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About River Rein Kennels
River Rein Kennels focuses on producing the best in multi-role dogs.  Working dogs that excel in the field and in the home, and look good doing it.  The German Shorthaired Pointer is far and away the best breed to fill all of our needs in working and companion animals.
High demands and lavish praise are heaped on these animals, and they perform accordingly. 
  • Intelligence and Natural Abilities
  • Attitude and Train-ability
  • Athleticism and Breed Conformation
  • Passion and Drive
By selecting for and breeding ALL of these traits into every litter, we achieve the best that these blood lines have to offer, and ensure that the needs of both the professional dog handler and family hunter are more than satisfied. 

With the goal of identifying and perpetuating these traits in our dogs, we have opted to maintain fewer animals, and choose very selective pairings.  While all of our bloodlines come from strong championship history, our training focus is on functionality, and we like to see our pups go to homes that will help them live upto their potential.

Please write today to learn of our next available litter.

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German Shorthaired Pointer
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Breeder Contact Info
Benjamin Reinhard
16816 Dubuque Rd
Snohomish, Washington 98290
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 13 years.
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Submitted by: Gary Jorgensen on May 18, 2022
Amazing people amazing dogsfell in love with my pup Gracie the minute I got her home. The hunting instinct in these dogs is out of bounds. Alicia and Ben were great to work with, they had a camera in the pups box so we could watch their progress. If I ever get a pointer again Ill get on the wait list for another one of their dogs
Submitted by: Brian O'Neil on Feb 24, 2022
Had Millie’s NA test today. 107/112 for a prize one! She lost points in water, which I was anticipating. Perfect marks on everything else ????

10 dogs total today. There was a dog or two that were pretty impressive, but I think she tied for second highest score. She got a lot of compliments.

Been hunting hard for a wild WY rooster, finally got an opportunity tonight after a beautiful Millie point. Crippled the bird and lost it in some gnarly …. Millie worked her … off to find it, but deck was stacked against her.

Last week I shot a rooster at a release site, and watched it fly 200 yards into some cattails. Millie found it no problem…she is pretty good at tracking and hunting dead. I just need to kill them better!

Millie is … crushing it man. I could not ask for more out of a dog. Super excited for the next pup, Rosie. We are moving…just locked up an old farmhouse on 7 acres and a world class trout stream. Will be ideal training grounds. (Pheasant release site, hens are legal). Also idk if pen raised birds are bigger or if this was a holdover bird, but had at least 1? spurs and 33 bars on tail.

Idk inches but it had 34 bars. It was a tank. Millie was locked up on it, I go to where she is looking, she slowly turns her head, like hey idiot human, its over here now. It was awesome.

Last week I shot a rooster at a release site, and watched it fly 200 yards into some cattails. Millie found it no problem…she is pretty good at tracking and hunting dead. I just need to kill them better!
Submitted by: Rebecca Zender on Feb 09, 2022
Hi! I am sure you heard from …, but wanted to let you know Zeus received his prize 1 NA this weekend. He is an awesome dog that I can take anywhere. People love him and he enjoys the attention. He is also a great bird dog.

Yes, UT. Also, going to try some AKC hunt tests. I want to start him at Senior.

That is the exciting part. I really am looking forward to this season.

First step in many! Can’t wait for the season to start here.

Booked every weekend in Oct. still planning Nov.
Submitted by: Nathan Butler on Jan 24, 2022
Brings fake bird to hand, using 22’s as it flys, doing great and getting bigger! Headed for pheasant next weekend.

We had a great weekend! Rainier’s first retrieve was J’s bird, and had great points and stayed close and didn’t range!

My bird he retrieved was in some knee-high thick rosebush when he went in you couldn’t see him but push the bird out with no fear!

Rainier did great! You guy make great pups!
Submitted by: Graham Wellein on Jan 07, 2022
I meant to send you a message a while ago as I’ve got a new phone and lost your number. Guys, the pup I received from you is amazing. I cannot tell you how happy I am with him. He really aims to please and all energy aside, is the sweetest most loving dog I could have hoped for. He’s amazing. I need to get him on love birds asap as this covid thing has really got us all turned around. I truly feel like I could take him out with out any live bird training hunting and he would figure it out in one hunt. However I want to get him out soon on some live birds anyway. Thank you again I love my boy more than anything

I’ve worked him every day on heal, here and woah and have yet to introduce a shock collar. And he’s amazing at the three. He’s especially been amazing with his understanding of the complexity of woah. I’ve done lots of wing training and introduced the cap gun many times. He has no reaction to it and I have not had time to get him on land where I am able to fire something louder. If Poe’s father’s owner is still able and willing to work with him I would really love to, as I finally am comfortable enough with work and finances to do so. Thank you very much again, you breed amazing dogs!
Submitted by: Pat Needham on Dec 21, 2021
Ben – …. here. I just wanted to reach out and thank you again for letting us be part of the River Rein family. Milo is amazing and is rocking it at 9 months old. After several months of debate we registered him today. River Rein Jagdhund Milo. Jagdhund is German for hunting dog. Thank you again. On the sly … is ready for another one.
Submitted by: Michael King on Dec 06, 2021

Hope all is well with you, the family, and the dogs! I was hoping to run Zoey in the NAVHDA NA test last year, but COVID put threw a wrench in those plans. We were able to get her out there this past weekend though and run her for an eval in the NA test. We had a blast and she did great – somehow achieved a perfect score! Bummed she had aged out and couldn’t get a prize 1. Now onto training for the UPT.
Submitted by: Brian Arquilla on Dec 05, 2019
Hi Ben

Hope all good and autumn is treating you well.

We’re much loving our boy Haystack from Freyja X Yolo’s 2018 spring litter.

Here are a few photos of Haystack’s recent handy work. So versatile.

He’s working out just fine !
Submitted by: Kelly Dyer on Oct 29, 2019
Hi Ben! Just wanted to say hello and let you know our hunting seasons off to a great start. Year two seems to be the magic number. Gus has been finding all the planted birds out in Crescent Lake and Cherry Valley since the season opened up. Nothing better than walking through a patch a bunch of hunters just walked through and having your pup lock up on point right behind them. Every one asks where I got Gus and I always send them your way (and I always wear my orange River Rein hat...any chance I could buy another one from you for my Dad?). We're headed to Montana the first of November to try and find birds near Denton. Any chance you've been out that way? We're trying to find a good spot a little closer to home as the drive all the way to South Dakota has started to wear on my Dad as he's gotten older. 10 hours in the truck sounds much better than 22 🙂. I hope all is well with you! Love seeing pics of your dogs, such good looking bird finders. I need to be better about taking pictures when we hunt, if I get some good ones this year I'll send them your way.
Submitted by: Mike Skjei Stuck on Aug 13, 2019
Hey Ben.
Little update on Jeger... the most loving dog with kids! This is my nephew and Jeger just follows him everywhere! I love this picture you can see how much heart she has. On a side note we went for a walk in the woods the other day and she pointed on 2 separate pheasant. I didn't understand what she was doing until the birds were in flight! Such an amazing dog!
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