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Tracy Calhoun
36290 Gerig Dr SE
Albany, Oregon 97322
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 22 years.
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Submitted by: Matt Query on Sep 11, 2015
We picked up Thibodaux ("Tib"), our Golden Retriever pup, from Tracy and Tellus in late April of this year, when he was 8 weeks.

We've now had him for just over 4.5 months now, and we are so incredibly happy with our decision to get our bird dog from Sutter Bay.

I wanted to wait until he passed his 6-month birthday to write this review, and I don't think the text box will allow me to praise this dog, the litter, and the breeders enough.

No exaggeration, he retrieved his first toy duck after having him home for an hour.

The dog's temperament is incredible, so calm and intelligent. He's playful when its time to be playful, and he's calm when its time for training.

We started doing some gun training with him at about 5 months, and he didn't care one bit about the gun, just wanted to retrieve and get his treat!

His predisposition for the water honestly amazed me, jumping headfirst into the water after only introducing him to it for a couple minutes. His swimming ability is obviously intrinsic, but i've had water dogs my whole life and not one of them was as adept in the water as Thibodaux is at 6.5 months.

His intelligence became apparent after a short time of training, having sit, shake, lay, stay, and come down after maybe 2-3 weeks. As we continue to train him in the field, I'm continually impressed with how fast he's picking up "staying in the bird zone," as well as responding to "come" with more and more stimulus around him.

You often hear the "iceberg" metaphor when picking out a gun dog, in 90% is the litter/breed and 10% is the actual puppy. Well, if that is true, I can say with sincerity that I seriously lucked out finding Sutter Bay, because that 90% of gun dog quality is very present and I have Tracy and Tellus to thank for that. (and of course Tib's parents Dash and Shine).

I hope they forgive me for taking this long to write the review, I just wanted to really get to know the dog for 4+ months before I could offer a rounded critique of their dogs. And again, I rank them 100%, A+, maximum kudos. We have such an amazing pup, and are so incredibly happy we chose Sutter Bay.
Submitted by: susan cizik on Jan 06, 2015
Tracy Calhoun from Sutterbay Retrievers raises superb puppies. Our entire experience from inquiry to receiving our puppy was splendid. we felt very strongly that we were getting a healthy, happy, curious, smart puppy from this breeder and we have been completely happy with our girl. Tracy's blogs, photos and videos give a good sense of the care and early sensory training that these puppies receive. She really goes beyond the basics of quality breeding and newborn care. Her puppies are very special!
Submitted by: Cathy and Jesse Groves on Jan 05, 2015
We were lucky enough to score one of Ottie's puppies in October. Lucy is now 4 month old and is a real charmer. She can be crazy like most pups her age, but can also be a couch potato. We just lover her personality and her boldness. She is already very birdie and loves her duck wing.
Tracy was wonderful to work with and you can tell she loves her dogs and puts every thing she has into raising happy health pups.
Submitted by: Jackie Weisser on Aug 11, 2014
We are lifetime golden people. Our most recent addition from Sutter Bay will be 7th golden and he by far is the best of the bunch. Not only is he a beautiful dog in shape, size and color. He's a smart dog. Has great instincts. Loves to watch the skies for birds. Naturally curious. He defends his territory and is able to gauge his play with other age ranged dogs - not being overly aggressive with the older dog but holding his grown with the younger. On the flip side he's as lovable as they come. I will definitely return to this breeder in the future - no ands, ifs or buts.
Submitted by: Trevor Santochi on Aug 10, 2014
Love my Golden from Sutter Bay Retrievers. She is smart, energetic and good natured. Not to mention she looks great. Could not be happier
Submitted by: trina denson on Aug 10, 2014
We have had 3 Golden's before Sutter Home. We are so happy with our girl. She is the smartest and most calm of all the 3 we have had.

Submitted by: Denise Steffe on Feb 09, 2014
Jackie Mertens gave me a puppy from your litter and thank you for your service :) US Army :) Old Lyme Bell of the Ball :) yes :) twins :) some golden :) names lilly belles :) Mark :) del that sungolde :)
Submitted by: Wade Metz on Nov 15, 2013
We purchased a black lab pup from Sutterbay in February. Great temperament, easy to train, great around kids and maybe the birdiest dog we've owned in the past 20 years. She loves to hunt and wants to please.

We'd buy another dog from them without question.
Submitted by: Ralph Borrelli on Feb 18, 2013
Received our puppy a few days ago from Sutter Bay Retrievers and couldn't be happier. We purchased a Black Lab and received him at exactly 8 weeks old. He's been great, looks 5+ temperament 5+ personality 5+ you can tell they did a great job with the litter.
Communication was great throughout the process and everything was exactly as promised. The experience was worry free and we highly recommend Sutter Bay Retrievers.
Submitted by: David Lash on Sep 15, 2012
Getting a puppy from Tracy was a wonderful experience. We live about 12 hours away and she was not only helpful with keeping us updated throughout the whole breeding process but was very flexible with our schedule when it came time to pick out our puppy. Our dog Chevy is now a year old and he is fantastic, we couldn't be happier!
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