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Welcome to Calvert Kennels home page.Our Kennel is located in the foothills of the Cascades providing us with ample opportunities to enjoy working and training our dogs.  Established in 1996, we continue to provide quality German Shorthairs with excellent prey drive and versatility. Through selective breeding, our pups have proven to be confident, biddable (cooperative), and show strong natural ability in the field on both upland and waterfowl game. Our focus is on the Deutsch Kurzhaar with an intense drive, confident personality, and all purpose gun dog with the intention of having a dog capable of finding and  pointing game, as well as  tracking, and retrieving game at a range suitable for a foot hunter.

 Our pups are sold with a 2-year health guarantee,  microchipped, and a full puppy kit to ensure a great start.  Feel free to contact us regarding our GSP's or for information on the breed. We also offer home environment boarding for dogs not suited to staying in a kennel. 

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German Shorthaired Pointer
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Kathy Steele
3206 West Hills Rd
Philomath, Oregon 97370
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 25 years.
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Submitted by: John Andrus on Jul 11, 2019
Superb bloodlines, purchased a female German Shorthair in 2016, one of the greatest blessings in my life. She came home with us at 8 weeks old completely house and pet door broke. At 16 weeks she pointed 10 planted chuckar shot over and retrieved them, however she thought they were hers. Respectful of our property while being free the run of the house. Was taught what NO means early. Sleeps in bed with us and a 5 lb yorkee and a chihuahua, they get along very well. She competed in NAVHDA natural ability test, receiving the highest score prize 1, 112 points. Calvert Kennels has a superb breeding program, Kathy and Mark are more than helpful after pup leaves there kennel, giving advice on training issues. Looking forward to the next hunting season with my best friend. John Andrus
Submitted by: Brent Hudson on Jun 29, 2018
Hi Kathy, I got your message and wanted to let you know I ended up naming my pup Gunner. I think you needed his name for registration on his chip.

Anyways, he is the best little guy I could ever hoped for. Not only is he smart and a quick learner, he is also great in the water. He is well on his way to becoming an all around sporting dog and a awesome companion...I Love him! Everywhere I go, I get compliments on what a good looking dog he is and how well mannered he is. At this point he already sits on command, stays, comes, retrieves, heels on his leash(which he doesn't even need), he loves my boat and all the fish he has been introduced to...he's not quite sure about crabs yet, laughing. He's great with kids and people, he even likes the vet. I havn't taken him bird hunting yet, but I am sure he will pick that up quick as well. You have done an exceptional job with your dogs and I couldn't be any more pleased with him... Thank You so much, the whole experience has been absolutely "top-notch". Needless to say, If anyone asks me about you or Calvert Kennels, you can bet "the farm" I tell them that they could consider themselves lucky to get a pup from you. If you need any more information from me, Please let me know.
Submitted by: Hoppy P. on Jan 09, 2018
Roxy, our pup from Eme and Otto is a natural bird dog! Have been hunting over her since she was 4 months! Nose is super way above the norm, has an ability to find birds that I've never seen from anyone's dogs including mine before her. Exceptional pup in the field and home, thank you for picking her out for me!
Submitted by: Mark P. on Dec 30, 2016
Having owned 8 GSP's throughout my life and searching breeders all over the NW. I only wish I had found Calvert Kennels years ago. Cannot say enough of their professionalism, knowledge of the breed, and care they put into their dogs. To add to that, the quality of their dogs and breeding program focusing on their hunting ability is outstanding! I was hunting over my pup at 5 months! She is a bird finding machine, loves the water, and has tracked wounded birds over 300 yards! At the end of the day, she is a pleasure to have in the home as well. Cannot say enough. Thank you for such a tremendous hunting partner and companion!
Submitted by: Kelly and Eric Dunlap Rio Rancho, NM on Nov 10, 2015
Our pup Finnegan is from Kathy's Oliver x Piper litter from October 2014.We are beyond pleased with him! He is the most intelligent sweet, and smart boy. Can't wait to get him on more birds in a few weeks! We can't say enough about your GSP's. They are truly special and we can't wait to get another one in a year or two!
Submitted by: Marc VanCamp on Feb 27, 2015
Just wanted to touch base and let you know how wonderfully happy I have been with Sage, the female I got from you DEC 13'. She picked up hunting so naturally and we got into a lot of birds both by her self and other dogs. She minds so well and hunts full throttle but I can still have her calmly lay on her bed all day behind me at the office. Couldn't be happier!
Submitted by: Christine Mayer on Dec 27, 2014
What can I say about Calvert Kennels? Wow, Kathy has been unbelievably amazing. I began talking to Kathy when we had settled on a puppy from another breeder. It turned out that that breeder was a flake, Kathy was there for us through that awful situation. Then she let us come visit Piper before she had the puppies. As if fate had some role in it, Piper decided to have her puppies that night, Kathy let us stay and watch the puppies being born. It was a moment we will never forget. She has stayed in contact with us since day 1. I can't tell you how absolutely wonderful this breeder is. The amount of support she shows her puppy families and the support she also shows for our troops is phenomenal. Thank you for all you do Kathy!
Submitted by: stephen on Sep 07, 2014
I have a male from Olivers first litter.. "Mac" is a wonderful pet, a stellar hunter with a great nose. He is wonderful with small dogs and children and is not in the least bit aggressive...unless you have feathers of course!

Milford, PA
Submitted by: Jonathan & Wynter Kaiser on Oct 30, 2013
We talked with several GSP breeders after deciding to purchase a hunting dog. When we spoke with Kathy at Calvert Kennels, she took the time to walk us through the process of deposit, contract and selecting puppies. She extensively answered all our questions and even offered
to help us if we decided to breed one of her puppies ourselves. Her years of knowledge about dogs, training and hunting as well as her
readiness to offer any help in making a decision about a new puppy made it easy to choose her kennel over any of the others in Oregon.

After meeting with Kathy as well as her male and bitches in person, we immediately put in our deposit for the next litter of puppies and were
lucky to get first pick of females! After that, Kathy continued to keep us updated about heat cycles, expectant litters and when they were finally whelped. We got pictures as soon as the litters arrived and were even allowed to visit several times to meet the new pups and take our time making a selection. When we finally brought our puppy home, Kathy continued to go above and beyond with up-to-date shots, a large packet of great information and even made a house call for the microchip insertion. Even our vet was impressed with the impeccable health and sleek gait of our puppy and the professional way Kathy had docked her tail.

In the months since, Calvert Kennels has been a great resource for hunting and training clinics and as our puppy grows, it is obvious the well bred line she has come from. She is smart, quick learning with training and has the best temperament, making her not only an outstanding hunting dog, but perfect for the family, too!

We knew Calvert Kennels was the right choice to make after that first conversation with Kathy and it has been proven many times over. We could not be more pleased with our choice and look forward to many more years working with them!
Submitted by: Sally Kneuven on Apr 16, 2013
Our experience with Kathy Steele and Calvert Kennels began in 2009 when we purchased a GSP puppy from the litter of Ammo and Miley. We selected Tess from a litter of fine pups. She came to us at 71/2 weeks and has been a joy ever since. She was a quick learner from the start. She has a real desire to please. Kathy uses the word "biddable" when describing her dogs. I looked it up, and that is a perfect word for Tess because it means that she's controllable and docile. Our two previous GSPs were not so biddable.
Though we are not hunters, our lifestyle includes lots of outdoor recreation and fitness, so we are inclined towards GSPs because they're athletic. We notice that Tess is especially adept at tracking and pointing prey, even without any training. She "hunts" and points birds every time we're out with her. She's amazing at finding her ball anywhere it's thrown, in the forest, by scent. She is an exceptional swimmer and loves to go down to the Mary S. Woods Park, on the Willamette, for an hour of retrieving a float. Anyone who is a GSP enthusiast expects this of the breed, and the dog we got from Calvert Kennels is high on stamina.
Lately, I've begun looking into the NAVHDA training and testing program for Tess. Even though I'm not a hunter, I want to explore what makes my dog tick. We attended the training session in Monmouth, Oregon, last weekend, with the Willamette Valley Chapter. The kind folks in the club accepted us into the fold and allowed us to participate along with the younger dogs. I knew Tess would respond well to the training program, and she did. She has natural drive, is tremendously tractable, and will make an excellent hunter. She seems to have no fear of gunshots, fireworks or any loud noises, either.
Aside from her natural talents, both athletically and as a potential hunter, what we love most about her is her personality. She is a little lady when it comes to her demeanor. She's a lamb and has not one mean bone in her body. Our previous male was a bull in a china closet. Tess is just the opposite. . Some say that GSPs are Velcro dogs. That is the case with Tess. She makes you feel loved. She loves every member of the family equally and doesn't gravitate toward any one person. She's very smart and intuitive and seems to understand what is expected of her.

As far as Kathy Steele and Calvert Kennels, our experience has been great. Kathy treats her clients with professionalism and is adept at the educational component of running a kennel. I think of her as my resource if I have a question. She is like a good grandmother because she cares about her dogs and their puppies long after they are out of the nest. You can tell from the Calvert Kennels website the degree of pride and respect they have for their dogs. I once read a book about GSPs and the traits of a good dog breeder. Those traits are to be found in Kathy and Mark Steele, at Calvert Kennels. When we met, Kathy told me that Harley, their first purchased shorthair after helping with GSP Rescue in Virginia for several years, was the wedding gift that she and her husband gave to each other when they got married. That says it all.

I have met their most recent acquisition, Oliver, and I'm sure that Kathy and Mark will continue to develop fine litters of GSPs. They are devoted to German Shorthairs, and their puppies are outstanding examples of the breed.

Thanks, Kathy and Mark!
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