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About Saskatchewan Vizslas

My kennel offers truly versatile Vizsla pups with fantastic temperaments that conform to breed standards and possess the innate ability to become exceptional personal hunting dogs, as well as great companions in the home.

I've been 'owned by' a Vizsla for about six years now and cannot express how attached to the breed I have become over that time. After being introduced to Vizslas while on a two year work secondment in Budapest, Hungary, and being an avid hunter/outdoorsman, I knew it was only a matter of time before I came under the spell of one of those little 'red balls o' fire'. My grandparents were originally from Hungary. As odd as it may seem, the breed considered to be the National Dog of Hungary is somehow 'in my blood'. That attachment follows into my breeding program. I feel a particular patriotism and a very strong responsibility in maintaining the integrity of the Vizsla breed (from working dog, temperament, health and conformation perspectives). My breeding focus is to ensure that the original purpose for which the Vizsla was 'created' is maintained and enhanced. It would be a bonus to me if I were able to introduce this breed to others and watch them enjoy the same wonderful experience that I have been fortunate to have had with my Vizsla.

I believe that what sets the Vizsla apart from other breeds is their fantastic temperament. Originally bred to be 'in the home' companions, they do set themselves apart. My aim is to produce pups with amiable, calm and even temperaments that are comfortable wherever and with whomever they may find themselves. The pup's core personality must be one that makes the owner proud to 'show-off' in the field, at the dog park or at home. I strive to produce pups that I'd be happy to have around the house and be proud to own, yet still have the drive, desire and ability to excel in the field.

A healthy dog is a happy dog. Needless to say, an unhealthy dog will not perform/behave as it should. Maintaining the health of the breed is of utmost importance to me as a responsible breeder which is why health tests are done on the parents before breeding. Furthermore, a great deal of research is required by any responsible breeder to ensure that any 'match' will have the highest possible chance of yielding healthy pups. Having done this research, I am very comfortable offering a health guarantee for genetic issues with the pup.

Field ability (biddability, drive, desire, intensity, style, run/range, birdiness, love of water, natural pointing and retrieving instincts, soft mouth, right amount of independence, etc, etc, etcÂ…) makes for a great personal hunting dog. Matching two parents that demonstrate those characteristics and that possess pedigrees with the same characteristics can only give the pup the best chance of meeting the highest of expectations in this regard. Not only should the sire and dam have test/trial credentials to prove their abilities under test conditions, but they also must be proven as productive hunting partners in the field. My girl has demonstrated both as has the sire of my current litter.

Conformation is not only important in the show ring, but also translates to performance in the field. We all know that a dog can 'run on heart', but without the correct build, will not perform well for long. My aim is to ensure that pups conform to the breed standard.

While this is my first litter of Vizsla pups, I have done my utmost to ensure that the pups will meet my high standards. I will be keeping at least one of the pups, so have a vested interest in meeting those standards. I am so pleased with my girl's all-round abilities that I think it would be a shame not to pass along the genetics and I'd be more than happy with another like her. I've done a ton of research, spoken with many reputable, long time Vizsla breeders and taken their advice/expertise into account. A long time sporting dog (GSP) breeder will be on hand to assist with the whelping and raising of the litter. Bottom line, I take breeding very seriously and am doing my utmost to make sure it is done right.

Pups will be raised in my home, be very well socialized and be exposed to early neural stimulation. One can never emphasize enough the importance of early stimulation to different environment and many people. They will also be examined by a veterinarian, be de-wormed, tatooed and receive their first shots. I will be very interested in how the pups perform during their lifetime and would like owners to keep me apprised of their progress. I'm also keen to be involved in the training of the pups if distance allows.

Once again, my goal is to produce healthy pups, with fantastic temperaments, good conformation and have what it takes to become exceptional personal hunting dogs and great household companions. Please call for further information!

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Dean Orosz
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Testimonials (1)
Submitted by: Sherryanne Farr DGLZT on Jul 14, 2017
I can highly recommend this Vizsla breeder. His dogs have outstanding field and water work skills, are biddle and loving companions and have the style and conformation of the breed. He is very thorough in ensuring each breeding brings together health tested dogs with well researched pedigrees. He carefully places his pups with a lifetime of support for each one. He does not have a litter yearly but is producing dogs worth waiting for for a great field and family companion.
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