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About Springset Gordon Setter Kennels

The Source of the Field Gordon Setter

 and the

Home of the 10 year guarantee.

Over 95% of all field Gordon Setter stock has Springset in its pedigree.  We believe that the Gordon Setter was made to be the perfect hunting partner.  The family household pet that the most novice hunter can take out in the field and do exceptionally well.  All day, day after day, over the toughest terrain(from lava rock to water).  Our goal was to bring the breed back from extinction as a field dog.  We have achieved that goal through hard work and dedication to the breed.  We have placed Gordons throughout the world in our quest and through the quest of those seeking them.  We breed to the 1935 AKC standard, the dog most like what the Duke of Gordon was breeding.  We urge you to check out our website and learn more about the Gordon Setter and what Springset has done.  Call today for a brochure.  Puppies almost always available.  Rescue dogs/pups, as well as the occasional breeding adult available.  Ask about our retirees too
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Gordon Setter
Breeder Contact Info
Sue and Norm Sorby and Laura Borges
PO Box 792
Eagle Point, Oregon 97524
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 47 years.
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Testimonials (2)
Submitted by: Ron Hill on Apr 05, 2015
I've owned three Gordons. One I bought from Norm when he was in Petaluma. This breed is amazingly intelligent and easy to train. I've trained dogs for search & rescue, and I personally wouldn't use any other breed for this. They are just that good. I've never seen a sporting breed with so much energy, and so much heart. I plan on getting another one from this kennel again, in the near future. I'd rate them higher than a 5, if possible.
Submitted by: bfreemab on Apr 05, 2009
Springset Gordon Setters are arguably the best field gordon in America. I have two and they are tenacious in the field but also are exceptional family pets. Their noses are definitely the very best...they are NOT fast in the field...thank goodness...and they will always pattern BACK to you, even if you don't train them...at least my two are that way. I have never trained them, but they point and pattern as if they are trained.

Mine have free run of the house and 1/2 acre run we've built for them. You can excpect the very best instinctive hunting capabilities and noble household personalities.

It's important to understand that Springsets are NOT Springer Spaniels..they are NOT PLEASERs..they have a strong independent intellectual streak and they will make independent decisions.

You have to treat them like 5 year olds. For example, I use to hide a toy under the couch cushion and sit on it so my Gordon would stop bothering me (they will stay very playful even into older age). It then figured out that scratching on the back door (non doggy door) would get me up and as soon as I got to the door it would run back to the couch and take out the toy....that's the type of intelligence you get with Gordon's.

Springset's also have a sense of nobility breed into them. They will expect you to give them attention and to be honored to do so. You'll understand this once they get to be around 2 or 3 years old. Very Regal in the way they present themselves. They then think they are the owner and you the pet.although you obviously need to make sure they understand who is master.

Lastly, these dogs grow VERY slowly. It will take 3 to 4 years or even more for them to fully mature.

Lastly, and most important, Springsets are thourobreeds. They are the Olympic athletes of the Gordon Setter bread. They also stay very lean and mean, no matter how much you feed them. They are about 1/3 smaller than show Gordon's and have a streamlined vs. block look to them.

I have always feed mine INNOVA NO-Grain which is very expensive but it keeps their coats looking like pure silk. They will have coat problems with cheap dog food.

I have them groomed once every 3 months..

Good luck!
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