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BTW kennels is located in the scenic farmlands of Valley View, Pennsylvania. We are approx 45 minutes north of Harrisburg and 10 minutes off of Interstate 81. We are not a puppy mill that breeds for the sake of doing it or to make a few bucks. Hunting and breeding GSP's and Weim's is our hobby! We spend most of our time training our German Shorthair Pointers and Weims. If it's not our adults that we are training then it's our puppies. We have a strong desire for the GSP's and Weims and because of this, we plan to continue serving you with OUTSTANDING GSP and OUTSTANDING WEIM PUPPIES!!
Before a breeding takes place, we give careful consideration to the bloodlines, the parents and the overall quality of the pups they will produce. We breed to Improve, Preserve and Enhance the characteristics that make the German Shorthaired Pointers so unique. These characteristics are excellent temperament, confirmation, intelligence, trainability and natural hunting ability. Our dogs also compete in AKC hunt test and NAVHDA and have been proven to be great hunters.
We have been with German Shorthair Pointers for 12 years and have learned so much about the breed...What an amazing breed of dogs. We have also found that after almost 7 years with the weims, they are very much alike.  To learn more about what we have learned, look at our website at   As you look through our website, you will see that we have proven that we have learned a lot about the needs and training of the German Shorthaired Pointers and the Weims. Researching and learning all we can about these breeds is an ongoing process for us as we want our dogs and pups to have the best and to be the best.
We have been very careful about the dogs we have chosen for our breeding program as we want to make sure we better the breed with every breeding. Our Sires and Dams must have an amazing temperament, great confirmation, health clearances, must have the bloodline to back the dog up and most importantly...must have the natural desire to hunt as that is the main desire of these breeds.
We like to see our pups go to hunting homes but due to the great characteristics of the German Shorthaired Pointer and the Weim, we also sell to non-hunting homes... not to mention that the GSP's and Weims are each one of the top breeds for family pets. We sell our pups to approved homes only! We do not sell to agents, brokers or pet shops. We only place our pups in homes where they are loved like a family member.

The cost of our puppies depends on the breeding. All pups are sold with a 5 year health guarantee and the option of FULL registration.
Pups come with tails docked, dew claws removed, updated shots, dewormed, AKC registration papers, a written 5 year health gaurantee, AKC certified 3 generation pedigree, AKC DNA kit, Micro chipped, a goody bag and LIFETIME support. 

 The price of the pups helps cover the cost of the excellent care given during the breeding process, weaning process and the training of the pups.
Our work begins before the pups are born. We make sure that both parents receive pre-breeding health screens, receive regular vet care and are current on all vaccinations. Regular exercise and good nutrition ensures the health of the parents. Therefore the pups have a great start before they are even born.
All our pups are kept inside as they are like family to us. This ensures that they will get all the attention and care they need. This also makes it easier for house breaking and crate training which starts at 5 weeks of age. When pups are 3 days old, they get their tails docked, dew claws removed and a full vet check. After the check-up, the pups are returned back home to momma for cleaning, feeding and warmth. From this point on, there is alot of attention given to the pups from us and our kids to make sure they are properly socialized. From 3 days of age up until the 16th day, we start the Early Neurological Stimulation. (Click into our website to see pictures and more info about what this is).
At 3 1/2 to 4 weeks of age, a blank gun is shot at a distance from the pups. This is non-stressful to the pups as they are still with mom. This technique has brought excellent results for the pups going to hunting homes. The gun shot becomes more frequent as we are gradually moving closer to them.
At 4 weeks, we begin the weaning process. They are introduced to "Purina" puppy chow and water.
At 5 weeks, the pups are fully weaned from mom. We start the wing training, crate training and house breaking at this time. They will spend the night in the crate and return to mom and the other pups in the morning.
It is very important for the pups to still have contact with mom until 7 weeks of age, when the pup goes to the new owner. Our daily routine consist of the following....pups are placed in the crate at night. In the morning the pup is removed from the crate and placed outside where they will go potty. After potty time, they will have their breakfast. Then they will be placed in the play area where they can play with mom and their siblings. While some are playing others are spending one on one time with us in a short training session. In the training session we will work on retrieving objects and pointing the wing. The next big step is lunch. Pups are fed first and then let out for a potty break. Then they are returned to the playing area for more playing and also a nap. Then comes dinner. Pups are fed and let out for another potty break. They are placed back in the play area to play while we work one on one, on the same training lessons. By the time night comes, the pups are tired and ready for bed time and are placed back in their crate. These are three very important lessons to keep being consistent with as it has helped out tremendously with house breaking, crate training and wing training. After a full night of sleeping, the pups are rested and ready for the activities and training that are planned for them for the day.

At 6 weeks of age, the pups are taken back to the veterinarian for their first vaccinations and de-worming. At this time they get their second full health screening. The training sessions continues til the pups go home. Some pups are sight seeing by 6 weeks of age.
7 weeks, pups are going home to their new owners. We ask all the new owners to keep us updated from time to time with pictures and stories. (You can see these pictures by checking out our "Previous Litters" page on the home page of our website). Also, with any questions or concerns they may have........Like we said before, our pups are FAMILY! When you take your puppy home at 7 weeks, he will be physically immature, but his brain will have attained full adult form. Research has proved that this is the best time in a dog's life to establish dog-human relationship. The person who feeds him will take the place of his mother. The attachments the puppy makes now will permanently affect his attitude toward accepting direction and education.
Between weeks 7 to 12, this is the time most conducive to beginning training and establishing a permanent relationship with his boss -- you....the trainer.
Simple commands can be taught in the form of games. There is no need for discipline, but the pup can be shown how to SIT, STAY, COME, HEEL and even be started on a leash.
Between weeks 12 to 16, this is the time your pup will declare his independence. You and your pup will resolve who is the boss.
This is the time your pup is ready to learn disciplined behavior. Research has shown that a dog that hasn't had human contact before it is sixteen weeks old has little chance of becoming the sort of dog we would want as a companion and it will never develop to it's full potential.
Take the battle out of training your pup by getting it at the right weeks.

If you can find another breeder who offers more than we do, let us know!  Thanks for looking and God Bless Ya!

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