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About River Rein Kennels
River Rein Kennels focuses on producing the best in multi-role dogs. Working dogs that excel in the field and in the home, and look good doing it. The German Shorthair Pointer is far and away the best breed to fill all of our needs in working and companion animals.
High demands and lavish praise are placed on these animals, and they perform accordingly.
  • Intelligence and Natural Abilities
  • Attitude and Train-ability
  • Athleticism and Breed Conformation
  • Passion and Drive
By selecting and breeding ALL of these traits in every crossing, we achieve the best that these blood lines have to offer, and ensure that the needs of both the professional dog handler and family hunter are more than satisfied.

With the goal of identifying and perpetuating these traits in our litters, we have opted to maintain fewer animals, and choose very selective pairings. While all of our bloodlines come from strong championship history, our training focus is on functionality, and we like to see our pups go to homes that match their potential.

Please write today to learn of our next available litter.

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German Shorthaired Pointer
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Breeder Contact Info
Benjamin Reinhard
16816 Dubuque Rd
Snohomish, Washington 98290
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 13 years.
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Submitted by: Mike Skjei Stuck on Aug 13, 2019
Hey Ben.
Little update on Jeger... the most loving dog with kids! This is my nephew and Jeger just follows him everywhere! I love this picture you can see how much heart she has. On a side note we went for a walk in the woods the other day and she pointed on 2 separate pheasant. I didn't understand what she was doing until the birds were in flight! Such an amazing dog!
Submitted by: Gordon Hoffnagle on Jul 18, 2019
Hi Ben,
Sorry I haven’t touched bases sooner. Been busy, probably just like you (got a new puppy to train you know!). Our girl Floki vom Freyja is everything we hoped for. As you know, I’ve had Shorthairs all my life, and they’ve all been great dogs, but 5 months in, I think this one is special. She’s an impressive athlete that stands out, even in a breed that is universally athletic. She’s pointing, retrieving, grinding the brush, has a motor that is never at idle, and is generally figuring this whole hunting thing out. Just got her rabies shot yesterday and she weighs 40#. Can't wait to get on the pheasants and chukars in a couple months. We’ve already decided that we need another one of your dogs. I would like to get on the list for spring 2021 now, (thinking 2 years apart works for all of us here). I’ll send a picture now, and a lot more in a couple months. Thanks again for the great dog. I’ll stay in touch.
Submitted by: Brian Donaldson on Jul 06, 2019
Hi Ben and Alicia,
Thanks again for such an awesome dog. I've been following a book since day 1 with Hank's training that a friend recommended. It's called "Speed Train Your Own Birddog" and it's by Larry Mueller. It's been amazing how quickly he learns. Steph and I have been nothing but absolutely happy with him. You guys do an awesome job and I look forward to referring my friends and getting my next dog from you guys.
Thanks again!
Submitted by: Gary Jorgenson on Jun 05, 2019
Ben and Alicia,
River Rein Kennels

Just a thank you for giving us the privilege of owning one of your dogs, it's a dream to have a GSP in my life again. It says a lot to me about this litter that you considered Freyja and Yolo a great paring so much so that you kept one of the females for yourself. I couldn't agree more and I couldn't have asked for a more amazing pup than Gracie, honestly I think she's the most beautiful dog I've ever owned. Tammy says I'm totally in love with her...and she's not wrong. She is a terror, a love, a hyper blur, a couch potato, a "gardener" (we don't have many flowers left either), a sock stealing shoe thief and a huge snuggler. I come home to her in my face till there's not a dry spot on it and in the evening she likes nothing more than a lap to curl up on and start snoring.

I've never seen such intensity in a dogs face and body as I have in hers when I'm working her in the yard...or when I have cheese in my hand. If only quail and pheasant smelled like cheese...

Thank you again for this amazing pup. I can't wait till I can take her out in the field with my son chasing birds and watching her work.

Thank you again...
Gary, Tammy and
River Rein Gracie vom Freyja
Submitted by: Danielle Bowman on Apr 29, 2019
Ben took time answering our questions before we committed to purchasing a pup. His time and questions for us showed us that it was important that his pups were matched well.
Submitted by: Erin Coleman on Apr 18, 2019
Best people and dogs on the planet!!
Submitted by: Eric Schmalz on Apr 11, 2019
I have a great dog from Ben and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a hard working dog that can also be a great family dog!! Ryker is great with other dogs and is awesome in the house!!
Submitted by: Patrick Hobbs on Jan 03, 2019
Such a great experience working with Ben. My pup Tank was a natural, stong point,and retrieve without training. I have hunted behind tons of dogs and never expected Tank to be hunting at 41/2 months old! RRK dogs are something special
Submitted by: Brian Donaldson on Dec 19, 2018
Hank is an absolute stud!
I can't believe how hard he wants to go at his young age. Can't wait to see what he turns into.
I can't thank you guys enough for an awesome dog! My buddy and I went again today and shot two limits of ducks and three more roosters. Hank had an awesome 100 yard recovery on a crippled bird. He's doing awesome!
Thanks again!
Submitted by: Ashley Carabelos on Dec 05, 2018
First day with Buckwheat went great! He likes to be held for his nap but then I put him down on the dog bed once he’s out. He’s eating great! Pooping and peeing just fine. He already knows where the water is at. First night in the kennel he cried BUT NO pee or poop. He runs to our back door and cries to be let out and immediately goes potty!!! Only a couple accidents where he got lost in the kitchen (there’s an island). He comes really well when we clap. I can’t whistle so I told Jared we have to clap and call his name for now lol

Just had our first vet apt doc says he is a stellar looking animal! Everything is going great! Buckwheat is a muscular beast! He is definitely a little terrorist in the house but he is doing so great and we’re loving every minute of it!
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