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We have raised litters of German Shorthaired Pointers for the past 25 years.�We started out with Sam - our first GSP. We loved both his hunting ability and his personality so much that we decided we wanted to make sure we continued to have a dog from his line. He sired our first litter. And, all of the pups we have raised have been bred from this line. We started breeding GSPs simply because we loved that dog and this breed. We are very proud of our pups and would love to talk about them with you!
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Britton & Lisa Dotson
965 Harsh Lane
Castalian Springs, Tennessee 37031
Testimonials (6)
Submitted by: Aaron on Oct 29, 2019
We got our puppy Abu in July 2017, after contacting Lisa. Our little girl has been one of the biggest blessings in our lives. We do not hunt, but she has an untrained instinct that keeps all the neighborhood squirrels and rabbits on alert. She is always ready for nonstop adventures and is a great listener (even as a puppy). She hardly ever barks, unless she feels she or her humans are threatened. Her high energy and love for the outdoors has fit perfectly with our active lifestyle, and she is always ready for a cuddle session- a 50-pound lap dog that loves laying beside/on her humans. The only health-related injuries she's had were a result of her adventurous side taken over, but she's never had anything significant that has kept her indoors for more than a day or two.

We had to move from TN to California for work (Abu got to take route 66 and see all sites along the way and is now loving her time on the beaches and hiking the foothills!). However, if we ever decide to add another pup to our family, we'd make the trip in a heartbeat to get another one from the Dotson's.

Thank you Dotson family for bringing her into our lives.
Submitted by: Ashley Peele on Sep 09, 2019
I got Cooper in 2010, and he is nearly 10 years old now. He is a great dog - the best companion you could hope for. He is an all around athlete - an avid swimmer, a super fast runner, an agile hiker, and a acrobatic diver. Cooper is extremely intelligent. He is voice commanded for the most part and we rarely use a leash. He is friendly to humans and dogs, though he is indifferent about them and doesn't really proactively engage with either.

I don't hunt with Cooper, though that doesn't stop him from hunting lizards, squirrels, moles and birds on his own. He's been a very healthy dog. No issues other than all the injuries he's gotten over the years from just being an adventurous and athletic dog. At 10 years, he's starting to grey around his snout, but his energy is high and he still requires daily exercise. He's always been very lean - not food motivated at all - so we've gotten creative with his diet over the years to keep him at a healthy weight.

We got Cooper as a family pet and an adventure partner and he has exceeded all expectations. It was great working with Lisa, who was easy to communicate with and willing to coordinate on pickup logistics. I'd highly recommend Tanglewood Farms.
Submitted by: Greg Pierce on Sep 08, 2019
My family has had three GSPs from Tanglewood Farms and look forward to more. Their dogs have proven to be healthy, happy, long-lived family members and excellent hunters. Our oldest dog died of unnatural causes this year at the age of 15. My kids, 17 and 19, commented they could not remember life without him.

The dogs are natural pointers and retrievers. During Kansas pheasant hunts, ours run tirelessly from sun up to sun down for days on end, excitedly demonstrating these skills at every opportunity.

When the guns have been put away, they revert to pet mode, content to curl up in your lap whether they fit or not.

If you want an outstanding hunter that doubles as a loving family pet, get a GSP. If you’re going to get a GSP, get it from Tanglewood. My three dogs from three different litters spread over a 15 year span have demonstrated a consistency that ensures my future GSPs will be from the Dotsons at Tanglewood Farms.
Submitted by: Allyson on Sep 07, 2019
We met the Dotson family July 9th 2016 at their farm to pick up our new puppy. He was pointing the first week we brought him home. He has a lot of energy and can make a game out of anything. He’s very smart and loves everyone he meets. He pays no attention to thunder, fireworks or gun fire. We plan on buying some birds this fall to see how he does. He points everything from birds, feathers, mice and he loves stalking grasshoppers. Ike loves to swim , play ball and frisbee. He’s famous for his stare down and point while he’s waiting for you to throw a tennis ball. He is a house dog but is outside every chance he gets. I have been stopped many times when out with Ike people compliment on how beautiful he is and where did you get him and do they have anymore like him. He’s an eye catcher. The Dotson family raises the ideal GSP in my opinion. We would recommend them and will purchase our next dog from them. Thanks again Lisa and family.
Submitted by: Doug Wilhite on Sep 07, 2019
I'm not sure where to begin. Words cannot express how important the German Shorthaired Pointer from Tanglewood tree farms has been to our family. When our son was two we picked up Drew. A beautiful pointer who I had tried to avoid getting. I'm a friend of Britton Dotson of Tanglewood tree farms. For years he had tried to get me to take a pup from his bloodline. I always avoided it because I'd never trained a bird dog before. Having seen how well they did in the field against South Dakota pheasant guide dogs I was afraid I might mess one up. Britton assured me they were smart enough to overcome my faults. He was right. Drew was bright and energetic from day one. She took to commands naturally. She became a loving member of our family immediately. On multiple occasions when hunting out west with a guide my chest would swell with pride when Drew would go on point when a guide dog would miss a bird in cover. These are great hunting dogs that become members of your family.
Submitted by: Ryan on Aug 02, 2010
I can't say enough about the Dotsons and the dogs they breed. I got my German Shorthaired Pointer from them this April, and he has proven to be a great dog already. He is very, very smart and aims to please. Not only is he really people- and dog-friendly, but he also gets along with the cats and rabbit that we have. He has loads of energy, but he enjoys relaxing and and sleeping on our laps after he gets his exercise in. Almost from the day we brought him home (around nine weeks), he was pointing birds on sight. He loves watching and looking at birds, and I can tell he will love working in the field.

If we had space for more of them, we would have definitely gotten a brother or sister. Again, I can't speak highly enough of Tanglewood Farms. Thanks again!
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