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We live in beautiful eastern Oregon and raise French Brittany's of the finest pedigrees. We are hunters first and breed our dogs for hunting and companionship qualities. You will truly TREASURE your dogs. OFA rating good. In the past Our dogs have been showcased in the article "Oregon's Treasure Valley: Valley quail and more, by David Zumbaugh In Quail Forever. We seek for the best bloodlines for quality health and hunting production. We help our puppy buyers with training and advice. Our testimonials show our bloodlines strengths. Call me for info and pics. I have 30 years around bird dogs and training.
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Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel
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Thane Wilcox
2805 gekeler
La Grande, Oregon 97850
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 25 years.
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Submitted by: Gale Merrick on Aug 23, 2018
Be very careful. Treasure French Brittany's will steal your heart.

Unqualified recommendation for Thane's French Brittany's as
both hunters and companions. They will become instant family
members, take very little training and if you pay attention will teach
you a great deal about hunting and love.
Submitted by: Carly Doggett on Aug 20, 2018
We bought Toby from Thayne and we love him he has been a total blessing. He was a natural hunter from the beginning. We look forward to getting another soon. THANK YOU SO MUCH
Submitted by: Lee Long on May 12, 2018
I purchased one of Thayne's original EB pups in 2006 and Rizzo (Black, brown, and gray Tricolor), is quite frankly, the Lord of all Bird Dogs and still hunting. Last season was her 12th season and she's still representing the best of what a dream bird dog should be. Thayne's dogs are incredibly intelligent. Rizzo honors hand signals, ranges as commanded (close or far), positionally hunts structure adjacently to the hunter to accommodate for advantageous shooting. She stalks and points with intensity, and retrieves to hand with a soft mouth. Eastern Oregon is a mecca for upland/waterfowl and Rizzo does it all with drive, loyalty, perfection, and class. She was my first bird dog and has out performed all other breeds that live and visit our area. Thayne's pups adapt to the species and terrain. They are capable of hunting the cat tails, corn, sage, rim-rock, snow, ice, rivers, and cultivated fields. They retrieve ducks, pheasants, doves, quail, huns, chukars, sharptails and geese. I've been able to hunt ruffed, blue, and sage grouse. My dog has even pointed a feral peacock. That having been said, Rizzo was my first dog and I was a novice at dog training and consider myself fortunate to have a dog of such unparalleled performance and quality. Rizzo's quality is without question due in large part to her DNA, nature of the breed, and Thayne's commitment to the bloodline. Her temperment is gentle and very willing to please. She has never barked at a person or animal, and she appears to be incapable of biting or an aggressive temperament. She is without question loyal and happy. Sadly, her days are numbered. She is becoming slower, her hearing is almost completely gone, but for being almost 13 years old her health has been flawless. Due to the generally smaller size of the breed, their joint health, overall stamina, and hunting life seems to exceed that of other breeds.
My son received his first bird dog, Gin, (White and Orange), from Thayne this spring. Simply... she is incredible- at 10 weeks she already comes to the whistle unconditionally. Retrieves at 30+ yards to hand. Stocks and solid points the wing. Already understands what dangers are off limits (roads, head gates for irrigation, cars, etc..) Understands an open house door is off limits as well. Thayne truly has something special in his bloodline for a pup to be this advanced at 10 weeks.
Thayne loves a good joke, is happy and friendly, and not to mention tall dark and handsome! His kennel is a family affair and his children are excellent at socializing the dogs and preparing them for their new owners. He is willing to accommodate owners beyond the scope of usual business. Everything is negotiable. Travel, training, picks, reimbursements, and advice. He's always interested in a hunt to see how the dogs are doing. He loves what he does and enjoys the happiness new owners receive from his special bloodline. If anyone is interested in a bird dog, especially in the French Brittany bloodline, Treasure Kennel in LaGrande, Oregon is the only place necessary. I would with out hesitation recommend his dogs and services to to anyone from a 10 year old boy training his first pup, to an apprehensive housewife of a gundog owner, to an accredited Field-Trial Championship Trainer. Thank you Thayne!
Submitted by: Brian Santos on Feb 17, 2018
We picked up “Nevi” from Treasure Brittanys in October of 2017. She is an amazing EB pup, full of life and tons of energy! She loves birds and loves her people. She is very birdy and shows incredible style and intensity on point. Nevi is fun to watch and easy to train. She is pointing well, has had birds shot over her, and is developing beautifully! We are thankful to have her in our home!
We love our EBs.
Thane is kind hearted man and so helpful and knowledgeable of the Breed. He breeds this line with that knowledge and experience to produce quality EBs for the home and that perform in the Field.
The first time we placed a deposit with Thane for a pup, the planned breeding didn’t happen. Thane offered us assistance in locating a pup elsewhere at that time. It is good to buy a quality pup from a quality breeder. Thank You for a great pup and a great experience.
Submitted by: Lee on Feb 17, 2018
Just want to give a shout out of the highest compliment to Thane at Treasure kennel. We received our little bundle of joy Jess a French Brittany from Thane 14 months ago. I was so excited. I have been hunting with Thane for almost 10 years. He has amazing dogs, and obviously loves them! Jess went with us on a three thousand mile road trip hunting for quail in 3 different states. She started tracking scent and retrieving birds at 2 months old. She has now finished her first hunting season and preformed above all expectations. She hunts with confidence, and I trust her to point, back, and retrieve. She never wants to quit. She is one of four dogs in my kennel and I always have to call her in at the end of the hunt. I have hunted and trained many different pointing dogs and breeds over the last 30 years. I have never had a dog that is so smart and so accomplished at such a young age. She is also a great family dog and the only one of my dogs that my wife really loves. If you are looking for the perfect hunting companion and family dog . Then look no further than Thane at treasure kennel and his wonderful French Brittanies!
Submitted by: Dennis Bork on May 05, 2017
I got my awesome Brittany Dexter from Thane a few years back. He is the best hunting dog I ever had. He will hunt anything,ducks geese, chukars,pheasant and quail. He points and holds birds and ranges well. Dexter is not only a great hunter but a great companion. Thane has become a good friend and mentor.If I ever get another Britt I will get it from Thane.
Submitted by: David Landis on May 04, 2017
I had a very positive experience with this kennel. The owner is sincere and clearly loves the breed. My little orange and white female was a better hunter at 8 months than my other dogs were at middle age. She is also a nice pet. My wife said that I finally got it right and has actually bonded to this one.
Thane has been helpful with questions before, during, and after my purchase. Treasure French Brittanies would be my first choice if I ever needed another dog.
Submitted by: Dan Austin on Mar 10, 2017
I requested a tri-color French Brittany. When the letter had no tri's Thane offered to refund my deposit and to search out a tri on my behalf from a different breeder. I was impressed with his helpfulness and his honesty.
Ultimately I decided on an orange an white male and named him Dougy. He was very socialized by Thane and his young daughter that he called his " dog whisperer". At 5 months Dougy was in the field with his big French Brittany brother Larry. At 10 months he is a very enthusiastic solid pointer, solid retriever, good swimmer and very confidant in the field. I would highly recommend Thane if you are looking for a well bred French Brittany.
Dan Austin
C 509-939-3525
Submitted by: Scott Taylor on Nov 28, 2016
I've had Brittany's all my life, and purchased my sixth one from Thane at Treasure French Brittany's. I got a female and at just 7 months old she is already pointing and not afraid to go through heavy cover. She follows my 10 year old anywhere through cattails and heavy thick brush. She is very smart and picks up things very quickly. She has been retrieving training birds since about 4 months old. I don't think I could ask or expect anymore and she looks like she has great potential. As a breeder Thane was very helpful and easy to work with. He kept me informed throughout the process and even met me an hour and half away to help me do some live bird training with my new pup. He is always willing to talk and help with training tips and anything he can. I would highly recommend Thane as a breeder, you won't be disappointed.
Submitted by: gary zanck on Dec 07, 2015
Wow, Always wanted a bird dog who was ready to go out of the box and my dog Zero fits the bill. At 13 months old, my fourth bird hunt was the best yet. The little dude locks birds up straight away, quartering and tracking. He will creep in on command and once birds are down, locate and retrieve not just one chukar, but two and three.
His 33 lbs keeps him nimble and ready for more.
No formal training here, just one year of family fun and outdoor recreation. Many thanks Thane!
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