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Training and Breeding top quality Hunting Stock Vizsla's.Planning a summer litter.The Vizsla is a versatile hunting dog. These dogs are bred and trained to independently hunt, point and track game on both land and water. Our Vizslas are cooperative and sure to succeed when trained with a positive method. Our V's are grandaughter tested and approved. Children and the vizsla go well together in the house or in the yard playing. We see the Vizsla as a perfect loyal companion for our active family life style.
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Jerome Moser
389 Van Horn Rd
Hughesville, Pennsylvania 17737
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 15 years.
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Submitted by: Brian McShane on Mar 07, 2021
Cookie and Jerry are great. True salt of the earth people. Extremely welcoming and knowledgeable about all things Vizsla. We got our first pup Duke, who is the pup to Lucy Lou and Buckwheat. He is amazing. He spent some time with Jerry for upland training and after his first year, had 30 plus birds under his belt. Here is a glimpse of his work: https://youtu.be/YecW1lZp9Xk.

We just picked out our second pup (Louie) and expect to get him in a few weeks. We have no doubt that he will be a perfect compliment to Duke and our family. Great family dogs and great hunters. Jerry really knows his stuff when it comes to early gun dog training, so I would definitely consider using him as a resource, as it proved to be a huge help with Duke. Louie will definitely be going back to “Uncle” Jerry for training, when he is ready too!!
Submitted by: John k on Jan 11, 2021
We are the proud owners of Ginger from CJ kennel. Born Sept. 17 2019 from Buckwheat & Lucy. We were looking for a companion dog and hunting dog. We visited regularly when she was a puppy, (Paula always had homemade ice cream and cake) Jerry and Cookie run a clean kennel, I have hunted over some of Jerry's vizslas and there offspring in the past and know they are top notch. Not having the time or knowledge to train Ginger I left that up to Jerry, so during the summer Ginger returned to Jerry's for training, Jerry kept me well informed on progress through text and email. When he was done with her, she has a very strong prey drive, she responds well to whistle and hand commands, he set out chukar near the end of training. I was very happy with what I saw in Ginger, Jerry gave me plenty of good advice and tips to keep Ginger in check. The real test came in pheasant season (I hunt public land) I will never forget Gingers first point, I flushed the rooster and when I shot, it fell to the ground ginger retrieved it to me. Ginger retrieved every bird I shot this season, I had a couple birds run with broken wings no problem for ginger, I am very pleased with her field work, I got quite a few compliments on ginger in the field, it was nice to hunt with a well trained dog, Jerry did an awesome job.
Submitted by: Margaret Derkovitz on Jun 05, 2020
Jerry and Cookie clearly know what Vizslas are all about. We purchased a male pup from them in May, puppies were born March 19th. Bugsy is a smart, well mannered, easily trained dog. All the adult Vizslas on the property were friendly and perfectly behaved, and the kennels were spotless . We've had Vizslas for 20 years, all good ones, and we feel Bugsy will also be a credit to his breed and breeders.
Submitted by: Brandon on Jul 24, 2019
We recently brought home our girl Penny. The whole process went flawlessly. Cookie and Jerry are wonderful people and truly care about what they do and for all their dogs. Every visit we made they made us feel like we were part of the family. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a vizsla to contact them. You won’t regret it!
Submitted by: Mike Ziroli on Jan 07, 2018
After an extensive search for our next Vizsla, I found CJ kennels. After speaking with Jerry I was very impressed with both his operation and the questions he asked me. It wasn't just here is what I offer and let me know if you want a dog, it was why do you want a Vizsla, have you had a Vizsla before, what's your family set up like? Do you want a hunting dog? etc. He was very interested in where one of his dogs would be placed. I arranged to come and visit and was very impressed with the dogs and the facility. Beautiful location and extremely well kept and clean. I was able to get on the list for the 2nd litter of 2017. I brought my kids back to visit the pups when they were around 4 weeks. Cookee and Jerry spoiled my kids! We had such a good time. We picked our boy Finn up in June. Cookee provided lunch and homemade vanilla ice cream my whole family still raves about. Finn is a great pup. I wanted a hunting dog and was so impressed with Jerry's knowledge that I arranged for Finn to go on a month and a half vacation to stay with Cookee and Jerry for training. although my kids missed him dearly, when I picked Finn up and was able to see how much he learned, from prey drive, to whistle commands to full points and retrieves, I was beyond happy. I received bi weekly updates on Finn's progress and even some pictures that included Finn sleeping in Cookee's recliner! I took Finn out the next week and got a full point on a well hidden public land pheasant, luckily got it with one shot and Finn retrieved it to my hand!! They truly love their dogs. I am so glad to have found CJ Kennels. Still trying to convince my wife to get a second pup from Cookee and Jerry! Thanks CJ Kennels!
Submitted by: Carolyn Scott on Jul 25, 2017
I want to give a shout out to Jo's breeders, Cookie (Paula) and Jerry Moser of CJ Kennel in PA. They were wonderful and hospitable (Cookie insists that any visit must have some cake or pie to accompany it) leading up to my bringing Jo home as a 10-week old. Last week when I needed advice after a trauma to the 6-month old pup, I emailed them and they returned my email within three hours with excellent, understanding advice.

Many of Cookie and Jerry V's grow up to be hunting dogs. Jo will just be a woods runner and companion dog, and she is a sweetheart. Besides having a really sweet, gentle, exuberant nature, she readily became crate-trained, I think probably because in the last few weeks with Cookie and Jerry, she was living with her litter mates in an outdoor enclosure that resembled a crate. That was SO helpful!

If you are looking for a Vizsla and live in the Northeast, the Mosers are lovely people to work with and their V's are lovely, healthy dogs.
Submitted by: Matt Duerr on Apr 20, 2017
First of all, I never write testimonials. This truly is my first. If you've been looking for a Vizsla breeder, you've just found the best. After nearly a year talking to other breeders, we contacted Cookie and Jerry. Right from the start they answered our questions and had us to their home to see their dogs. It was abundantly clear they deeply cared about their dogs and who and where their pups were going. Our Buddy is 1 and half years old now, and he is the absolute best. He is a smart, healthy, and beautiful example of everything you would want in a Vizsla. He is a great family dog, and although I don't hunt I can see those hunting traits in him when we're out in the yard or walking. Those natural instincts come from within him, whether scenting something in the ground or pointing a bird. He is great with children and the love of my daughter's young life. Thank you Jerry and Cookie for Buddy and everything else you helped us with! You are the best. If you're lucky enough to get one of these dogs, you will not regret it.
Submitted by: Beth on Aug 05, 2016
We researched long and hard on breeds and fell madly in love with Vizslas. Once we did, we had no idea how hard it would be to one from great hunting stock and great breeders. We are so happy to have (FINALLY) found Cookie and Jerry. They truly love their dogs, are easy to deal with, and produce amazing pups. Our Willow is just about to turn a year and she has brought our family more joy and happiness than I could put into words. Jerry trains vizslas and was wonderful help with another dog that we had and were having some problems with. They spent many hours with us answering all sorts of questions and being un-Godly patient with our children who were head-over-heals in love with all of their pups. Willow is from Ziva and Buckwheat, and all I can say is we couldn't be happier with her temperament and ease of training. She is a doll, full of energy as a Vizsla should be, and a cuddle bug with both us and the kids. We hope to add a 2nd Vizsla to our home in the future, and when we do, there is no question that Cookie and Jerry will be our first choice.
Submitted by: Amy on Jul 20, 2016
Jerry and Cookie are wonderful people, can't say enough about how friendly and helpful they are! You can tell they truly take pride in their pups and only want the best for them. We have a 2 year old from Jerry and Cookie. Ripley is a healthy, intelligent, sweet-tempered, amazing dog. Jerry and Cookie have been available to us over the years if we have any questions, need any advice, or just want to brag on our handsome boy a little! If you are blessed to own one of their dogs, you will get not only an excellent breeder, but also make new friends :-)
Submitted by: Clifford & carol Abel on Jun 10, 2016
The greatest people & the greatest best temperament vilzla dogs , the people Jerry & Paula became our friends, and their dogs are a great part of our lives , great training , loves to hunt works great on birds , we just can't say enough good ,good stuff!!!!!!
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