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      Exciting news! We have yellow and black males available in the Winter of 2019 and the Spring of 2020!  We work from a deposit/waiting list and our puppies are usually spoken for before they are born.   As puppies arrive they are assigned to families on that list by date of deposit.

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Welcome to Greenbriar, a working plantation where we breed America's favorite canine breed, the Labrador Retriever.  Yellow labs are our specialty. We are located in the heart of South Carolina's Low Country, equidistant from some of the country's most beautiful cities....Hilton Head Island, Beaufort, Charleston, Aiken/Augusta, and Savannah. 

We are breeders of English block headed labs that have achieved success in the show ring and field arenas.  Our lab puppies make excellent pets and super hunting companions.  We have litters of black and yellow available at different times.  We guarantee our puppy's hips, elbows, and eyes.

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JR Burris/Kathy Sliz
3025 Bo Peep Road
Brunson, South Carolina 29911
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 28 years.
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Submitted by: Sloan Turner on Mar 01, 2018
I am a veterinarian and boarded as a veterinary radiologist. Which means I have seen hundreds of labradors over the years but oddly enough, the quality out there is not where it should be. I did an extensive search with the goal of finding a dog of sound mind and body over the coarse of the past year. My search led me to Greenbriar Kennels. I cannot say enough how important it is to find a breeder that believes in matching a QUALITY dog with the right environment. They are 100% dedicated to the proper match, asking that the family visit Greenbriar first. They want to meet the family to select prior to just picking up a puppy and going on your way. That is extremely important. They have nothing to hide, even letting me do my own exam to include an ultrasound of the puppies we were considering. The dog we chose, Lincoln, COULD NOT BE MORE PERFECT. We have two small boys and he goes to work with me. He is a well adjusted, sound minded, mild mannered, smart, willing to please dog that has far exceeded my expectations. He is 5 months old now and is a stunner in the looks department, conformation and manner. I cannot say enough about how professional this operation is, the willingness of Jim and Kathy to start you on your way in understanding how to incorporate a dog into a household and their availability afterwards for questions. This is a top shelf kennel and being a veterinarian I looked for all of the potential red flags and found NONE. You will not go wrong.
Submitted by: Carey Black on Apr 03, 2017
Purchasing my Labrador from Greenbriar Plantation has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Jim and Kathy are incredible people, and extremely knowledgeable about the Labrador Retriever. I was fortunate enough to be invited by Mr Jim to tour the grounds before putting down my deposit. Mr Jim answered every question I have with the expertise that only comes with the decades of experience he has with these wonderful dogs. Ms Kathy is meticulous in her care of the kennels, as you will see if you get a chance to tour this wonderful place. EVERY dog was happy and healthy. If you are searching for a Labrador, this is the absolute best place to get one. Ive seen a lot of kennels and have been around dogs all of my life, but there is only one Greenbriar Plantation, and I am proud to say that my dog Jaeger is a Greenbriar pup!!
Submitted by: Shannon Gabriel on Nov 30, 2016
After losing our older Labrador, we interviewed 40 breeders across the Carolinas. Once I spoke with Jim, I knew we had found the right one. 6 patient months later, we picked up Troop Tripoli and our lives have not been the same since.

Troop is the perfect companion for this active family of boys. Playful, gentle, and caring - he sleeps on their floor when they aren't feeling well and waits for them outside each day to get off the bus. He's beyond beautiful, but we love his heart and his temperament more than anything.

I couldn't recommend Greenbriar Plantation more - if you truly want a quality, healthy, beautiful Labrador, there is no one that cares more than Jim and Kathy. We are beyond grateful to have found them!
Submitted by: Tucker on Sep 18, 2016
Where do I begin? We cannot recommend Greenbriar Plantation Labradors enough!!! We are so over-the-moon in love with our pup and have come to love Mr. Jim and Miss Kathy too. The process to bring our pup home was easy in the sense it wasn't high pressure or chock full of hoop jumping and silly questionnaires. Make no mistake, he does evaluate you and your home life so that you are matched with the right pup and the pup is matched with the right person. If your life isn't compatible with the time and effort it takes to rear a pup, he will tell you so. Mr. Jim cares about these pups and all that they do at Greenbriar is focused towards or on them. The facilities are clean and well-kept. I urge you to set up a time and go see for yourself and meet Mr. Jim and Miss Kathy. That alone is worth the trip. Each momma is loved on and doted upon, but not in a coddling way. Our pup is healthy, has a great temperament and is light years ahead in socialization and potty training. Trust what Mr. Jim teaches you about your pup when pick up day arrives . . . it will make a huge difference! Our vet could not get over how "even tempered, nice and handsome" he is. Everyone who has met our pup remarks how cute he is or how calm he is. Don't get me wrong, he's got puppy written all over him but he isn't skittish around new things and his puppy training is the easiest I've ever done. He's already ringing the bell at the door to go potty after a week being home. Thanks Mr. Jim and Miss Kathy for starting him off right by having a solid breeding background, socializing them, starting potty training, and loving on him until we could take him home. May God bless you and keep you always!
Submitted by: Chris Partridge on Apr 18, 2016
Sullivan is almost 1 and I thought I would just add my thoughts on Jim and Kathy and Greenbriar Plantation. We had never owned a lab before but after talking with and meeting Jim and Kathy we had no doubts. Their knowledge of the breed and their dogs was unbelievable. The entire process was wonderful. Lots of updates and pictures as the puppies grew. Sullivan has turned out to be the best dog we have ever had. I know others here have said it but it's true; every time we take him anywhere, people tell us how beautiful he is. You cannot pick a better breeder if you are looking for a quality lab.
Submitted by: P Borrelli on Mar 21, 2016
There are not enough good things to say about Greenbriar Kennels - if you are looking for a healthy, eager, smart, well behaved, affectionate and loving Lab companion you better get down to Brunson, SC and grab one of Jim and Kathy's pups - that is where I send my friends when they are looking for a Labrador Retriever.
To begin with, Jim and Kathy run a first class operation with a single minded goal of producing the finest Labrador Retrievers on the market - in my humble estimation they have succeeded in just that. Their knowledge of the breed standards, temperament, and overall physical and mental health-quality of their dogs is top notch; enabling them the ability to produce an overall, well-rounded family companion and excellent hunting dog.
I ran across Greenbriar Kennels while searching for a reputable breeder of Labradors for my son's first dog. (I was, at that time, the owner of 2 labs and was not in the market for another one). We were hoping to find a breeder in the Southeast since we currently live in the Charlotte area. I have raised and trained 6 labs (5 English, 1 American, yellow and black), as well as bred and sold liters practically my entire life - for both family companionship and hunting. My son was particularly interested in finding a water dog since I had introduced him to waterfowl hunting and he was not the greatest or best equipped for retrieving, especially on extremely cold mornings.
As you can tell by the online pictures, Jim and Kathy have perfected the standard look for an English lab - block head, otter tail, etc. I have yet to see a Greenbriar lab that is not "show quality" in appearance. I also believe that overall health and quality of appearance go hand in hand, especially with the Labrador breed.
After visiting Greenbriar with my son and experiencing the way in which Jim and Kathy run their operation, the time and care put into the breeding and raising each liter and of course the quality and pedigree of their breeding stock, I immediately put down a "preferred" deposit on a black pup - of course, my son did the same. I had a little convincing to do with my wife since we already owned 2 labs and a small lap dog as well as being the parents of 7 children.
Jump forward to today - our labs are almost 10 months old and almost fully grown. Every person we come across ask us where we got our dogs, commenting on how beautiful and perfect they look, including our vet. They also comment on how well behaved they are, especially for puppies. These dog's health, temperament, train-ability, obedience, and excellent house manners are the best I've ever come across. In fact, due to Jim and Kathy's attentiveness to each liter, our dogs came home practically house broken and I can honestly say that we did not and have not had one single "accident" in our house. All dogs are kennel trained and know where to do their business prior to arriving in their new home - all you have to do is follow Jim and Kathy's instructions for home training.
I have trained many labs for both hunting and home companionship (my dog serves in both capacities) and I can truly say that Jim and Kathy have produced the best of both worlds. These dogs have surpassed all expectations in both the field and the home. I have always believed that "smarts" and train-ability comes from diligent selection of the breeding stock - Jim and Kathy have just about perfected this at their kennel. What you will get from Greenbriar Kennels is a smart, eager, trainable, show-quality hunting and home companion if you choose Greenbriar Kennels - I will only go one place for my Labrador Retriever and I continue to recommend them to all my lab friends - my dog is the perfect, lovable companion and the best advertisement for Greenbriar Plantation Kennels.
Submitted by: Rod Myers on Oct 17, 2015
Our Veterinarian says, "this is what a labrador retriever is supposed to look like." There is no better compliment for Greenbriar Plantation's breeding program. If your curious about labs or familiar with them and looking for one, make the call and visit Jim and Kathy. This is a full service kennel. Crate training, grooming, dominance training. Jim will teach you how to make your puppy a well behaved member of the family.
Submitted by: Larry Bowers on May 21, 2015
It was a little over two years ago I traveled to Greenbriar Plantation to meet with Jim and Kathy about most likely my last best friend. Wow what an experience. After about thirty minutes talking to Jim and asking and answering questions from each other I was sold. This is where my last pup was coming from. Being over sixty I wanted a buddy to finish out my life with. This is a class act for breeder. Now two years later with some extra help from Jim my boy "Whiskey" is quite a best friend.
I recommended a young man that works with me to look and he also bought a pup from Greenbriar. He too is so proud of the quality of dog he got.
If you are interested in a quality dog and breeder go see Jim and Kathy.
Submitted by: Matt Starkey on Feb 16, 2015
What a great experience!! Jim and Kathy are truly amazing people and I couldn't have asked for more. At greenbriar you can expect a personal experience. When I decided it was time for me to add a dog to my life I looked no further when I found greenbriar. The quality of dogs is unbeatable. From the time the pups were born to time I brought "Axel" home they made me feel like a part of their family. Even now 2 weeks later if I have a question about training or just want to give them an update Jim always answers the phone and is more than willing to give me advice. Thank y'all again for everything. I highly recommend greenbriar plantation.
Submitted by: Bruce and Paula Costello on Aug 24, 2014
9 hrs · 
★★★★★ Begin at the beginning. Last fall my wife and I decided to purchase a Labrador puppy for our grandchildren to grow up with. I have had and trained several of my own in the past, so I know the breed well. After calling, looking, and visiting several breeders we found Greenbriar. We looked no further. One visit and we were convinced of the quality, caring, honesty, and genuinely friendly atmosphere. It was clean, cared for, and professional. Jim Burris asked the right questions, then after meeting our grandchildren and daughter-in-law, showed us his recommendation for the bloodline of the puppy to be. We left a deposit, then paid in full shortly thereafter. The puppies arrived, but when it became time to pick her up, life unfortunately threw the family a curve and there was no way to insure the dog would receive the love and attention it deserved. We discussed this with Jim and not only did he offer his genuine care, he also promptly returned the entire amount we paid for the puppy. That shows honesty and integrity not often found in any business these days. If, in the future we feel we can finally purchase a puppy, there will be nobody considered other than Jim Burris at Greenbriar. I just wish there were more stars to choose from.
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