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About Treasure Lake Chesapeakes

Treasure Lake Chesapeakes breeds quality Chesapeake Bay Retrievers for hunting, showing, family pets, agility, dock dog, obedience, and field trials competitions.  We breed for excellent temperaments and pride ourselves with providing you with the best companion that you have ever owned.  Our breeding stock come from the top Chesapeake Kennels in show and field.  Our dogs have numerous titles at both ends of their names, a guarantee of beauty and intelligence.  Breeding stock and puppies are bred to be easy to train and live with.  Our dogs live in our home, sleep in our bed and sit with us in the duck blind in the fall.  We have a written guarantee for health and we will help you with your puppy for it's entire life.  Our breeding stock has OFA, PRA, CERF, DM, and EIC clearances. We are AKC Breeders Of Merit.  We only breed a few litters a year so we can give our puppies undivided individual attention from the minute they are born until you pick them up.  Puppies are temperament tested for birds, attitude, ability, personality and hand picked for your desires.  Not a high volume or phony sales pitch, just good, honest,  working, well bred chesapeakes for your enjoyment in the home or field.

During the summer months we train dogs for hunting tests and field trials and know what it takes to make you and your dog a winner in competition.  Or what it takes to make your dog the best hunting companion you have ever had.  Stud service available, natural or shipped.  We compete in hunt tests, agility and conformation with our dogs.  

Puppies available August 2016.

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Kathy Heintel
4374 Austin Road
Geneva, Ohio 44041
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 18 years.
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Testimonials (10)
Submitted by: tammy dahmer on May 26, 2018
I purchased my 2nd Chessie from TLC over 10 years ago and I can not say enough wonderful things about my absolutely amazing dog and all the support I have received from Kathy over the years. It all began with her making sure we had a compatible dog for our family and lifestyle and for the years to follow she has always been there to answer questions, concerns, celebrate or just to wish our boy a happy birthday. She is truly a wonderful breeder in every aspect.
Tammy Dahmer
Boca Raton, Fl
Submitted by: Kathy Pollard on Feb 08, 2016
Willa (Treasure Lake Pale Moon Princess), a near white and absolutely beautiful dead grass Chessie girl, will turn two in July 2016. Saliah (Treasure Lake Blue Moon Special Delivery) is a still growing lovely tan Chessie girl, who will turn 1 year old in May 2016. These pups are WONDERFUL and I am so thankful to Kathy Heintel for making it possible for us to be their people/pack. They have all the qualities I was looking for in a Chesapeake Bay Retriever; they are extremely smart, eager to learn, love retrieving and swimming and the great outdors/adventures, are great in our home, travel well--the perfect companions!! And wherever we go people want to know where they came from! If you are thinking of getting a CBR pup, or a retired dog, consider Treasure Lake Chesapeakes in Chagrin Falls OH. You will not be disappointed--and Kathy is wonderful to work with throughout the whole process!!
Submitted by: Patrick Mann on Sep 18, 2015
We picked up our Mollie from TL Chesapeakes almost two years ago, and couldn't be happier. Mollie is the smartest and fastest learning dog I have ever owned. She is not a hunter but our family protector. I travel quite a bit for work and work nights when in town. Mollie stands guard while I am gone. She is an awesom companion to myself, wife, and the children. Never aggressive, but when a stranger knocks at the door she stands her ground, and has placed herself between the kids and other animals and defends their ground. She is awesome and we plan in the future for a second TLC dog.
Submitted by: Marie Olson on Sep 17, 2015
I got my first Chrsapeake Bay Retriever from Treasure Lake chesapeakes 5 years ago! Sadie is the best dog I've ever owned! She is smart and a wonderful hiking companion! I completed her Junior Hunt title and we also are learning to run Agility trials! We then got a second puppy from Kathy at treasure lakes last year! They are the best dogs, well socialized and friendly and really can do it all!
Submitted by: Donna Gibson / Scott Hollern on Oct 16, 2013
Earl of indian lake was my valentines day gift from my husband. He is our third chessie and he is an adorable little boy. Today he turns one year old. He is playful - energetic- smart - friendly. The only regret we have is that we do not hunt. We live in the mountains of pa and spend a lot of time outdoors. Earl demonstrates natural tendencies of a hunting breed. He loves swimming in the lake and chasing the ducks.
Submitted by: Jane Peabody on Apr 01, 2011
We have a 3 yr old male from Treasure Lake Chesapeakes. Thunder is all we hoped for and more. He's competing in Senior Hunt work now, has his conformation Championship and points towards Grand Champion and is currently working on his CD title, also. Family dog, Thunder is quite a talker, loves to take part in all activities, but loves his hunt training best. Handsome, personable, he's a credit to Kathy's careful, thoughtful breeding. His litter-mate brother is also in Maine, another handsome, intelligent boy with the classic Chesapeake look. Personality Plus! We can't thank Kathy enough for matching us up with this wonderful Chesapeake.
Jane & Ron Peabody
Chesapeake Safe Harbor
Bremen, Maine
Submitted by: Gwendolyn Elphick on Apr 01, 2011
We got our dog Griffin, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, as a pup from Treasure Lake Chesapeakes in Ohio. He's now a year and a half. Griffin has been everything I could have asked for and more. He is primarily a family dog. He is gentle and playful, great not only with my children, but with any children he encounters. He is a welcome visitor at their school. He learns quickly, is affectionate and playful with other dogs. He is a true retriever, and will chase after a ball or bumper all day in and out of the water. My children are 3 and 6, and he is an eager retrieving buddy for them as well. Just a loving, calm, playful dog that is terrific with people and other dogs. Our next one(s) will certainly come from Treasure Lake Chesapeakes.
Submitted by: Scott Marx on Apr 01, 2011
I got a male puppy (Murphy) on 02/28/11. The whole experience from my first contact with Kathy Heintel until receiving Murphy was exceptional. Our detailed discussions on the traits of her dogs versus what is important to me ensured a good fit from both perspectives. She kept me updated on the litter's status including frequent photos. She made the entire process as well as sending him via an airline very easy. Best of all, he is a great puppy. He's very smart, energetic, and inquisitive yet calm and self confident. He already has a strong retrieving instinct and shows significant interest in birds. He will make a great hunter. As a bonus he is beautiful, loves people and other dogs, and quickly adapts to new and potentially stressful situations. As an avid upland and waterfowl hunter, dog lover, and veterinarian, I highly recommend Treasure Lake Chesapeakes.
Submitted by: Justin on Apr 01, 2011
I purchased a Chesapeake bay retriever from Treasure Lake. He is everything I ever dreamed of for a dog! He is great with people, including kids. I never need a leash and he is a relentless worker! He loves being around people and gets along with all other animals. I could never have asked for a better dog. My dog is complimented by everyone he encounters. I can't thank treasure lake enough for the wonderful chessie they provided me with!
Submitted by: Tim & Beata Fenstermacher on Mar 31, 2011
We purchased our CBR, Bacchus, from Kathy at Treasure Lake Chesapeakes on February 26th. He is now 13 weeks and even though his formal training is just beginning, we are extremely impressed with his evident natural abilities and instincts. He will sit from about 3 feet away and wait for us to put down his food dish before he starts eating. This is something that began from the first day we brought him home. He is mild tempered yet headstrong and his socialization to this point has revealed a remarkable friendliness towards people. He was 90% house-trained within 10 days from the time we brought him home. He was making short land retrieves starting at 9 weeks and he is impatiently waiting for his water training to start!

Our vet. commented that we obviously did our homework in picking the kennel and breeder and referring to Bacchus stated, "he is definitely a keeper". We think so too!

Tim & Beata Fenstermacher
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