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About GraySky Kennels
In 1995 after years of hunting without a good retriever, the opportunity to have one came up.  We adopted a registered lab starter dog that needed a loving home.  He had a fantastic pedigree!  He came to us from a couple that loved him but just could no longer keep him. 

I was immediately overwhelmed when I picked up this 100 pound, giant headed beast.  Not knowing the dog's personality I almost left him there.  My first surprise was when he jumped in my back seat and laid down like he have been there a thousand of times.  I got him home and put him out in my fenced back yard.  Got his temporary dog house out with some straw and he went right in and laid down like he had been living here forever.  He seemed to have forgotten his past completely.  We went on to have a wonderful relationship. 

I was so impressed with the personality of this dog and most of all his intelligence.  He was so easy to train.  It seemed like he could read my mind.  He had to retire early from hunting.  The previous owner said that Bubba came home limping one day.  The vet confirmed that a car hit him and it shattered one hip.  I decided that this dog had to live on so I found an excellent female and that was the beginning of our kennel.  He is our benchmark for excellence in our kennel as we strive for perfection in health and temperaments so our dogs will go on to become great citizens, family members, hunters and guide companions for the blind.
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Labrador Retriever
Breeder Contact Info
Joe Gray
10363 Bremen Rd.
Logan, Ohio 43138
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 15 years.
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Testimonials (4)
Submitted by: on Oct 20, 2013
We purchased our dog Bo (now 5) in 2008 and Mac (now 3) in 2010. Their favorite hobbies include going for long runs on the farm near our house every night, cuddling together on the couch, taking trips to the beach in North Carolina every fall, snuggling with their humans in bed, and eating clearance-isle steaks and veggies mixed in with their kibble for dinner. BoBo tops the scales at a whopping 110 pounds and Mac is a solid 99, but remember, muscle weighs more than fat ;). Even though Harold has limited skills when it comes to training dogs, BoBo has turned out to be, far and away, the BEST duck dog anyone has ever seen. Bo impresses everyone who meets him whenever he accompanies Harold on hunting trips in Southern Ohio. Bo has a natural aptitude for retrieving, and is totally and completely at home when he’s out in the woods. Mac hasn’t been trained as a hunting dog, but nevertheless loves to swim and retrieve. Our boys are more than just pets, they are members of our family. They are the most affectionate, intelligent, loyal, well-behaved, beautiful, and loving dogs we have ever had. We love them more than words can describe and we are forever grateful that we found Gray Sky Kennel and had these amazing animals brought into our lives. A friend once said “if every dog were like Bo and Mac, everyone would have a dog,” and it’s the truest statement we’ve ever heard.

The Van Gundy family
Submitted by: Jani Price on Sep 15, 2013
We adopted Mac 4 years ago and he has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is extremely smart-as all our labs have been- but have the absolute most loving personality. We had lost our Lab , Zeke, to lymphoma when we found the Grays and their wonderful labs. They were so wonderful and understanding. Mac was exactly what we needed to help us deal with our loss. He is extremely intelligent, has the best disposition. Thank you!
Submitted by: TLH on Jan 12, 2011
Gray Sky Kennel was an excellent choice for me. Lucy(black lab) and Jake(yellow) gave birth to 12 pups in Nov. 2009. I was lucky enough to get one of the 4 yellows out of 12. January of 2010, Nilla Bean Knucklehead came home with me and changed my life. As good as any service dog, she's never met anyone she hasn't like. From the time she was a pup to the present she has accompanied me to work and spends most of the day laying under my desk. My coworkers come for their Nilla fix throughout the day. Training her has not been difficult. Besides basic commands, Nilla has learned to ring a bell, hanging on the door knob, to signal she needs to go outside. Crate trained since a pup, she automatically gets in her crate when told to "kennel-up". The only trouble with her so far, is that she doesn't want to give up a fetch toy when she brings it back. We are working on that. In conclusion, I would have to say, based on my experience, Gray Sky Kennel is a good choice. Good luck to you.
Submitted by: Karen on Dec 28, 2009
We got our best friend Bo (from Sara & Blair’s litter born Jan 28, 2008) from GraySky Kennels. He has been a heaven sent to us. He is everything to us and more. There dogs are so beautiful and so smart. Carolyn & Joe are really good honest people. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The Reeds family
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