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We currently have available pups ready to GO! Please contact us for more information and pictures! Also please see the unsolicited reviews at the bottom of this page!

Top Quality Field Bred Springers for the Hunter or Trialer, we consider Bidability the key to our success in the field.

Many Tartan Hills Dogs have received AKC Field titles as seen below. We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk!!!!!!!!

We have produced a line of third generation AKC Master Hunters.

We strive to produce sound personalities with lots of endurance, with working demonstartions on birds gladly provided on both the parents and pups.  

We typically have only one litter a year and give them 100 percent of what it takes to produce quality lifelong companions,  available to pet/hunting/working homes only.

Pups will be crate trained, coming to the whistle, sleeping all night with all puppy shots included, and come with a written health guarantee. They have already had exposure to children, birds and been to training sessions in the field.

Home of Rytex Racoon Of Taylene a B/W Male out of  TWO National English Champions ENFC Moonreed Flush & ENFC Whitehope Solitare imported from Scotland. His first litter has produced pups that have already placed in field trial puppy stakes at the age of 7 months with first time springer owners.

Proven stud to approved bitches, throwing big noses, and incredible drive.

All pups come with a written guarantee and references with phones numbers are gladly provided at any time.

Please contact directly for availabilty of pups, phone calls preferred!


We occasionally have a started dog or a retiree available, please call for availability. 



2nd Place        Puppy    Oklahoma Field Trial       10/11

3rd Place        Puppy     Kansas Field Trial          10/11

4th Place        Puppy     Houston Field Trial        11/11

4th Place        Puppy     SE TX Field Trial           11/11



(Handler - B Laing) 

4th Place       Amateur            Houston ESSC                  11/11

4th Place      Amateur            North TX Spaniel Club        3/11

1st Place      Amateur            Houston ESSC                  11/08

1st Place      Open               Houston ESSC                   11/08

4th Place      Open              Heart of Texas SC               2/07

2nd Place     Amateur          SE Texas ESSC                  11/06








(Rainbow Bridge - Handler B Laing)


(Owner B Laing / Handler - B Laing)


(Owner B Laing/ Handler - B Laing)


(Rainbow Bridge / Handler - B Laing)


2nd Place Puppy Houston Field Trial ESSC 11/07

2nd Place Puppy Houston Field Trial ESSC 11/07

(Owner/Handler Ken Schroeder)


2nd Place Puppy, Kansas Field Trial 10/09

(Owner M Shifler / Handler B Laing)


(Owner T Richardson / Handler B Laing)


(Owner P Wright / Handler B Laing)





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Brenda Laing
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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 25 years.
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Submitted by: william wimberly on Jul 15, 2020
Purchased a puppy 10 years ago that was offspring from a tartan hills dog (not actually purchased from Tartan hills as they did not have puppies at the time, but they were quick to point me to another owner of one of their dogs who did have puppies at the time). Our ESS has performed and has been everything I was looking for in a springer. At 10 years old my dog will still run and hunt itself into the ground, come home and be an amazing house dog. Can confirm that these are field bred and have the temperament I was looking for in my versatile dog. Was looking for the following traits

1 - be a house dog for young kids and family first and foremost that cares about people as much as it cares about birds
2 - hunt waterfowl and upland birds. She swims more than my waterlogged children in the pool. No issues retrieving ducks in ponds. No problem with pheasants. She has an intense prey drive. She has a natural close in flushing pattern and rarely ranges past 20 yards normally staying about 10 yards out dependent on cover. She has no problem diving into the thickest nastiest brush I can find.

The only health problems we have run into are occasional ear infections (cant keep her out of the pool).

Highly recommend
Submitted by: Vanessa Escamilla on Feb 26, 2017
We purchased our beautiful Lady Rosebud from Brenda almost a year ago come April. Brenda was easy to work with and very helpful with information on the English springer spaniel breed. Our springer was mainly purchased for hunting purposes in Deep South Texas but has been a fantastic addition to our family as well. She is easy-going and loves being around the children...follows everywhere we go. She has a very good temperament and highly intelligent. She has easily learned commands and loves to please. She's excited to go out and train and calm when she's inside. I would highly recommend purchasing these beautiful pups from Brenda. We will definitely be coming by again when the time comes!!!
Submitted by: Blake on Dec 11, 2015
I bought a male springer from Brenda around 4 years ago. I personally trained him as an upland retriever. He has been more than I could ever imagined both in a hunting dog and family companion. I cannot say enough good about the job that Brenda does with her pups and the quality of hunting dogs they produce.
Submitted by: Franco Auriti on Nov 19, 2015
I purchased my 11 week old Black & White English Springer Spaniel field dog Bodie from Brenda three weeks ago to train for hunting and to accompany me wherever I go. I have had 2 other springers and must say, Bodie is one of the most well behaved, smart gun ready dog I have ever worked with. Bodie has a perfect hunting and social temperament due to his initial training and exposure Brenda had afforded him by introducing him to birds right away and crate training. Bodie sleeps all night and already has mastered sit, stay, come, release, heel and HUP which is my preporitory command prior to any command. He basically came potty trained and only had one potty error in the house which was my fault in the past 3 weeks. I met the father and he set a great example of a well trained award winning field dog and from what I see from Bodie, he will be the exact same. If you are looking for a well bread dog with proper initial care in training, I strongly suggest you contact Brenda for your next gun dog or family pet.
Thanks Again Brenda for a job well done.
Submitted by: Dean Salehyan on Oct 09, 2015
We were looking for a good family dog that could also hunt and couldn't be happier with the result! We picked up Storm at 12 weeks old and he has been a great addition to our family. He is very good with our 4 year old girl and with our other dog. Obedience training was a breeze. He also has a very strong hunt drive and was quick to take to bird hunting. At 8 months I took him on his first quail hunt and he did really well. Brenda has also been great with helping us get involved with local hunt clubs and with answering questions along the way. I've seen her other dogs work and they are all very solid. Highly recommended!
Submitted by: Damon Grieve on Feb 06, 2014
Update from my wifes previous post. Sophie after turning 2 years old went on her first hunt and was amazing. With little training she was flushing quail and pheasants, keeping close, and retrieving game. Not gun shy at all with just a few exercises with a starter pistol. I don't use a shock collar, just a whistle. Sophie continues to be a joy and is very good around kids. Brenda sold us a wonderful dog
Submitted by: Laura Grieve on Jun 12, 2013
We got our girl Sophie from her last year. She is an amazingly loving, sweet dog, who has boundless energy and loves the birds! She hasn't been hunting yet, but I know she will do fine as she was already "flushing game" with no training on a recent camping trip. When we get another Springer, we will be contacting Brenda.
Submitted by: Julien Smythe on May 18, 2013
Picked up a puppy from Brenda in March. He has not been in the field yet, but is very trainable and very birdy. As importantly, he has done great with my kids (a pair of 14 year olds and a 7 year old) as well as my wife. All in all, a great dog.
Submitted by: Michael Skirpan on Jan 15, 2012
I bought a started dog from Brenda late last year. Within three weeks, she hunted with me and successfully retrieved doves, quail and ducks and also did an awesome job of flushing the quail.

In the home, she is well behaved and very affectionate. I'm glad I found Brenda, and when we have room for another Springer, I'll be contacting her first.
Submitted by: Eric Nunn on Jan 17, 2011
We got Tay from Brenda in march. She has met every expectation as a pet and hunter. We recently went on our first quail hunt and she did fabulous. She was a pleasure to watch work.
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