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We breed NAVHDA-tested Hunting German Shorthairs with lots of natural ability for the serious hunter who does not have a lot of training time or experience.  These calm dogs do it all - they are hunted extensively on all species of upland birds and waterfowl, and are used to assist in recovery of wounded game when necessary.  At least six Chippewa dogs are currently guiding on preserves.  Above all, they are great year-round companions.

Chippewa Kennel has earned more Natural Ability Breeders Awards (19) and more Chippewa dogs have been invited to the Invitational (7) than any other kennel in Oregon.  All Chippewa breeding dogs earned maximum scores in their NAVHDA Natural Ability testing and are OFA Good or Excellent.

Pick order of puppies is determined by the order in which deposits are received.  Puppies are sold with about the strongest guarantee from any breeder.  We sell only to hunting homes.

Puppy support program:  I encourage puppy buyers to send me any questions they have about their puppies, be it behavior, nutrition, training, etc., and I then share their question and my response via email with the entire group of littermate buyers.  Owners are also invited to bring their young dogs back (at no cost) for Puppy Day where they are started on birds and introduction to water.  We encourage (and subsidize) NAVHDA Natural Ability testing, and I help get pups (and handlers) ready for the test.

Stud service is available to approved hunting bitches.  Our stud dog, Garrett, has been mated to 19 bitches and produced 19 pregnancies!  His young future replacement, Yolo, is a superb hunter and has produced one litter.

As confirmed by the exceptional NAVHDA Natural Ability testing results, Chippewa pups possess a very high level of natural hunting ability and cooperation.  They are truly a pleasure to hunt with and watch in the field.   Check out the testimonials below and you will see the enjoyment that owners of Chippewa pups are receiving from their dogs. 

Training is available for a very limited number of dogs with preference to Chippewa dogs.

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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 25 years.
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Submitted by: Jeff and Patti Wieland on Jan 20, 2014
"Breezy", our 8th Shorthair, is an 8 month old Morgan x Garrett pup whelped 4-30-2013. We really couldn't be happier with her as both hunting partner and family dog. We did a great deal of research on NAVHDA & DKV breeders before deciding on Howard and Vicki's Chippewa Kennels after seeing Morgan, Garrett, and several other Chippewa dogs at a reunion hunt. The deciding factors for us were: a personal recommend from a NAVHDA Judge and trusted wild bird hunter friend; the NAVHDA test history of Chippewa breedings; Howard's reputation as a hard-core hunter; Morgan and Garrett's test scores; the litter was a repeat breeding; Howard & Vicki's support of buyers with "puppy days" and advice; and the happy and stable natures of both sire and dam and other Chippewa dogs we met.

We've been blessed with wonderful shorthairs that were calm around home, good with kids and other dogs, and serious predators in the field. Patti and I decided that we wanted a really happy, outgoing, bold pup this time around, especially since a shorthair has to have some hutzpah to handle Central Oregon waterfowl hunting conditions. I can honestly say that Breezy is the real deal, although there were so many nice pups in her litter that it was a tough choice. As another buyer said, "We could have probably thrown darts and ended up with good pups."

Breezy is as bold as she is happy, and as talented as she is bold. Although I wasn't going to push her too fast just for the dove & grouse openers, she was clearly ready and gun broken at 16 weeks, so we've hunted grouse, ducks, quail, chukar, pheasant, and huns together, and except for the busted birds you'd expect from a young dog -- wild pheasant gave her fits at first, but she seemed to mostly figure them out by closing day -- I haven't really felt handicapped hunting a pup this season. She's got a great nose, a strong pointing instinct, and plenty of prey drive. She's an excellent marker and a solid tracker and land & water retriever. Although I make sure she doesn't get too cold at this young age, snow, sub-freezing temps, and retrieving ducks out of trout water hasn't phased her. As you might expect with her outgoing personality, she's got opinions and isn't afraid to express them, and although you couldn't call her hyper, she's smart and curious and definitely at her best with lots of exercise and when learning new things and working together.

Perhaps what pleases us most about Breezy is that we've just let her be herself and explore her world while teaching her manners. That's paid off in spades with a joyful pup that's as happy to be with us as she is to be hunting. We hope that Chippewa dogs are still available when we need our next german shorthair.
Submitted by: Jason Hall on Jan 02, 2014
A few years ago my wife & I purchased a beautiful black & roan GSP from Dr. Meyer at the Chippewa Kennel. Riley is a Garrett x Piper pup, and our first Shorthair. Riley has proven to be an extremely motivated hunting partner, fantastic house dog, and a generally great addition to our family. I went into this looking for a hunting partner, and surprisingly got a bonus when my wife decided to hunt as well. I believe the combination of the Chippewa Family & watching a fantastic dog work inspired her to take up the sport. To that I am very Thankful!

Riley is my first attempt at training a hunting dog, and with out some help, all the talent she has could have been wasted. The Chippewa family has done their best to train me, and I have applied all that knowledge towards training her. Either while attending a training event at Dr. Meyers, or during a NAVHDA training event, I always felt like the Chippewa family was there to help. Some things I tend to be a slow learner on, and for that being a part of the Chippewa family truly helped avoid learning the hard way. Anytime I was confused about what to do while training her, I could reach out for some help. Quite often, it was a simple conversation over the phone, and I could then resume training with confidence. Even with all my short comings, she has proven to be an excellent hunting dog!

Very talented dog + Chippewa Family = Great Hunting dog!
Submitted by: BRUCE MAULDIN on Dec 31, 2013
Our Chippewa pup is 2 years and 9 months. Mollie was 14 months when she passed her first hunting trials. We were so proud of her ability, and of course we were beaming with pride. Mollie has the best nose we have seen. We have hunted most of the upland game birds in two states and Mollie never tires! Mollie is our third GSP. You will never met finer people than Vickie and Howard Meyer who own the Chippewa Kennel. Finally, Mollie's parents are Gracie and Garrett.
Submitted by: Tom & Linda Lusby on Nov 17, 2013
It's been two years since I wrote the testimonial below about our two GSP's from Chippewa Kennel owned by Howard and Vickie Meyers. Ruby who is now eight continues to be a great hunter and family pet. Sage who is two years old is from Gracie and Garritt. She has the best nose of any hunting dog we have ever had. She points and holds birds at 10 to 20 feet away until I come up and kick the cover to flush the bird. She then retrieves the bird right back to me. Un like Ruby who we had trained, we had the pleasure and challenges of training Sage ourselves with support of Howard and several members of the Willamette Valley chaper of NAVHDA. We tested Sage at 10 months old in the NEVHDA Natural Ability test and she tested a Prize 1.

There were a couple of dog trainers from Minnasota hunting their dogs at the farm we hunted at this year in South Dakota and after watching Sage hunt were shocked she was opnly two years old. One said Sage was the best working pointer he had ever seen and he does a lot of dog trials with his pointers. They ask what Kennel she was from.
We can't say enough about Howard and Vickie and their Chippewa Kennel. Chippewa Kennel's produces great GSP's. We think Ruby and sage are their best.

Tom & Linda Lusnu
Submitted by: Melissa Mendelson on May 29, 2013
My husband and I got Bird, our female, from Howard & Vicky in 2011. She's the product of musical Gracie and handsome Garrett. We adore her and cannot imagine our life without her. She's our first dog and first GSP. We decided the day we brought her home that we'll forever have Shorthairs. Bird is so smart, snuggly, fast, and focused. She does so well tracking and pointing making it easy for two novice hunters. In addition, she's a great companion for runs, hikes, and this fall trying her paws at search and rescue. We love her and are forever grateful to Howard and Vicky for sharing such a wonderful pup with us.
For the hunter-oriented shopper, Bird scored a prize II at 6 months (1 point shy of a prize I). Her focus and eagerness to get on Birds is impressive to even the most experienced hunters. Plus, she looks pretty sharp in an orange vest holding a point.
Submitted by: Jim Petersen on May 25, 2013
At less than a year old, our pup Ike (Morgan x Garrett, 2012) is shaping up to be an amazing dog. He earned his NAVHDA Natural Ability prize 1 at just 9 months of age. Besides being a natural hunter, he's a wonderful family companion and is great with our kids.
Submitted by: Philip Spulnik on May 23, 2013
I have owned 5 pointers that were excellent hunters but Luke is far and above the best hunting dog I have ever owned. We got Luke from Howard in Dec. of 2011. I tested (NAVHDA Natural Ability) Luke at 5 1/2 months and he scored a perfect 112 pts. This was the last pick of the 4 males in the litter!!! If you live close by Howard will help you with getting your puppy started. He always gets back to me with answers to the many questions I have about training issues. This past year I hunted Luke on pheasants, chukar, huns and quail. He performed as well as a seasoned hunting dog.
Submitted by: Kevin Hawkins on Mar 13, 2012
I purchased a puppy from Howard 4 years ago and could not be happier with the dog or Howard. My Dog hunts wild birds between 30 and 60 days each year and is pleasure to have around the other 300 days. He was very easy to train, (naturally points, backs other dogs, tracks, retrieves) and is still eager to learn whatever I might be teaching him to do. My dog is a smaller male (50 lbs) his best assets are his calm demeanor, superior nose, and stamina.

He hunts methodically whether I am hunting by myself or with 6 others with the right amount of fire and intensity that I love shorthairs for and also with a lot of self control that many shorthairs could use more of.

His nose is not to be questioned. If this dog says there's no bird, move on. If a bird goes down shot he will retrieve it no doubts. Of the hundreds of birds shot over him this year I cannot recall any that came up behind him or ANY that were not found after being shot. He had several retrieves over 400 yards this year.

Often times I will hunt 3 or 4 days in a row. Full days rocky ground. No foot problems. I am a one dog guy and it is so nice to be able to leave town and count on hunting for a long weekend knowing my dog will be in the game the whole time.

Howard has put a lot of time, talent, and attention into developing his dogs. He really cares about his dogs and customers selling only to serious hunters and following up his sales with training advice, opportunities and an open phone line for questions or hunting reports. I have yet to find another breeder who produces a dog I would rather have or that I would rather buy from.
Submitted by: Tom Lusby on Dec 20, 2011
It's been 3 years sense I submitted the testimonial on Rube our now 5 year old GSP we got from Chippewa Kennel. We continue to hunt every year both South Dakota and Oregon and Ruby does an unbelevable job. She pointed and held the point and then retrieved maybe 75 birds this year. She hunts hard from day light to dark and is ready to go first thing the next day. Everyone that has seen her hunting says she's the best bird dog they have ever been around. She is also a great family dog. Howard and Vicki owners of Chippewa Kennel knows how to breed great GSP. We have just purchased a new pup from Chippewa Kennel which we named Sage. She is from Gracie and Garrett and If she is half as good of a hunter as her Aunt (Ruby) she will be great.
Submitted by: Bryan Thomas on Dec 07, 2011
Just wanted to let everyone know how much I think of my dog Kona, who is 5 years old. I have been able to do my first serious hunting with Kona. We went to a game reserve in August in Central Wa. We put out 6 chuckars in that heat. Very little scent was availble due to the dryness and the heat. Kona was tireless. He was in every nook and cranny where a bird could be. He eventually found 4 of the 6 and I accidentaly walked one up. Its just exciting to watch him work. It is my poetry for the soul. Since Aug, I have done six weekends of hunting at state release sites in Wa. He has always found birds at these sites which is hard due to the pressure of so many hunters. He is a big love and craves attention. He is a very beautiful dog and gets lots of compliments. I would definetly recommend that you see Howard if you are looking for a hunting GSP. You will not be disappointed. When it is Kona's time I will be seeing Howard for my next dog.
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