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Submitted by: Rick on May 26, 2012
I have hunted over Brittany's in the past and so had decided to look for one after starting to hunt again. After doing considerable research, I ended up purchasing a female from Taylormade Brittany's. The entire experience was first class and we were made to feel like family. Our Brittany, Bailey is now 10 months old and is incredible. I have trained my dogs in the past and training manuals suggest not Training much until the pups are at least one year old. I have to tell you that Bailey has so much instinct bred into her, that she was not about to let me wait. At 10 months she retrieves to hand, holds point,is very birdy and is already developing great hunting skills. Not from being forced, but because she just enjoys doing it. I look forward to hunting over her in the future and highly recommend Taylormade Brittany's.
Submitted by: Roger Pyne on Jan 28, 2012
I bought a six month old male pup from Cindee about 2 months ago. I just would like to say how pleased I am with his progress in learning commands. He is very smart and catches on very quick. He is very birdee and has an excellent knack at picking up scents and holding his point excellent for a 7 month old pup. He loves attention and just is a great family dog also. I would recommend taylormadebrittanies to anyone who is looking for a hunting companion or family pet.
Thanks, Roger
Submitted by: Jeff Sorge on Apr 07, 2011
I started researching different dog breeds after my Aussie passed away after 13 great years. I spent many many hours weekly on this search. I was looking for an all around dog, not just a bird dog. In fact the hunting ability was not even important to me or family. I wanted a smaller, energetic, outdoorsy, durable pet. I live in Reno so I searched mainly in northern California. I visited a few breeders and just didn't care for the overall experience and they were all overpriced in my opinion. I came across Taylormade's ad on this site and gave them a call. They were 8hrs away so I didn't get to visit the kennels, but I spoke to them quite often. They provided all the extra pictures and pup descriptions I could ask for. We wanted a female orange and white Brittany and we had 2nd pick. The parents were Last Shoshoni and Put up or shut up with the pups born on 9/11/10. We picked the largest female in the litter and named her Lacy. With all the research I did on how to choose a puppy, I thought it would be easy to pick. But all the pups were exceptional and passed every little test I tried on them. Now that she's 7 months old I can say I made the right decision with the breed and Taylormade. I mean this dog is spot on the AKC definition of a Brittany. Just beautiful and perfectly healthy. I take her out XC skiing and snowshoeing every weekend. None of my friends "full size dogs" even stand a chance against the energy of this dog. She runs circles around them, it's unbelievable. I would say she hasn't even barked 50 times since birth. This is a great attribute vs the dog that barks half the day and drives everyone nuts. She gets along great with my little girls and will snuggle them all day long (as long as she gets walked 3-5 miles a day) This is some of the observations from a non hunting family. I can tell she would be a spectacular hunter as she is pointing constantly when were hiking in the back country. I always let her point because it makes her so happy. They make great pets if your have the stamina to keep them busy. Thanks again Taylormade's for this wonderful best friend.
Submitted by: kennedy ellsworth on Mar 07, 2011
My dad purchased "Chauncy" a male brittany pup from Taylormade brittanys 2 years ago. This past hunting season I got a chance to go with my dad and Chauncy on a hunt in south dakota. I spent the better part of a week hunting with them and witnessing the outstanding performance of this dog. He performed like a seasoned pro. I enjoyed myself so much that I talked my husband into letting us add a taylormade brittany puppy to our family. We just placed a deposit on their fall litter. I can't wait. In 2 years it might be her in the wild south dakota fields. Thank you Bart and Cindee for this opportunity.
Submitted by: Brett Turner on Mar 06, 2011
Hunting season is over now, I just wanted to thank Bart and Cindee for the dog that they sold me. He is one of the best hunting dogs I have ever owned. He's so smart, he practically trained himself. He's a natural retreiver and very solid on point. I'm very happy with the way he has turned out. Thank you for such a great brittany.
Submitted by: lyndsey on Feb 24, 2011
I had the best experience dealing with Bart and Cindee from Taylormade brittanys. I had never had a brittany before but fell in love with them the day that I had been invited on a pheasant hunt with Bart and Cindee this past winter. Their dogs were unbelievable. Not only did they hold their point and wait for us to catch up (the snow was so deep) but they even retrieved the birds back to us. It was beautiful to watch. I have placed a deposit on a puppy from a future litter and can't wait to own and hunt behind one of the best.
Submitted by: David on Dec 05, 2010
Hi Cindee,
Just wanted to drop you a short note. Our puppy is donig great and has been since the very first. Despite dodging the storms and all, it was a good week to bring her home-my wife and boys were out of school all week-lots of play time. Her call name is Libby. Really love her personality-just as you described, inquisitive, bold, not shy! Like a whirlwind when she's out, but very quiet calm in her crate during down time. We couldn't be happier with her.
Submitted by: Mitchell Heelie on Mar 18, 2010
My name is Mitchell Heelie and I recently joined Bart and Cindee Taylor and four of their Brittanys on a Pheasant hunt at the 4 mile hunting club in Nephi, Utah. It was the best experience I have ever had. Their Brittany's were awesome to hunt behind. Their points were stylish and the way they backed each other was very exciting to watch. I have hunted behind many kinds of bird dogs but these were by far the best I have ever seen. After this hunting experience I've decided to buy one of their brittany pups and have placed a deposit on one in their next litter. Just wanted them to know how much fun I had and I will never forget the experience. Thanks Bart and Cindee.
Submitted by: Ron and Sandy Morgan on Mar 04, 2010
I bought a puppy from Taylormade Gundogs last year. His hunting instincts were amazing! He pointed at a very young age, and he is already retreiving and backing other dogs. I am really impressed. I have always owned German Shorthairs in the past but after hunting with this puppy I am definitely going to buy brittanys from now on. Bart and Cindee were very helpful in helping me pick a puppy that I was going to hunt with and I couldn't be happier with the one they helped me pick out.
Submitted by: Rick on Mar 04, 2010
I was asking my vet about a brittany puppy and he recommended Taylormade Brittanys. He said the quality of their dogs were superior to all other brittanys that he has ever seen and that he didnt think I would go wrong by choosing a puppy from them. So I contacted them and purchased a puppy from them last year and I couldnt be happier. My family loves this dog and he has now become a big part of our family. Thank you Bart & Cindee
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