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Greetings from South Dakota, the land of unlimited birds and amazing hunting dogs! My husband and I have always been dog lovers, and have grown up around hunting dogs. We were born and raised in Iowa, and have lived in South Dakota for the past ten years. My name is Jenny, and I am in the medical profession and my husband, Tate, is a diesel mechanic. We got our first hunting dog five years ago, and have fell madly in love with the Vizsla breed. Joining NAVHDA five years ago, we never thought we would be where we are today. Tate and I are very active in our local NAVHDA chapter, Mid West Tristate NAVHDA  ( Hunting and testing our dogs is a true passion and we strive to be the best we can be. Our goals are simple, to better the Vizsla breed, to create amazing versatile hunting companions and do it with all the love and care we can provide.

At Martinsen's Vizslas we train for versatility.  Training dogs for the field and water. NAVHDA and AKC are the venues that we train and test dogs for. We enjoy watching dogs in natural environment working hard.We treat every dog as if they were our own dogs Compassion, hard work, high goals, and determination are just a few words to describe us as trainers.  If you need a dog trained for the field, hunt test, or the home we our your trainers! 

For all training inquires please contact Tate-605-261-8141

For all puppy inquires please contact Jenny-605-929-2451

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Tate and Jenny Martinsen
Humboldt, South Dakota
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 6 years.
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Submitted by: Riley on Nov 27, 2016
So glad when ever I have questions about my dogs, Tate and Jenny are only a phone call away and always so willing to help! I have the best brother and sister-in-law! Love you guys! HIGHLY recommend!
Submitted by: Max Keller on Jan 10, 2016
Professional dog training at its best! I brought them a dog that was not even bred to hunt and they proved you don't necessarily need a dog with hunting background, you just need core management and direction!
Submitted by: Derek on Jan 10, 2016
After the first phone call to the Martinesen's I knew my search for a Vizsla breeder was over. Tate and Jenny are full of passion for the breed and it shows every time I see and speak to them. The Martinsen's made the process a breeze and are full of knowledge before and after the puppies go home. I have a male from Ginger X Cash litter in November 2013 and he is everything I could have hoped for in a young dog. He is hard running in the field and the perfect house dog with a great attitude and learning ability. With his proven natural ability and continued training aid from the Martinsen's I am ecstatic to see what his future holds.

With a Vizsla breeder who also trains all breeds of dogs I cannot express my appreciation enough to have their help and continued support as he grows. If you're in search of a top notch Vizsla from a reputable breeder look no further than Martinsen's Red Point Kennel.
Submitted by: Diana on Jan 10, 2016
My husband initially began searching for reputable dog breeders around the surrounding area in South Dakota. The Martinsen's had the best reviews and after visiting with them we knew owning a Martinsen vizsla was going to be a great addition to our family! Jenny and Tate were so informative and gave us daily updates on Hottie's pregnancy. After the puppies were born, Jenny and Tate sent us pictures and videos of the puppies. We felt completely apart of the entire process! During that entire time the Martinsen's were getting to know us and figured out which puppy would be fit our personalities and lifestyle! At 6 months old, Teal, went back to the Martinsen's for a month of training and she came back home a rockstar! She completely found her love for birds! We started dove hunting shortly after training and she was such a natural! Duck hunting was completely a different experience with Teal's help retrieving ducks in the cold water! Pheasant season was just icing on the cake! Teal's natural ability is just outstanding! We never lost a bird this season because of her! With the Martinsen's help and guidance, we plan on testing Teal this summer with Navhda. Purchasing a vizsla from the Martinsen's isn't just buying another dog. It's about being apart of the Martinsen family and loving every single time out hunting with our best friend! Birds or no birds, we absolutely love watching Teal's natural ability improve every hunt! Thank you Jenny and Tate! If anyone is interested in purchasing a vizsla, you will never been disappointed with the Martinsen's Red Point Kennel!
Submitted by: Jim Brandt on Jan 10, 2016
I'm on my 2nd Vizsla - after researching and speaking with 6 potential breeders Jenny and Tate instantly stood-out above the was immediately clear this is their passion and purpose. They return calls, offer great advice, breed exceptional Vizlsas and train them to perfection.

After my dog was a year old I sent him back to Red Point Kennels for more training and got him back this Oct. I spent the weekend hunting with him and I couldn't be more impressed. They customized their training for my style of hunting and returned a dog that not only impressed me but all the seasoned hunters around me. The GSP and Brittany folks were clearly jealous. They sent a dog back that could hunt the hills and thick woods of New England and behave wonderfully - He didnt miss a bird - had our limit in no time. My dog returned to me a well-trained wonderful family pet. I highly recommend their training for any dog.

Thanks Jenny and Tate for a great dog - Hawke will be coming back in the spring to continue training. Really enjoying my new (super behaved) buddy! You make dog ownership easy for the busy person.
Submitted by: Micah on Jan 10, 2016
I can not say enough about the positive experience we have had with Tate and Jenny. We already had a female Vizsla when we decided to get another, and were blessed to find Martinson's Red Point Kennel. From day one, they have exceeded my wife and I's expectations. They were there to answer any questions by texts and phone calls that we had. Not only have they provided us with a wonderful pup, but they have helped me to train our dogs. (Even helped me to get previous dog over gun shyness) The temperament of our male pup ( 7 months) is beyond our expectations. Our pup is very intelligent, sweet and has an UNBELIEVABLE drive. He hunted at less than six months and did an amazing job. I have also been fortunate to watch some of their trained dogs and it is truly awesome how these dogs perform. You can definitely tell this is the Martinsens' passion when you observe them interact with their own dogs, as well as their bred pups and owners . Thank you both for everything you have done!!! I am proud to call you my friends.
Submitted by: Paul on Jan 10, 2016
I cannot say enough good things about Martinsen's Red Point Kennel. Tate and Jenny are both caring breeders and excellent trainers. They both take great pride in their pups and the ability to get the most out of each dog that goes through their training program. Their passion and caring attitude is what sets them apart. If you are looking for a pup or a trainer for your current dog, your search is over!
Submitted by: Iona on Jan 04, 2015
We contacted the Martinsens about getting a puppy after doing research on the internet and coming across their website. After the first conversation we had on the phone I knew we found the perfect breeder. The passion and love they have for their dogs is amazing. From the moment we contacted them to the moment we got our puppy, Ralph they kept in touch with us, sending updates and pictures of the puppies and answering to all of our questions. From the beginning Ralph was a happy, healthy puppy, started playing with us from the moment we got him into the house. He is 10 months now and we couldn't be happier with him. He is a great dog in the field with an excellent hunt drive and in the same time a house dog or a couch potato, how we like to call him. Me and my husband would definitely recommend Martinsens Viszlas, they are some amazing people and they breed the best hunting companions dogs.

Submitted by: Diana on Jan 04, 2015
They sure have a lot of heart when hunting! I never did you tell you about the last time we went pheasant hunting (Catland thinks I talk to much about Teal)... On the public hunting place we went to when you were here, we went all the way to the bottom with 8 inches of snow to trample through... A rooster jumped right up in front of me and Teal was in it immediately! It tried spurring her and she grabbed it by both wings and retrieved it all the way to my feet!!! I was in tears I was so happy! A hen also surprised her under a cedar tree and after that she checked under all cedar trees! She is so smart! Then! She pointed on a tiny cedar tree covered with snow... Catland walked around the tree twice, kicked it, and shook the tree! Teal still pointed on it! Catland started yelled at her to come and she didn't budge! And a couple seconds later a hen flew from under it!!!!! We stood there with our chins on the ground! We definitely learned to trust Teal at that point!!!!
Submitted by: Gina on Oct 09, 2014
Hi Jenny
Jim just brought Hawke home from the trainer yesterday. He was there 5 weeks and we missed him so much. He is such a beautiful boy and has gotten so big, but still very lean.
The trainer is a GSP breeder but had great things to say about Hawke and Jim was really impressed with him in the field. The majority of Vizsla breeders in CT are not focused on field and what a Vizsla is truly born to do so our trainer was a little skeptical until he had Hawke for a month and thinks he will be a fantastic bird dog.
JIm is looking into getting his junior hunter test done this fall. We have been so busy with our children's sport schedules that it doesn't leave a lot of time to do the field trials and navhda work but Jim hopes to get going with it. I took pics of him but didn't download yet but will send one soon.
We are really pleased with him and think you and Tate are running a great program and would recommend you to anyone.
I love seeing the updates of all the other dogs on facebook.
Thanks again
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