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About Mt View Brittanys

We are dedicated breeders of high quality Brittanys in Pennsylvania , for competition in the field trials, Hunt Test, and Bench Shows as well as for hunting and companionship. We been breeding Brits for 30 yeaars, all all our puppies raised in our home and are well soicalized. Our breeding program focuses on the Dual Concept. "We Hunt Our Show Dogs". All of our puppies are capable of many accomplishments, but still make a wonderful, loving pet. We believe in finding each dog the home it deserves. We breed, show and hunt, and most of all love our Brittanys.


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Mary Ann Breininger
4309 Cedar Drive
Walnutport, Pennsylvania 18088
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 39 years.
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Testimonials (7)
Submitted by: Janet Lioy on Oct 15, 2019
It is 2019 and 10 years after most other testimonials.

As a physician, I researched all of the important qualities of a breeder and the type of dogs that are produced.
Looking at genetics, pedigree and AKC titles.

Mary Ann Breininger is a tried and true serious AKC breeder and does not accept mediocracy. It is the best of the best or nothing.
She knows how to train dogs, knows what works and what doesn't.

She will make sure her dogs are successful and will only breed the best of the best.
I have a 9 month old Brittany.."Chico" who already has his Junior Hunter just before 9 month old! Our goal is Senior and Master Hunter titles before 2 years
and maybe we will be in the Show ring too? Mary Ann is the real deal...she is the "go to" person for training, knowledge and breeding quality.
I am going to put a deposit on another top pedigree Brittany for 2 years from now.
Submitted by: Mark Giunta on Dec 28, 2014
What can I say the has not been said in previous testimonials. I met Mary Ann and Pat a few years ago when I was looking for another Brittany to add to my family. My family and I was welcomed to their house to see their brits do their stuff. I was very please at what I saw and left a deposit on the spot. 6 months later I got the call the little was here and their was a female with my name on her.I was welcomed up to see the pups as much as I wanted. Now almost 2 years later my girl has her JH title and working on her show championship. I am so happy to be a part of the MY View family and cannot thank them enough for everything they do and have taught me. If your looking for a Brittany you will not find a better breeder to purchase your pup from. Mt View they really Hunt their show dogs.
Submitted by: Steve Malandra on Jun 08, 2007
I've been part of the Mt View family for nineteen years. I first visited Mary Ann and her Brittanys 1988; I wanted a good hunting dog and family pet. Two litters later (The first one was all males) I left with my first Brittany "Lace" she was everything Mary Ann said she would be, a wonderful family pet and a great hunter. I got my present dog "Maggie" from Mt View in 1999; she is now a Dual Champion. This was the first dog I ever competed and could not have done it without the help I received from Mary Ann and Ron. I think they spent more time with my training; Maggie was way ahead of me on the curve.

Mary Ann and Roy invest their time and support in making owning an Mt View Dog a positive experience for your family and dog. You will have no regrets about your decision to purchase one of their dogs.
Submitted by: Domenic Serago on Jun 05, 2007
Met Maryann & Roy about 3 years ago, looking & then soon after beecoming a first time brittany owner. I don't have room here to express everthing Mt. View Brittany's since then has meant to our family. Through their help, knowledge, and dedication to all who purchase one of their puppies is endless, before, during, and well after you bring home your new loving puppy. If you call Mt. View Brittany's or stop by for a welcomed visit you will come away with a great admiration for why Mt. View is proud in saying "we hunt our show dogs." Oh yes! We have 2 Mt. View Brittany's. Chance, has his show championship & working on his master hunter title. Summer our puppy, has show & junior hunter points toward her titles. THANKS TO ALL THE MT. VIEW EXTENDED FAMILY. Domenic Serago 215-885-8193
Submitted by: Pat & Ric Ortelli on Jun 04, 2007
We have 3 Mt. View Brittanys and have been friends of Mary Ann & Roy's for 8 yrs. They started out as our "Brittany Breeder" and have become very close friends.

Their dual concept is by far the best in the tri-state area. All 3 of our Brits have their show titles and Junior Hunter titles. One of them now has 2 of his 4 legs for his Senior Hunter. We couldn't have done it without their help & support.

The puppy socialization program is wonderful. The field training that the dogs and their handlers receive is amazing.

When you get a pup from Mt. View Brittanys, you become part of the Mt. View family.

We can honestly say that we are very proud to be a part of this family.
Submitted by: Pat & Ric Ortelli on Jun 04, 2007
When we first visited Mt. View Brittanys 8 yrs ago, we were just looking for a pet. We now have 3 Brits from Mt. View Brittanys and have been friends with Mary Ann for 8 yrs.

All of our Brits have their show championships and their Junior Hunter titles. One of them has 2 of the 4 legs needed for his Senior Hunter title. We couldn't have done any of these things without her help & support.

If you visit Mt. View Brittanys and ask to see a dog out in the field, you will be amazed at what these dogs can do. These same dogs can come right out of the field and onto the end of a show lead without batting an eyelash. Mt. View Brittanys truly do "Hunt Their Show Dogs". These dogs would also be happy to show you their obedience prowess.

When you visit Mt. View Brittanys, you will be amazed at how well socialized the puppies are. They are handled by adults and children alike from birth.

The time put into the field training and show training of the dogs and their handlers is far beyond anything that any other breeder would do for their dogs.

If you make the decision to purchase one of their dogs, you will not only have one of the best Brits you could find but you will become part of the Mt. View family.

We are very proud and blessed to have a friend like Mary Ann and to be a part of this family.
Submitted by: Jane & Bob Samer on Jun 04, 2007
My husband, Bob and myself started our dog interest with German Shorthaired Pointers. In 20+ years and breeding 4 generations we were very successful finishing Dual Champions, Show Champions, and all four generations Master Hunters. Our breeding program was very successful as well making lasting friends of those who bought our puppies.

We first met Maryann and Roy 15 years ago at the shows and the field competitions both field trials and hunting test. Our GSP's and their Brits were often braced with each other. What wonderful sportsmen Maryann and Roy are. Win or lose we had fun.
4 years ago we approached Maryann about getting one of her puppies. What a wonderful experience. We came to their house and Maryann took so much time showing us all that she does before any puppy leaves her home. I was amazed when the 4 week old puppies were already on the table being groomed, on the leash walking up and down the hall way and if that were not enough we then took the puppy outside and put a quail in the grass. That puppy found and pointed the bird, all this at 4 weeks old.

We now have 2 of Maryann's pups, Tara, show champion at 1 year old, JH, SH and 2 legs of MH. Rhett is also a show champion, JH, SH, recently finishing the MH and has field trial points. All with the support and help of Maryann and Roy. They are there for you 100%, grooming, training, at the events, all of it.
You buy a puppy from Mt View Kennels you are now family for life. What a wonderful feeling.
Yes, we still have our GSP's but oh how wonderful our Brittany's are and how wonderful the experience has been.
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