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About Aksala/Canton Chesapeakes

  Only   Chesapeakes since 1982


Chesapeakes are, if anything,     a versatile breed.
Aksala/Canton Chesapeakes have a history of participating in many     diverse areas such as hunting, sled & cart work, backpacking, tracking,     search & find ... consider the fun sports of flyball, agility, weight     pulls, skijoring, water rescue and anything else that tickles your fancy!

We are dedicated to producing only the finest Chesapeake Bay Retrievers.         Dogs of sound temperament and body, exhibiting the desire and willingness         to work that is such a vital part of the breed.


We strive also for dogs of correct breed type and style; dogs whom we would be proud to call our own.
Each breeding is carefully planned; all breeding stock is screened for known genetic disorders. We produce a very small number of dogs, firmly believing that this commitment to excellence is the only worthy reason to breed dogs.

Aksala/Canton Chesapeakes have a history of consistently acquiring their TT (Temperament Test), CGC (Canine Good Citizen) titles and obedience titles, in addition to being breed Champions of Record.

Although we cannot keep every puppy our care and concern for each of them does not stop when they leave for their new homes. We have done what we can in raising your pup to assure a good start on life.

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Shannon Rollins
P.O. Box 1601
Sandy, Oregon 97055-7746
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 28 years.
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Testimonials (6)
Submitted by: Deena Morando on May 29, 2012
I've known Shannon for many years, and some of what I appreciate about her as a breeder is that she places as much importance on:

*trainability - you may not think about this until you've had the misfortune of dealing with a dog without it!
...as she does
*structure, coat & type

I've personally known several of Shannon's dogs doing their thing, be it hunting, obedience, etc. into their teens. awesome!

I was very lucky indeed many years ago when I met Shannon. Knowing her and being privileged enough to enjoy the company of her dogs for over 25 years means the world to me. She and her dogs have taught me a lot, and I cannot imagine life without that.
Submitted by: Adele Schepige on Dec 15, 2011
This breeder knows all about Chesapeakes and much more. Shannon gave us current information about dog food, when to neuter, training facilities in our area, and more. It is obvious she wants the puppies to go to a good Chesapeake knowledgeable home and one that is a good match for the puppy. We were very satisfied with our experience getting our Chesapeake puppy from Aksala Canton Chesapeakes.
Submitted by: Steve Burlingame on Nov 19, 2011
We purchased our second Chesapeake puppy from Shannon Rollins on Labor Day weekend, 2011. Shannon carefully breeds her dogs and does an excellent job in placing them according to the owner's needs. We returned to Shannon because our first Chessie, Jake, is such a special dog. Jake is almost nine years old, is a beautiful, well mannered dog, and excellent hunter. Little Taz has the same calm disposition and is very intelligent.
Submitted by: Kathy Schell on Oct 04, 2011
I had a pet retriever mix and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Then I had an interest in competing is some dog activity - probably obedience to start with. I already knew Shannon and that she had been breeding Chessies for some time, and I knew how much she tested her dogs, and how well she did at placing the right dogs with the right people (my brother had a Chessie from her that was the perfect dog for him). Shannon knew I had the young male corgi and suggested I check out a young female she was looking to place. "Chella" was a little over 1 yr old and Shannon had already worked with her some. I took her home and started obedience right away. My 1st dog to train for competition. Chella is almost 11 now and has her excellent agility titles, UDX, 64 0TCH points in obedience, and is also working on tracking. I don't know how it could have worked out any better!!
Thank you Shannon, Kathy Schell
Submitted by: John Davis on Oct 04, 2011
Shannon's major joy outside of family are Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. Her knowledge on the breed, as well as their history is second to none. She does her best to raise dogs that are versatile, adept for hunting, obedience competition, family pet,...you name it. She takes a real interest in her dogs and works to make the perfect match between future owner and dog. I have a six year old male that was matched for compatibility with two older dogs, another male Chessie and a German Shepherd. I never had a problem. Ike does it all and I couldn't be more pleased. I unequivocally recommend that you talk to Shannon if considering a Chessie. John
Submitted by: Brook Moore on Oct 03, 2011
I met Shannon in AK in 93 and fell in love with her dogs. Being around working dogs and chessies most of my life I was impressed with the quality I saw in her dogs. The temperaments, trainability, versatility, structure, drive, longevity, and health far surpassed what I have seen within the breed elsewhere.

I currently co own two Chessies with Shannon and have co bred a litter with her. Being in the dog industry almost 30 years I have heard/witnessed a lot of horror stories and train wrecks. My dealings with Shannon have always been honest and accurate. She is the type of breeder I can just tell to send me a pup and what gets here is exactly what I was looking for. (which in 30 years I have only dealt with 2 breeders I could trust to do that)

One of the dogs I co own with her is UKC top 10 ranked 2nd year in a row, two of the pups we co bred are UKC top 10 ranked and are also UKC CH's. Versatility is important to me. Be it scent detection (drug, track, etc), agility, obedience, bite sports, basic herding, dock diving, weight pulls, or hunting...the drives have been there. I'm looking forward to more titles in more venues with these dogs.

I not only highly recommend the dogs from this breeder, I highly recommend this breeder for first time buyers or those who are unsure. You will get honesty and plenty of assistance from somebody trustworthy. (which is somewhat rare to find)
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