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About Fuchsfluesschen Deutsch-Drahthaar

  Welcome to the home of vom Fuchsfluesschen Deutsch-Drahthaar. We are a registered Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar (VDD) breeder dedicated to the improvement of the Deutsch-Drahthaar (DD), the world's most versatile hunting dog. A VDD member since 1996, our kennel was established in 1999. The name Fuchsfluesschen translates to Fox Creek, a reference to its residence on Fox Run farm near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Dating back to 1846 the property is steeped in hunting tradition. Our dogs are surrounded by acres of fields and forest which provide ample opportunities to develop their inherited natural abilities.   


 Our goal is straight forward and simple-- "produce the best hunting dogs and companions possible." Man's best friend is all the better when he too is a good hunter!!! Each dog in the kennel is trained, hunted and tested by me (Fred Turjan) personally. The dogs have experience with upland birds, waterfowl, furred game and blood tracking wounded big game. A registered VDD kennel operates under some of the most strict breed standards in the canine world. Fuchsfluesschen Deutsch-Drahthaar takes those standards even higher.

 Please spend a few minutes enjoying our completely new website. Hopefully you will develop a greater admiration for the Deutsch-Drahthaar as a whole as well as greater respect for our philosophy of advancing the breed through educated breeding choices.

Fred Turjan


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Fred Turjan
1218 Foxianna Road
Middletown, Pennsylvania 17057
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 15 years.
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Submitted by: Ron Figler on Jan 06, 2010
As a first-time handler of a Deutsch Drahthaar, I have had the pleasure of owning a male from Fred’s “J” Litter born in May, 2006. As a pup, he pointed rabbits and upland birds, retrieved ducks and geese from cornfields and frigid winter waters, dispatched wounded coyotes and fox, treed raccoon and squirrel. He also recovered two book-bucks, in the fall of 2008, for two very grateful hunters. He is truly a versatile hunting dog.
I didn’t just buy a dog from Fred. Part of the package was his “service after the sale”. While some dog breeders are interested in just selling you a pup, Fred proved to be an invaluable resource to me. With 300 miles between us, and having never owned a bird dog….let alone a DD, I was able to pick up the phone to discuss training sessions and techniques with him. Fred would always offer his insight and share helpful DD training tips.
Fuchsfluesschen Kennels provided me with an intelligent, well-balanced, performance-bred puppy. With guidance and assistance from Fred, we completed and passed the German-standardized tests, the VJP, HZP and VGP, all prior to reaching 2 ½ years of age. At almost four years of age, Jax still continues to improve on his abilities and impress those that come along for the hunt.
Submitted by: Doug Hansen on Jan 05, 2010
Fred's dedication to the breed itself and the success of his dogs is second to none. If you are ready for a serious hunting dog contact vom Fuchsfluesschen Kennel and get a Deutsch Drahthaar.

Fred is not about selling a dog. He is about making the hardest hunting, healthy, intelligent and versatile hunting dog; and seeing that it is properly trained and cared for.

vom Fuchfluesschen Kennel, the dogs in it, and the man behind it are all top shelf.
Submitted by: craig coble on Dec 28, 2009
One of the many reasons I selected Fuchsfluesschen kennel was based on Fred's involvement in the Atlantic Chapter of VDD/GNA. Fred is always available to answer training questions and help as needed with "Orla", my first DD. I have been very impressed with her drive and desire to hunt. Definitely a high energy hunter but quiet and calm in her kennel. Easy to train with a huge desire to learn and train. Would I recommend Fuchsfluesschen DD's......ABSOLUTELY !
Submitted by: Brian Sturgill on Dec 25, 2009
After the unexpected death of my dog I needed to find a pup that could handel intense training and long days in the field. Fread went out of his way to get me a pup. Ivan is now four years old and has surpased my expectations. He was able to handel the training to become a finished DD. He hunts hard and travels well. Fred is always willing to answer any questions and help in the training of your dog. besides breading DDs Fred hosts chapter training days throughout the summer to help members prepare their pup for testing and hunting. GREAT KENNEL! GREAT DOGS!
Submitted by: Jim Hepler on Dec 23, 2009
I purchased a Drahthaar from Fred Turjan in July 2005. I could not be happier. Prey drive, search and intense points were there from the beginning. Lost cripples are a thing of the past. My dog continues to impress me to this day with his athletic abilities and passion for the hunt. With much help from FRed I am the proud owner of a dog that can and will do it all. I am hoping for a new pup in 2010 and I know whom I will be looking to purchase from.
Submitted by: John Martorano Jr. on Dec 21, 2009
I have been a bird hunter since 1971 and thought I knew a little something about breeders and dogs,boy was i full of it.Since having the pleasure to meet Fred and be introduced to the best all around breed of hunting dog, my hunting experiences have evolved into something special.The support Fred continues to offer after the sale never dies.

I am now the proud owner of my third Drahthaar from Fred's kennel and will never stray from this exceptional breed.If your passion is upland,waterfowl,or big game recovery this breed
shines above all others.

Fred thanks for a lifetime memorable experiences,its all about the breed.
Submitted by: Max McAllister on Dec 16, 2009
Fred's commitment to the breed, his line and what would be a good fit for the client is exceptional. This dedication is paramount for the integrity of the breed, the quality traits of his line and ultimately to insure a successful transition for the new owner and dog. Fred's client followup to insure a smooth transition for dog and owner is very thorough and refreshing. Lastly Fred is and accomplished trainer and always available to review any followup needed. Yes I would highly recommend his kennel and blood line. Sincerely Max
Submitted by: Doug Werth on Dec 15, 2009
Mr. Fred Turjan is a professional, both in character and as a dog breeder. My wife and I were cordially invited to his home and his kennel. We were introduced to his family and all the DDs in his kennel. Mr. Turjan answered all of our questions about the Deutsch-Drahthaar breed. After we purchased a pup from Fuchsfluesschen Deutsch-Drahthaar any question or probkem we had with our pup Mr. Turjan would answer. My wife and I live in New york state and have been invited to train with Mr. Turjan on more than one occasion. Any one interested in a Deutsch-Drahthaar I encourage you to contact Fuchsfluesschen Deutsch-Drahthaar.
Submitted by: Kevin Long on Dec 12, 2009
In my opinion Fuchsfluesschen Deutsch-Drahthaar is a premier kennel with a well established performance based breeding program. The kennel facility is THE best I have ever seen.

Fuchsfluesschen Deutsch-Drahthaar breeding selections are purposeful and provide the owner a DD that truly meets the goals of the versatile hunting dog. I hunt 30 to 45 days a year a lot more days then that are spent at home with the family as a pet. My “N” litter pup has fit right in with my 6 and 8 year olds as well as the neighborhood kids and pets. NOT CATS… NOT CATS AT ALL!

The Fuchsfluesschen Deutsch-Drahthaar web site is also great and provides a lot of information about the kennel and the breed.

Fuchsfluesschen Deutsch-Drahthaar also helps with the training and care of pups long after you take them home. 18 months and counting…

One negative thing about Fuchsfluesschen Deutsch-Drahthaar can be the owner’s intensity and commitment. This is an observation but not something I feel personally. Fred’s intensity and commitment is all a large part of the reason he produces some of the best pups outside of Germany.

One more is I still can pronounce the name, Fuchsfluesschen.

Neo vom Fuchsfluesschen-Deutsch Drahthaar-May 2008
Submitted by: Mike and Lori T. on Dec 06, 2009
We wanted a hunting dog that could do and be everything. Fred helped us find that dog. At eleven weeks she was retrieving birds half her size from water without any training. She points and holds so long it is a sight to see. She tracks rabbits and squirrels at the house. We have shot a rifle over her many times. It gets her attention but she is not the least bit scared or wary. When we are not hunting, she is the first to hop on the boat to go fishing. If we are within twenty feet of the shore, she will jump out, swim to shore and find birds until we insist she returns. She is social with people and pets, keeps an eye on the house, kennels well and enjoys her quiet time indoors. At six months, she is showing all of the promise of an amazing hunting dog and family companion. Thanks Fred.
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