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About Best Gun Dogs
Best Gun Dogs is a full time training and breeding facility located in southern Utah. We are a dedicated kennel that's primary focus is to produce premium gun dogs through genetics and training. We take great pride in what we do and getting there with as minimal pressure on the dog as possible. We are devoted to the pointing dog breeds with our main focus on the German Shorthaired Pointer and American Brittany. We make our selections based on several criteria including: outstanding noses, great conformation, superior intelligence, and pleasing dispositions. We love the sport of hunting, especially over good bird dogs. With our competitive nature we also like to train our dogs to compete at AKC Hunt Tests, Field Trials, & NSTRA. Most important is producing or finding a dog that will not only perform in the field but also be a companion to your home.We have been training pointing dogs since 1997. We are located only 3 hours north of Las Vegas, NV and 2.5 hours south of SLC, UT. Whether you are looking for a pup, need some training, or just want to talk about bird dogs and hunting, we look forward to meeting you. Dog training rates start at $1700 per month. We use primarily Chukar, bobwhite quail recall pens, and wild-caught pigeons in our training program. Call to reserve a spot in our training program. 435 421 4420 Visit our website for more information about our program. Click Here

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Meet our German Shorthaired Pointers.

Hunt Test Sire of YearPedigree for Henry

DOB 12/07/2007 �Pedigree


Luke is one of my favorite dogs. He is one of our male German Shorthaired Pointers. From Day one Luke has been a natural. He has pointed,retrieved, and honored with little or no training. He is one of those dogs that you can just hunt right out of the box! He never barks in the kennel is always calm and collective. Once you let him go in the field he switches into a bird finding machine. It's his natural abilities and ease of training that have helped us decided to keep him in our kennel and use for future breeding. Were excited to see how he preforms in NSTRA this year.

Pedigree for Luke


Lacie has been a surprise from day one. She is one of our female German Shorthaired Pointers. Lacie is full of stlye and class. She is one of the dogs that always turns clients heads when we go to the field. She not only looks good but can hunt with the best of them. She has never been formally whoa trained yet would hold her points until the gun was fired she has done this all naturally from day one. Lacie has that no give up attitude and would hunt all day every day if you would allow her to. Once your back at the truck she knows how to turn it off and be your companion. We love her natural abilities and were excited to see how she does pheasant hunting this next year. She had such a great year in South Dakota this year.

Pedigree for Lacie

Minnie smaller pixel Minnie Pedigree

Minnie is one of our female German Shorthaired Pointers. Minnie has been a breeze to train and loves to please. Her want to be with you demeanor and willing to please attitude make her a great companion. She is so good with my kids and wife they love to play with her. Minnie's field work takes no second seat to her great personality. She exceeds in the field as well. Pointing,retrieving,and honoring all with very little training. She has some great style and her intensity on point is hard to match. We enjoy hunting behind her and she is a great guide dog. When the conditions are ruff she is one of our go to dogs for finding birds. She has a knack for finding birds no matter the conditions. Were excited to have her in our kennel.
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German Shorthaired Pointer
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Jared Moss
PO Box 1734
Beaver, Utah 84713
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 23 years.
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Submitted by: Ben Rogers on Mar 24, 2014
First of all I would like to thank you for an amazing puppy, Dixie, we got her out of the vig and sadie litter. She is an extremely smart and obedient puppy. My one year old girl just loves to grab and pull eat her hide up, and Dixie just lays there and takes it. She is now about 5 months old and is retrieving to hand every time she stays like a champ and kennels very well. I am very excited about her.
Submitted by: Beth Jackson on Dec 21, 2013
We cannot say enough good things about Jared and the GSP we purchased from him, Ace. My husband wanted a started dog, yet one that would do well with our young child and two other dogs. Jared told us about Ace in detail by phone. We never went to visit Ace in Utah. Jared shipped him to us by plane per our request. We have had Ace for about a year and a half now and he is everything Jared described. He has a gentle, calm personality at home, yet he loves to work when he is in the field. We receive many positive comments about him.
Submitted by: Julie Norman on Jun 28, 2012
Thank you so very much for the Female -Liver GSP
she is outstanding, already pointing and retrieving to hand ,she was made for our family and the children love her….
You did a great job picking the pup for us, I highly recommend you and your dogs.
It is great to have another Quality breeder that cares about the dogs and is breeding to better the breed not just breed for the Money/ pups..


Julie Norman
Submitted by: Chuck Hopkins on Apr 02, 2012
Molly has found a great new home with Chuck H in Canada. Chuck has been very happy with Molly in the home and in the field. She has a great nose with lots of style. She is getting along well with the other dogs. Chuck will hunt her extensively this coming fall. It’s always rewarding when you can place a dog in a great home.
Submitted by: Larry Swallow on Apr 02, 2012
Just wanted to say thanks for all you did ensuring I received the type of dog I wanted.Aspen is great.Her temperment,bird drive and personality have amazed me.She is simply been a pleasure.Her personality has friends,family and people I come across asking where i purchased such a great dog.I tell them Jared Moss at Best Gun Dogs.Thanks Again Jared.Here are some pictures from her first sharptail grouse hunt,and some training sessions.I cant wait for this hunting season to start.Scott Swallow and Aspen
Submitted by: Art Hughes on Apr 02, 2012

Submitted by: Dave Turner on Apr 02, 2012

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with “Odie”. He is everything you said. I’ve had the opportunity to take him hunting twice and he impressed everyone. The first time he had only been here for four days and we killed ten of the eleven quail put out for us. He was FANTASTIC. I can’t tell you how much fun I had. I was a little worried about purchasing a dog in Utah, when I live in Virginia – sight unseen; but you are a man of your word – he’s a wonderful dog and companion. I’ve enjoyed working with you and will try to send business your way

Thank you, David
Submitted by: Rick White on Apr 02, 2012

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how happy I am with my new dog Scout from Best Gun Dogs. Scout is currently about 9-month-old and has exceeded my expectations (and my skeptical wife). Already Scout has been an excellent hunting companion, thanks to the great bird training he received earlier this fall. To date he has successfully hunted pheasants, chukars, hungarian partridge and ducks (all WILD birds I might add). The GSP is truly the ultimate versatile breed! I attribute his success to a solid introduction to birds and a natural genetic drive to hunt. I am excited to see him improve his skills as he matures. My wife was very apprehensive about getting a typically wild dog to be around the house, but Scout has proven her wrong. He is a very good dog at home and is well socialized and behaved with all the neighbors pets and little children. I look forward to him returning to Best Gun Dogs this spring for additional training!

Thanks again,
Rick White
Submitted by: Lise Hewitt on Apr 02, 2012
Lise Hewitt from Washington purchased a solid liver German Shorthair puppy from us earlier this year. Lise heard about a contest for the front cover of City Dog in Washington state. They decided to enter. Their little pup placed in the top two of forty dogs and was voted to make the Christmas cover. We are so proud of him. What a great looking dog!
Submitted by: Mike Kantor on Apr 02, 2012
Dear Jared,
Well i have wanted to write to you since 7-14-2011 (the day i picked the puppy up
at the Airport) so here goes my comments and observations.
I have been a breeder of Labrador Retrievers for the last 25 or so years and about 10
years ago i decided that Labs are great Duck and Goose dogs but when it comes to hunting Quail,,Pheasants and Woodcock their noses are not as refined as “Bird Dog’s ”
I read as many books as i could on picking out Bird Dogs and their training.
Everything pointed to the German Short Haired Pointers ,so i looked at as many litters as i could and all their
AKC papers.
I picked out a puppy that had as many Field Champions in the line as i could find locally only about 5 total champions.
God smiled on me as the puppy was a great dog with great inborn talents and although i have trained many Labs this was the first attempt i have ever experienced with bird dogs.
Molly was a great dog with a great nose and a extreme desire to hunt ,she would have been a Field Champion if i had entered her and
still be out in the field if it wasn’t for Lyme’s Disease with a touch of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever .
I lost her within a few years after being treated and after hunting birds with Labs for a while ,I again realized i needed to get another “Bird Dog”
My search started the end of May this year. I looked for a new puppy at the local newspapers and magazines . I talked to my friends and others at my Gun Club .
I wanted a dog with all the abilities that Molly had ,but i couldn’t find any blood lines that came close to hers’
I decided to look at the larger picture the Internet.
My wife told me that you should get the best puppy you can find and don’t worry about the cost of shipping the dog ,so that was what i decided to do.
I found many ,many puppies for sale, some very cheap ,but nothing compared to the blood line that you ,had for sale.
When i reviewed your puppy’s blood line and talked with you in detail, i was convinced that i wanted one on your dogs.
The puppy was, and is all that you and your pictures represented and i am totally
happy with this little girl, we call “Utah Nakota”
She has only been with us for 12 days and she is sitting and coming back on voice commands and will find any hidden Quail wing within a short distance. She is not pointing yet but with live birds she may start soon , I’m sure.
The pictures you sent did not do her justice as she is truly, perfect in build and temperament. Her colors are as pretty and striking as you could paint
with a canvas .
Between the fees for the Vet. Certificate, Shots, Airfare and Crate, I spent more then i wanted to but ,i would do it again in a heart bet.
The old expression that “You only get what you pay for” defiantly applies here .
If i evaluated what the cost were to buy “Utah Nakota” and what kind of puppy i received I would say that i got the better of the deal.
At this point, I would pay more then i did knowing what i have in “Utah Nakota”
I know that it is possible that she could develop into a complete flop, or my training could be a cause ,but i would “ bet the ranch ” against that happening.
The way i see her is that you made a big mistake getting rid of her , you should have kept her for yourself ,and i think that all the Quail,,Pheasants and Woodcock
in New Jersey and Pennsylvania better start hiding out now, because she’s coming to get them this fall.
I also want to take a minute and thank you ,for your involvement and your patients with me, taking so long to decide on one of your puppies.
I now understand why you picked “Bestgundogs” for your Web Sight it truly applies to you.
Thank you,
Mike Kantor
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