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One of "Tigers"Chocolate pups on Point                  

Tri-lab's Jay Taylor "JT" one of the strongest Pointing Lab studs you will  ever see.


Tri-lab kennels is located in the beautiful Okanogan Valley. Tri-lab kennels breeds and raises AKC/APLA Pointing labrador retrievers. Our dogs are from some of the strongest Pointing lines available. All dogs come with a 26 month health guarentee. Our dogs compete in the American Pointing Labrador Assoc as well as the AKC hunt test. Tiger is a 1x5 Grandmaster titled Pointing labrador and is available for stud service to approved  females.  JT is also a Grand Master titled and a Senior Hunter in the AKC stud also available for stud service to approved females. So if your looking for a Labrador that can do it all give us a call. We breed for quality not quanity. We have one of the strongest chocolate pointing lines out there.

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Sean Isaac
92 Crumbacher Rd
Tonasket, Washington 98855
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 15 years.
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Submitted by: James Marasco on Oct 30, 2016
We purchased our third puppy from Tri-Lab Kennels and received her on 12/25/2015. she is a yellow lab female and what can I say but an amazing dog. I recently got her back from training by Sean at Tri-lab and wow. She has pointed her first pheasants very hard and has made some amazing run downs on cripples, I cant imagine better dogs and service than we have received.
Submitted by: Bob Farris on Oct 12, 2013
I have bee meaning to write this for some time but am finally getting too it. We got our male chocolate "Sage" last Christmas. What a dog. I have nothing but good things to say about this dog who is now 11 months in October. His demeanor is incredible. Ultra family and people friendly, mellow until called to action, and what a nose. I can't wait for his next round of training and hunting this fall to see this dog develop even farther. Very impressed by the Tri-labs set up from the facility to the programs.
Submitted by: Nate Wetzel on Aug 19, 2013
I'm an amateur hunter, we were looking for a dog that would be a family dog first and a hunting partner second.

Our puppy from the litter of Wind River SST "Jet" & Tri Labs Courageous Coco is the dog we were looking for. She's a beautiful bundle of chocolate energy, she loves people, other dogs, and fetching. She housebroke quickly, and lets us know when she needs to go out. She loves to be scratched and rubbed, and she loves to fetch. In fact, she can be calm and the minute I grab something to throw, it flips a switch and it's all she can do to stay sitting while I throw.

She doesn't shy away from new experiences, whether they are people or places. She can be a little headstrong, but she is learning her obedience training very well.

Thank you Sean for your good choices in breeding, and taking care of Abby as a puppy. She is probably the best balanced puppy that I've seen in a very long time.
Submitted by: Brandy & Tammie Smith on Aug 16, 2013
We are very please with our new little yellow boy lab Buffett. He has adjusted to his new home and to our 11 year old Chocolate Lab Oakley. Sean was very nice to work with and would do it all over again. I am excited to start working with Buffett and know he will be a great hunting partner. He is very spunky and happy little guy. Loves our chickens also LOL. I will recommed Tri Lab Kennels to anyone who is looking for a great dog and friend.
Submitted by: Terry and Mary Jo Weaver on Jul 04, 2013

Our beautiful Tri-Labs Mackenzie Rose is just over nine weeks old, born on April 27, 2013 and is from Wind River SST "Jet" & Tri Labs Courageous Coco.

Sean and Angie Isaac have done a tremendous job as breeders for the first seven weeks of this puppy's life. Our thanks to them for their responsible human companionship, care and knowledge along with dedication to their clients. It was with special consideration from Sean and Angie that our selection of this precious animal was made possible.

At forty nine days old the puppy pick up was made at Tri-Lab Kennels and an eight hour road trip was her first challenge. She arrived at her new summer home in beautiful British Columbia none the worse for wear. She shows responsiveness in new experiences and impresses us daily with her willingness to retrieve.

At the eight week mark she was mostly crate trained sleeping up to six hours. She vocalizes to let us know when she has to do her business and we have been pleases about that. She seems keen on learning her basic obedience and enjoys her walks and exploring every day.

After nine weeks she has been to our local veterinarian for her initial check up and second round of shots. Her health report was good. As she has daily access to a lake, we are anxious to see how she responds to a slow introduction to water.

We are looking forward to years of enjoyment with her as a hunting partner and member of our family. She is a very happy dog and we are just delighted to have her as one of our pack.
Submitted by: Bob Schoenleber on Jun 22, 2013
My brother introduced me to Sean and Anglia after I had a bad experience with an out of state breeder. Working with Sean over the last 1 1/2 years has been a great experience, he got good feel for what I was looking for, a hunting partner and family member with a calm personality. He delivered! We picked up our new charge a week ago and she is showing the traits we were looking for, good nose, a ball of fire at play and bold/cautious.Loves to be with people and gets along great with our soon to be 11 yr old Lab. In addition she's looks like a picture perfect Lab. GOOD JOB SEAN AND ANGLIA.
Submitted by: Cliff and Anne Freeman on Jun 02, 2013
Sage (Black Female)has been with us for one week and she is amazing! She is easy going and rode in her carrier for the 7 hour trip over to WSU and back.She has lots of spunk and is already "potty trained".She barks to let us know she needs to go to the bathroom. She is alert and enjoyed romping in the strawberry patch today.She can only get better from here on out! I only wish our 12 year old Black Female Lab, Raven, wanted to be with Sage as much as she wants to be with Raven!!
Submitted by: Dan Frink on Nov 16, 2012
TriLab's Sweet Ginger Brown is a chocolate female from Black Jack Tiger and Cocoa I got last December.
I've been hunting the West Side pheasant release sites in Vancouver, WA and Duvall and she has definitely exceeded my expectations.
She got her 20th retrieve to hand a few weeks ago and her first pheasant water retrieve last week. She flushed the bird, it headed over a slough and I dropped it near the far shore (30 yards away). She jumped in with enthusiasm and headed for the other side. The bird managed to flop to the shore and when Ginger got to where it landed in the water, she got her head up high and looked like she was trying to climb a ladder in the water. Once she spotted it on the shore, she swam over, grabbed it and headed right back to me. I could not have been more proud of her!
Thank you Sean for a great addition to our family!
Submitted by: Bill Cassio on Oct 20, 2012
I bought a started dog from Sean last April, out of Tiger and Abigail, his name is Jet and he lives up to the name. He has a great disposition around the house and quickly became part of our family.
I plan on hunting ducks and upland so Sean suggested that we hold off on his pointing for the first year and concentrate on retrieves. On his first trip to the water with my duck boat he immediatly took to jumping off the boat and after the bumper. He swam right back with it and even figured out the swim step.
This summer was abusy one for our family and I was unable to get him on any birds since we picked him up. I took him to a private hunt club last weekend and he took 7 of 7 pheasants! Retrieved to hand on each and was a pleasure to hunt with.

Submitted by: Jim Leptich on Oct 10, 2012
My dog's name is Britt, she's out of Black Jack and Mia last Thanksgiving.
I just got her back from Sean two weeks ago after 2 months of training. I have to admit that she was pretty spoiled when I delivered her to Sean, but he took on the challenge and molded her into an awsome hunter. I took her out to a pheasant plant site on Sunday and had them flag the locations so that I could tell how she was doing. Her performance was pretty impressive; she found all of the birds easily; locked up and did not creep at all. She was on most of the birds before they even hit the ground. I wounded one which glided about 200 yds and landed in a thicket at the edge of a pond. She spent several minutes in the brush but couldn't find the bird. I finally called her off to hunt another area. We had to pass the thicket again on our way out and she dove in again. I couldn't see her; I could only hear breaking brush and splashing water. After a few minutes, she popped out with the bird.
She is super smart, athletic and a real sweetheart when there aren't any birds around. She's the perfect pet/gundog combo.
She's ready for her trip to Gundog Disneyland (aka Montana/South Dakota) in a couple of weeks.I couldn't be happier with her. We've still got some things to work on, but that will be going on for awhile still.
Thanks Sean
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