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About S and J's Peformance Labradors

S and J's Performance Labradors is a hobby business started by a love of duck hunting and a passion for the working Labrador retriever.  As a young man, I learned the hard way that Labs ARE NOT created equal!  Obtaining a quality retriever starts by investing in a registered Lab that has a pedigree that demonstrates performance.    

Pedigree accomplishments help ensure you are obtaining a quality puppy that comes from a line of Labrador retrievers that have demonstrated intelligence & desire!  Producing quality Labrador Retrievers is intentional and requires planning and effort by the breeder in order to deliver labs that are genetically sound and possess the intelligence, desire, and temperament to become outstanding competitors, hunters, and pets!  S and J Performance Labradors is passionate about the betterment of the breed and is equally passionate about the health & welfare of the animals.  

S and J Performance Labradors prides itself on producing a quality litter of performance Labs every 2-3 years.  The litters we produce are whelped in our home and receive around the clock monitoring by my wife and I to ensure the mother & her puppies' needs are met while also providing the puppies with early neurological stimulation.  Once weaned, the puppies are socialized to the sights and sounds of the great outdoors by going on walks through grassy fields, introduced to short walks & swims through shallow water, and a lot of playful retrieving with duck wings and squeak toys to create a strong retrieving desire. 

S and J Performance Labrador puppies are not just labs, they are an integral part of the hunting experience and most of all they are members of the family!

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Breeder Contact Info
Shawn Haynes
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 9 years.
Testimonials (7)
Submitted by: Matt Condry on Mar 20, 2016
I've known about the caliber of Labs that S & J's Performance Labs have been putting out for years. Their track record is phenomenal. Whether your a avid waterfowl hunter like me or a person looking for a dog to compete with, S & J's Labs are second to none. I recently purchased a male chocolate (Major) out of Timber/Jeter and he has been much more than I could've asked for. He just turned a year old and is running senior level drills with solid consistency and will only get better. The sky's the limit with my dog and I have no doubts the quality of labs S & J's producing will continue to be some of the best dogs in the country. There's a reason these dogs get bought by field trailers and hunters all over the United States. You can never go wrong with S & J's Performance Labs!
Submitted by: Thomas on Jan 19, 2015
I selected a pup out of a prior litter. She's 3 now. Amazing genetics. She's a monster in the blind and a pure joy at the line. I've never taken a dog to the line that gave me such confidence. I'd get one out of this litter if I had room in the kennel.
Submitted by: Kevin Hunter on Jan 11, 2015
The name says it all, PEFORMANCE. I think it should be called high performance. The pup I got from S and J does not know the word quit. Great dog on the water or in the home. He love to cuddle with the wife on the couch but he is all business in the field with me. I could not be happier with the pup we received.
Kevin and Rebecca hunter
Submitted by: Mark Hughes on Jan 02, 2015
March 20, 2013 we acquired a male pup from Timbers last litter, Hunter. Hunter's drive, desire and energy is immense. He is an excellent marker, cool and collect on the line. Strong in water be it the marsh or big water. His Trainer Joe Wilt often uses Hunter as the expectation of their training program to prospective clients. He is currently in training with Lyle Steinman at Castile Creek Kennels. S&J does an amazing job researching top quality chocolate labs to breed continuing those great lines that have already been established. It's about quality, not quantity at S&J. I highly recommend S&J when looking for a high preforming chocolate lab.
Submitted by: Dustin Shelton on Dec 30, 2014
Shawn puts together the best blood lines out there. I bought a male chocolate lab Feb of 2013 at 6wks old was retrieving a toy duck. 7wks old sitting on command and retrieving a mature drake mallard in March waters. 11 wks old had already mastered directional training. 7months old his first season would break through 100 yards of ice to get a duck and would sit Still for hours. Had a heck of a nose as well. Couldn't of got a better gun dog!
Submitted by: Roy Williams on Dec 28, 2014
I purchased my Josie from S & J in Feb 2013. Best dog I have ever owned/trained. Josie came from Timber & Cane, she's dark chocolate and one heck of a hunter. There hasn't been anything I couldn't throw at her that she couldn't handle. She started retrieving at 3 months old and hunting before she was 1.
I personally believe that S & J strive hard to produce top working labs. I have one and I am thoroughly satisfied with how easy it was for me to train her and have her hunt like she does (and I have never trained a gun dog before) so if you are looking for a great gun dog, look no further. If you would like to see pics of my Josies...send me your email address.
Submitted by: Cherese Bagwell Villareal on Dec 28, 2014
I contacted Shawn 2 years ago searching for a Chocolate Lab that would be healthy, intelligent and have a good disposition. I found them all in our CoCo. One is always a bit skeptical when buying sight unseen and everyone always believes THEIR way of raising is the best but I can honestly say that when I arrived at Shawn's home it was impeccable. There was no "puppy mill" and the dogs were truly a member of the family. They were in the house and it was obvious it was not the dogs first time in the house. The land around the house was well kept and there was a small pond for training. We picked CoCo out and brought him home and he truly is our child! He is healthy and we have had absolutely no heath issues with him. His disposition is the best of any dog I have ever had and he is SO smart! Training CoCo to do anything is incredibly easy! We have 3 dogs now with CoCo but when one of the older dogs passes, I'm hoping Shawn will have a nice female to keep CoCo company! So yes, I'd buy from S and J's Performance Labradors again! Thanks Shawn for our CoCo!
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