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About Oakhaven Labradors

Welcome to Oakhaven!
Nestled in the town of Dallas, Oregon and established in the spring of 2003, Oakhaven Labradors has provided excellence in the areas of Breeding, Obedience, Retriever training and Hunt test competitions.

Room is Limited!
Oakhaven has purposely limited the size of their facilities...this allows the trainer more time with each dog. Every dog is trained on a schedule, and every dog is trained multiple times a week.



A Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog.

You can be assured that your dog will receive the finest care while staying at Oakhaven Labradors. The kennels are sanitized first thing in the morning and then cleaned again in the afternoon. All dogs are fed Natural Balance premium foods and administered flea and tick medications regularly. The facility is set up to allow each animal exercise at least twice a day...more exercise and play keeps your dog happier and healthier.




Training is done entirely at the facility.  We have 100% control of the animal from the time it arrives till the time you pick up your finished dog.  

You should expect your dog to respond to verbal, non verbal and whistle commands and be obedient on and off lead.  At the end of this two month program the owner is trained on how to handle their dog.

The owner will be invited back to work with their dog and me if they  have a training issue or just want to touch up their dogs performance.  There is NO CHARGE for consultations with your dog after the two month training ends.


Hunting Retriever Training

Wetland and Upland training is an  exciting option for training your dog!   Little in this world is more exciting than watching your retriever flush and then retrieve pheasants or other upland birds.  If duck hunting is more your style,  having a dog that will sit still by the blind and retrieve  your birds is very rewarding. Oakhaven Labradors has developed a program that will help speed your dog to this goal.  

This is offered in conjunction with our obedience program. Depending on the progress of your dog, this may be completed in 3 to 4 months.

Your dog will be introduced dogs to birds, gun shots, calls and decoys. Waterfowl  to be steady in the blind and how to retrieve on land and in water. Also exposed to calls, decoys, lots of gunshots, and many live birds. This is a great program to get a young dog on the road to being a good hunter. Upland work includes teaching to quarter and flush and to find and retrieve game. 


We also provide Canine Good Citizen testing and training.


Please visit us at www.OakhavenLabs.com for more info or Visit us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/oakhavenlabrador


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Breeder Contact Info
Jim Davis
1090 James Howe Rd
Dallas, Oregon 97338
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 19 years.
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Testimonials (2)
Submitted by: Deanna Knox on Jan 25, 2012
I recently enrolled my 2 year old dog, Sarah, with Oakhaven. The main objective was for her to be trained so I could take her to work with me and also to have her listen and react to commands at home. I battled with her misbehavior, mischief making, and constant barking since I adopted her as a puppy. I had to always keep a leash on her so I could quickly step on before she darted out the door. I was never able to relax around her. I was always on guard for her next little shinanigan! After a couple months at Oakhaven and the consistant training techniques that were used, I can happily tell you that Sarah heels, immediately responds when I say "here", stops bad behavior when I say "no", quickly goes to her kennel on request,and stays in a down position until she's invited to join me. The most enjoyable thing I wish to share is that Sarah no longer uses a leash. Sarah is now going to work with me daily and is my office mascot. (Now if I can just get her to answer the phone!) I now take her on walks on busy bike paths and she is under complete voice control. I highly recommend Oakhaven. You will receive miraculous results. When Sarah was ready to come home, Jim spent time with me to make sure that I was able to keep reinforcing good behavior from Sarah. He also followed up with me by phone and email to answer any questions that I might have. TOP QUALITY TRAINING....NO QUESTION!! :)
Submitted by: Barbara on Oct 05, 2009
I have used Jim Davis as a AKC Hunt Test and Obedience DogTrainer since 2003. He is a professional who truly cares about his clients and their dogs. He tailors his training to the needs of each dog, taking into account their personality and individual strengths. His dedication, consistency, and reliability have provided my dogs with outstanding Hunt training, and obedience. I highly recommend Oakhaven Labradors for personalized and exceptional services!
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