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About Cow Creek American Water Spaniels

   Cow Creek Kennel is located in Spring Grove, Virginia.  We hunt the waters of the Chesapeake Bay & Back Bay, Va. and the Currituck Sound, N.C.  We obtained our first American Water Spaniel in 2003 after many years of waterfowl hunting with Labrador Retrievers. We decided to try a smaller breed dog after we changed our hunting style from hunting in big shore blinds to mostly hunting in float blinds.  (The smaller dog took up less space in the float blind.) We also wanted a breed that was very capable as a hunting partner, could withstand cold water temperatures, and be a valued member of the family.  In our opinion, choosing this breed was the best decision we could have possibly made!!

As breeders, our goal is to produce fine family gun dogs!!  We want your dog to be as comfortable in the home as it is in the field.  Please give us a call or send an email.  We hope we can help you decide if the American Water Spaniel is the right addition to your family.

( Pictured:  UH HR Cow Creeks Sweet Jasmine WDX - "Jazz")


**********  SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS  **********

Cow Creek Kennel would like to congratulate David & Lois McCracken (of Carolina American Water Spaniels) and their American Water Spaniel - UH HRCH Carolina's Duck Gumbo SHR (Retriever) WDS - "Gumbo" on earning his HRCH title through HRC.  Gumbo is the 2nd youngest Spaniel to ever earn a Finished title through HRC (20 months).  He was sired by Nappy Brown of Carolina AWS's and his mother is Cow Creek's Sweet Jasmine.

GREAT JOB GUMBO !!!  You made our kennel proud.

Cow Creek Kennel's very own  HR CH Carolina's Cow Creek Pirate SH (Spaniel) WDS - "PeeDee"  just passed 2 Working Dog Superior tests in a row at the Southeast Regional AWSC hunt test in Orangeburg (S.C.) - to earn his WDS title.  This is the highest working certificate an American Water Spaniel can earn.

PeeDee - keep up the Good Work !!!

Cow Creek Kennel would like to once again congatulate David & Lois McCracken (of Carolina American Water Spaniels) and their AWS - UH HRCH Carolina's Duck Gumbo SHR MH (Spaniel) WDS - "Gumbo" on being the 1st AWS to earn an AKC Senior Retriever title !!!!

Thank you,
Steve O'Neal & Blake White
Cow Creek Kennel

"Proud Members of the American Water Spaniel Club - AKC Parent Breed Club"



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Testimonials (5)
Submitted by: David McCracken on May 19, 2010
I handled PeeDee in his Seasoned test at Music City HRC where he got his title. He came to the line calmly and matter of factly stepped on all the marks and lined the land blind. He is VERY close to running in Finished and becoming the 5th or 6th AWS to recieve an HRCH title. Congratulations Steve and Tracy, Cow Creek Kennels, and PeeDee.
David McCracken
Carolina American Water Spaniels
Submitted by: David McCracken on May 11, 2009
Gumbo, Jazz and Nappy's 20 month old pup just earned his HRCH title at Music City HRC. It was a tough test with only 11 of 30 dogs passing. Gumbo was the only dog entered that was not a Lab.
Submitted by: BILLY BRODERICK on Apr 13, 2009
I've been hunting waterfowl for 21 yrs and for most of those spend 50 to 55 days per year doing it me and my crew average about 400 birds per year
and in kentucky this is hard core so i know what kind of dog it takes to perform i have hunted with labs and chessies and was unsure about switching to a water spaniel because of there size
and and lack of people who have them to view around my area.Which leads me to the Oneals of COW CREEK KENNELS and the best money i have ever spent they walked me through every step and after a few phone calls i felt like i've known them for ever they are first class people.My dog Gator is now 4 months old and blows me away every day his drive and determination to please me is second to nothing i have ever seen these are big dogs in a little package and at eight weeks when i first got him could carry a mallard so i promise they can handle a goose so i am hooked for life on water spaniels and cow creeks line.Leaving no doubt my choice to switch breeds and everything steve oneal told me was fact about the (aws) Thank's for everything.
Billy Broderick, Kentucky
Submitted by: David McCracken on Dec 19, 2008

I knew that a Nappy & Jazz breeding would have to produce some good pups. However, Gumbo has exceeded even my expectations !
At 15 months old, he is all the hunting dog anyone could need, or, want. He retrieves ducks, geese, and doves. He loves upland hunting, and has passed his first two HRC Upland tests. He will get his Upland title this Spring, to go with the Hunting Retriever title he earned when he was 13 months old. I dare say that 2009 will see him earn a Hunting Retriever Championship.
Gumbo's disposition is laid back, but he lives to train and hunt, doing both aggressively. He loves people and gets along well with other dogs. We truly got the best of Nappy and Jazz with this breeding.

David McCracken
Carolina American Water Spaniels
Submitted by: Chip Anderson on Sep 20, 2008
Dear Steve,

I grew-up on the Atlantic tide water where waterfowl and retrievers were king. Of the many labs, goldens, and chessies I saw...none impressed me more than one American Water Spaniel owned by an old time shooter named Tom Marshall. I was so impressed with the intelligence and easy nature of this dog, I dreamed of some day owning one myself. Since those early days, I have had the good fortune to hunt and guide hunters professionally on 5 continents and over 12 countries...working many dogs of a variety of breeds. But when it finally came down to purchasing a dog for my own personal pleasure I couldn't think of a better breed than an American Water Spaniel. Having purchased our Maggie from Cow Creek Kennel in November of 2007... she has proven to be a credit to her breed and a true pleasure both in the house and the field. She has such a remarkable intelligence, combined with a keen desire to please. She is very gamey and without very much formal training. Maggie has become, at only one year of age, a super little bird dog...retrieving doves, flushing quail and is incredible on cripples!!! A superior nose if there ever was one. I can't thank you enough for this wonderful addition to my life. I have become quite a promoter and advocate for the breed...and know I can't imagine how I hunted without her all this time. Thanks again to yor kennel and your breeding between UH HR Nighthawks Carolina's Nappy Brown MH WDS TDI and UH HR Cow Creeks Sweet Jasmine WD this has truely produced a wonderful hunting companion.


Chip Anderson
Professional Hunter and Hunting Guide
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