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About Kelley Ridge Brittany / Llewellin / English Setter
Fine Brittany Hunting and Show dog bloodline. easy to remember URL. Just a little about Brittany's. They are a fantastic dog for all situations, and needs. They grow to About 30 - 40 Pounds, they have nice actually self-cleaning coat. They are Great house, hunting, show dog. They are great with Kids, adults, other dogs, smart as well, and just all around a great breed of dog. You would not be disappointed in one. My puppies have gotten rave reviews from other owners that have gotten them from me. I Have repeat business for home, show, and field dogs. There temperament is great, as well as being very smart, and NO health issues. I don't breed a lot. I just love the Brittany bread and enjoy sharing the experience with others. I have an Amazing very high quality combination of pedigreed. They have very good bird instinct and are beautiful, in looks and feel. Great body lines and hair. These are gorgeous dogs and great companions. I get lots of compliments on them, and some testimonials on my site. If I had the resources I would do more field and show with them. I now have a place nearby to take them and work with them on birds. I need to bring my own birds but I can work with them and shoot what I want. They are my fuzzy kids and treated very well. Llewellins are a hybrid English Setter. The AKC does not recognize them. Other breed registrars do however. They are a specialized breed. We have found them to be a very unique dog. We have one that we called our test dog. He was so cool that we went to great lengths to get the best we could in the country. My male is a tri-color Belton, (born all white) and the colors / ticking comes out as they mature. Quite rare and stunning to look at. Two of my females are tri-color, and the others may be as well. Over a short time as they get a little older they get more color ticking, but not all the time. They are all laid back gentle, sweet, smart and seem more human like then other dogs we have seen. If they were not. I would not have added them to my kennel. They are just not well known in some areas. We get a lot of attention when we have them out and about town and in the field. I got mine from Mike Bloodgood, Mountain View Kennel. he has lots of great information on them. And has continued this special pure blood line. Not available anywhere. This guy knows the Llewellins like no one else. That is why I added them to my kennel in Texas. My site is not fully done yet, but does have information about mine. Fantastic family dog and "The Ultimate Foot-hunting Bird-dogs ever developed" "Unequaled style, ability, & History that no other breed can match" "The Oldest Pedigree Breed of Dog predating guns" "Truly Man's BEST FRIEND in or out of the field" "Mr. Llewellin's personal Setters" _______________ We have a VERY RARE breeding. It took 10 years to put together my breeding pair. It is 100% William Humphrey bloodlines. They were the best kept secret for over 30 years. Simply the best bloodlines and the most NATURAL bird dogs ever created in the history of Bird Dogs. If you would like to own the BEST foot hunting bird dog personally developed by Mr. Llewellin himself for 50+ years, now is your chance. The same pure bloodlines of OLN's "Hunting with Hank" and "Upland Days with Dash" . Hank and Dash are even in several of our Setter's pedigrees, as well as all their bloodlines or Please let me know what you may like to do and can provide more information.
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