHDA Utility Prize One "HR Chump Changes Nothin To Lose". (a.k.a. Jiggs)

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Dennis Carey
320 Weston Ave.
Wausau, Wisconsin 54403
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 8 years.
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Testimonials (6)
Submitted by: Mitch Legault on Dec 14, 2008
I just finished my first hunting season with my pup Knucklez, out of Chump Change kennels. This is my second CC dog; and proves that the research I did 5 years ago still remains valid today.

Knucklez is a tireless hunter, and always in cover. Even walking the road back to the truck, he will cross the ditch and hunt every second until I call him out. His first season I shot sharptail, huns, pheasant, snipe, rabbits and a raccoon over him in the uplands. Steady to flush was learned while hunting, with no pressure, the dog trained himself with the right opportunities. In the marsh he learned to go "back" at a very young age; which saved a lot of rock throwing. He never blinked an eye as the water turned frigid in November. He is truly a versatile dog, that does it all.

Dennis has been there to give me direction when I needed it, and is only an email or phone call away should I run into something I am unsure of.

A great breeder, breeding great dogs is a tough combination to find these days. If that is what you are seeking, and who isn't? You need look no further, then Dennis Carey, and Chump Change kennels.

Submitted by: Cyril Larson on Oct 31, 2007
After previously owning a German Wirehair Pointer I knew that was the breed for me. I found Dennis through a local gun dog club,as a member had one of his dogs and was highly recommending him. Dennis is always available for any questions.
I picked up Hunter in May of 2006 at 7 weeks of age. At six months he was retrieving, dry land and open water waterfowl. He amazed me as he still does now. This fall he has learned to hide in my lay down blind, sometimes falling asleep between flocks. He loves the water and the field, has great drive and never gives up until he gets his bird.
Hunter has the best temperment you could ever want in a dog. He listens very well and is wonderful part of our family. His personality is hilarious, loving, goofy, gentle, quiet. My wife is very happy with the limited shedding of the wirehair as our previous dog was smoother haired.
We HIGHLY recommend Chump Change Kennels.
Cy Larson
Submitted by: Joe Pigeon on Aug 21, 2007
In the fall of 2005, I decided the timing was right to finally get my first hunting dog. I live in the heart of Michigan's Upper Peninsula where we have decent ruffed grouse and woodcock numbers, and felt that a pointer would suit me best.

After doing much research into the various breeds, I finally decided that I wanted a GWP. I looked into kennels/breeders in my area (within 300 miles) and spoke with a couple breeders in lower Michigan but couldn't make up my mind. I happened to run across the Chump Change website, and finally called Dennis Carey. He answered my many questions relating to the breed and his dogs, and he told me that not only were the GWP's solid pointing dogs, but also that they were awesome in the water. I could sense the pride for his dogs in his voice. He sent me videos of the dogs hunting both upland and waterfowl and his dogs were awesome. Needless to say, I was hooked on the breed and specifically his dogs, the late Max, and the sire of my dog Jiggs.

I spent a little extra to have the pick of the litter and Dennis helped me in selecting my dog, mainly because I trusted him and because I had no clue what I was looking for in a pup. I brought my dog Boone home on 1/21/2006.

Boone is all I ever wanted in a dog already, and he's only 21 months old!!! He fetches to hand without being force fetched. He was retrieving geese and ducks at 10 months. There were 28 wild grouse killed over him last fall, and his pointing is now very solid. His hunting instinct and desire to hunt are impressive. We just had our only child, he's now 10 months old. I was worried that Boone would become jealous and have behavior issues, but he's been wonderful with the baby.

Dennis has been through this all with me. He gave me advice on everything from house breaking, feeding, discipline, training, health, do's and don'ts, socialization, hunting......I mean everything! I still call him regularly for advice or just to update him on Boone's progress, and he'll call me to see how things are going with Boone. He cares, and I can tell he's proud of the dog Boone has become.

Needless to say, I would not hesitate to recommend Dennis Carey and Chump Change Kennels to anyone, in fact I'd tell them they were foolish if they went anywhere else. His dogs hunt!!

Joe Pigeon
Newberry, MI
Submitted by: Steve Johnson on Feb 11, 2007
I should let everyone know that first and foremost I am a duck hunter who has never owned a dog before Duke. Also, like most people my upland hunting was more or less a nice stroll through the woods, again before Duke. Fortunately for me I ran into Dennis about 8 years ago.

Dennis was able to answer all the questions of a naïve future dog owner quite patiently. I knew what I was looking for in a dog but, I only wanted one dog. Dennis assured me that the GWP was a dog that could do it all and he was telling me the truth.

I can assure everyone that my schedule is quite busy. What I have found with the dogs bred by Chump Change are that these dogs are truly versatile and ready to hunt. With minimal training (mainly establishing control) these dogs will and can do anything asked of them. This has been proven season after season with over 130 WILD BIRDS shot over my dog in each of the last four seasons.

I would like to thank Dennis personally for the advise he offered when I first welcome Duke into the family and to let everyone else know that this man knows dogs and how to train them. I could not be more pleased with my GWP or Chump Change Kennels.
Submitted by: Mitch Legault on Feb 01, 2007
In 2004 I decided to get my first ever hunting dog. I wanted to hunt it all, and the natural choice for my style of hunting, in the climate I live in, was a German Wirehaired Pointer. When I came across The Chump Change website I saw a guy using his dogs to hunt very much the way I saw myself hunting. Now he wasn't the only breeder I spoke with; but time and again I found myself drawn back to Dennis. He was able to answer all my questions (and continues to 3 years later), he provided me with references and videos of his dogs working both in the uplands and in the duck blind.

It didn't take long for me to realize Brewer was special. At just 4 months he was the goto dog when the club I joined got together to do water work, cleaning up bumpers other dogs disregarded.

During his first hunting season he did it all, retrieving ducks and Canada's at just 6 months of age. Then making the transition to the uplands where I shot early and late season sharptail, and even a couple of ruffies over him. We just completed our third hunting season together and I can't remember ever having so much fun behind a gun. But truth be told, I don't need to carry gun to enjoy seeing the dog work. Whether it is opening day, or the final day of grueling 5 day trip to North Dakota or Wisconsin, the dog can't wait to jump out of the truck and HUNT. If hunting is what you do, A Chump Change dog will not only help you put birds in the bag; but will also open a world to you, like you've never seen before.

Submitted by: Jon Longfellow on Jan 30, 2007
After a lot of research on which breed best matched what I wanted in a hunting dog I settled on a German Wirehaired Pointer. One of the contacts I made along the way was Dennis Carey. Dennis gave me very frank advise based on his experience in the areas of temperament,
trainability, desire etc. He was not trying to "sell" me a dog he was
just laying out his perspective honestly and trying to understand if my needs. He also addressed my questions about the different hunt test that exist today. I had a ton of questions for him but he was always patient with my "new guy" enthusiasm albeit uninformed.

I jumped in and purchased a pup though Dennis in may 2005. I brought Gus home at 7 weeks and I'm still amazed watching the dog learn and perform.

I ran him in the NAVHDA Natural Ability test in may of 2006 and he received a 112 prize 1.
I was very proud but...I got the dog to hunt and that is what he does..... a lot.

I have hunted Ducks, Geese, sharptail, Hungarian Partridge, ruffed grouse, woodcock and pheasant with Gus and according to my journal I've taken over 130 wild birds over him in two seasons. The first season found him out there pounding away at just over six months.

Gus lives in the house with me, my wife and two children he is a wonderful family companion as a bonus.

Now I won't say he trained himself. I worked at it, but Dennis was there all along with simple down to earth instructions on what to do to bring out the best in him.

I can't give any higher endorsement of the Chump Change line or the support I received after the purchase.

Jon Longfellow
Forest Lake MN

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