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About Killbuck Kennel

Life member of NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association)

Raise one to three litters of Pudelpointers per year.  Sell only to hunters.  All dogs tested and registered with NAVHDA. 

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Breeder Contact Info
William Athens
20589 Drake Road
Strongsville, Ohio 44149
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 30 years.
Testimonials (9)
Submitted by: John on Aug 17, 2023
It’s hard to believe it’s been 9 years since we picked up our Buckley from Bill Athens up in Strongsville. What we’ve learned is you cannot ask for a better dog than what Bill produces. Buckley is a natural in the field and has an insatiable appetite for finding birds. He’s equally wonderful in the home, with a big personality to boot. I know I’m partial but Buckley also seems to be smartest dog I’ve ever encountered.
Submitted by: Jeffrey Cornelius on Nov 03, 2020
My 1.4 yr old female R breed, has been an excellent dog. I’m a NAVHDA Member and first time training a dog thanks to Bill. My female PP has been outstanding along with the NAVHDA members. My PP placed first prize in her natural ability test earlier this year
I hunt regularly over water 25Xs a year and hunt pheasants at least 6Xs a year. Outstanding ability in both scenarios from ducks to geese. Solid points on pheasants too.
Submitted by: Rob Clarke on May 24, 2020
Well, it's been 7 years now and I have to say my Killbuck's Yankee Bosco has been incredible. I'm a NAVHDA member but no professional trainer. Since day 1, Bosco took to water like no other dog I ever had - labs chessies, and goldens - and his upland work makes professional guides jealous. As a breed I thoroughly impressed. As for Bill Athens as a breeder, he's more interested in maintaining the breed and placing pups in the right hands than turning a quick buck.

Bill, keep doing what you're doing!!!!
Submitted by: mark A Sullivan on Aug 31, 2018
After much research I purchased a Male Pudelpointer from Bill Athens and I would highly recommend his breedings. After owning all breeds of bird dogs for the last 40 years (English Pointers, Setters, GSP's, Vizsla's etc) I would suggest that my Chaco is as natural and versatile as I have ever seen. Having just passed his NAVDA NA test with a perfect 112 score I can't wait to see how he develops over the years.
Submitted by: frank meyers on Jul 12, 2011
My Rocky is a four year old pp from Bill Athens kennel. I can't say enough good things about Rocky. He's a star and I get nothing but complements on him.
Submitted by: robert mohr on Feb 07, 2010
I have a 4yo female from Bill and I can only say that I continue to be amazed by her every day. She is super enthusiastic in the field, she is a joy to hunt with and she is the best companion and friend that you could ask for. She has given me some of the best memories that I could have. Thanks Bill.

A very heart felt thanks to Bill for giving me the chance to have such a special friend and companion.
Submitted by: Rick Rudd on May 26, 2009
I have 2 Males from Killbucks Kennel,an 8 an 3 year old. They both are fantastic hunters and have retrived over 500 birds. There disire in the feild is unmatched and they love the water as well. I will be adding another male to my family soon and I can't imagine not buying from Killbuck's Kennel.
Submitted by: Jim T. on Sep 12, 2007
Bill and Linda are great people. Bill is interested in placing dogs -- not just selling them. My PP has been great and a dream to train and live with.
Submitted by: Calvin on Mar 09, 2007
I have a Pudelpointer pup from Bill Athens. She is a strong pointer, reliable retreiver and excellnet tracker. Her coat is near perfect. She is a wonderful companion in the home. If you're looking for a top notch gun dog and companion, Killbuck's Kennel produces some of the finest Pudelpointers available.
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