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We have a JUNE 2015 litter of puppies - and we've managed to get quite an awesome cross for this year! Our female, RANGEVIEW'S WILLOW IN THE WIND has been crossed with BLACK FOREST PRINCE MURPHY. These two dogs hunt like mad themselves - very controlled, and very driven active bird seekers - and they have produced litters before that have turned out to be some of the most natural and birdiest little hunters around!

PLEASE EMAIL TO REQUEST AN APPLICATION FOR PURCHASE, no pup will be sold without first recieving the application from each prospective buyer.

As soon as the pups start to walk, they get a pheasant wing dangled in front of their nose - then we start learning and getting solid with commands: coming when called, staying on command, playing fetch, retrieving different items, along with pheasant wings, tail feathers, and feetÂ… There is nothing like seeing the potential in 4-5 week old pup that points in a few seconds! They are also introduced to the water as we routinely go and track along the riverbed.

The pups from our past litters have been White with Liver Patches and Ticked - some a LOT of liver, some not so much. They have outstanding intention and field prospect!!!... If you are a SERIOUS hunter, these are the dogs for you - exceptionally smart with a loyal loving behavior. We introduce the pups to a gun shot with a 22 & 38 blank gun when they are ready, then move on to the shotgun. The older they get the more training they will get, the better they will get, and the more we will be asking for them.

There is a great deal of time, love, and patience put into getting these pups "raised and trained right." They will make excellent family dogs as well as superb hunters - past litters of pups have all taken to the birds naturally at a young age.

Dew claws and tail tips will be removed at 2-4 days. All pups are taken to the vet at two weeks for health checks making sure there are no causes for concern (i.e. heart murmurs, etc)...We also begin their series of immunizations prior to the pups going to their new home. The pups usually leave at 6-8 weeks. ALL pups will have AKC registration papers ready for you to fill out and send in. However I must mention, we generally sell our pups with LIMITED registrations. FULL registrations are not usually provided until after the pup's second year and their hunting abilities have been nutured and proven. We have done the due dilligence to get the bloodlines to guarantee the natural abilities - it is up to you to bring that to fruition and prove them in the field.

Thanks for your interest folks; we look forward to hearing from youÂ… Please email for more photos or more questions

  Happy Hunting!  


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Testimonials (2)
Submitted by: Daniel Young on Feb 27, 2008
Just want you to know Cooper is a great dog. He is very intelligent and listens well. He learns commands quickly. Now that hunting season is over I've been working on obedience and it amazes me how quickly he learns.

He's a happy loving little dog that wants to be part of everything. I think he spends at the most a couple hours a week in his kennel. He's usually in the house with us. He loves riding around in the back seat of the truck and going everywhere we go. He loves going to the dog park and getting all the other dogs to chase him. It's funny to watch Cooper go running by with a whole heard of dogs behind him.

Cooper is also a hero. Someone tried to get in the back door of our house one night. Cooper heard them trying to get in and started barking. It shocked me at how deep of a bark he had because he never barks. Andrea heard the door knob rattling but I was still asleep at that point. I knew something was wrong so I got out of bed and went downstairs, Cooper was right beside me. When I flipped on the light it scared the person off. Andrea heard a big ruckus and looked out the window. She saw the person jump over our back fence and take off running.

Cooper is doing well when we go hunting. He pointed his first wild pheasant on opening day of the hunt. I attached the picture. He is always looking for birds. I need to get him to hold point, but that will come with training. For his first year he did awesome, I just wanted to keep the excitement for him so I mostly just let him do his thing. This next summer and fall I'll be working on refining and honing what he naturally does.
Submitted by: Jim Jones on Jan 10, 2007
I bought a dog from Kristin and he is one of the best GSP I owned!
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