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About Dakota Rose Kennel

Dakota Rose Kennel is a family owned kennel located in the heart of the Red River Valley of North Dakota. Our goal is to breed and develop dogs that are easy to train, have strong natural instincts, good disposition, excellent retrieving ability and make great family dogs.  We raise German Wirehaired Pointers that are NAVHDA tested and are proven hunters in the fields and waters of North Dakota.  They are exceptional family and hunting companions with the desired traits of a true versatile hunting dog.

Hunting Dog Breeds Raised
German Wirehaired Pointer
Breeder Contact Info
Kenny Miskavige
710 E. 10th St.
Grafton, North Dakota 58237
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 16 years.
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Submitted by: James Moe on Nov 16, 2015
Kenny and Dakota Rose Kennels made purchasing a puppy a great experience for us. I first heard about Kenny's breeding program from a friend after I had to say goodbye to my Brittany. After talking with Kenny we made the decision to try a new breed. Kenny kept me informed of the puppies progress and sent frequent pictures so we could see the puppies grow. My pup is 6 months old at the time of this writing and he demonstrates very strong pointing and retrieving instincts and good drive to hunt; but is equally comfortable relaxing at home. My kids truly enjoy playing with him as he often steals their football just to get the kids to chase him. I would definitely purchase another pup from Kenny and Dakota Rose Kennel. We just might be GWP's fans for life.

James Moe
Williston, ND
Submitted by: Cat Yoder on Nov 10, 2015
When I was looking for a new bird dog pup, I found Dakota Rose Kennels. After looking at tests scores and chatting with Kenny, I decided on one of his pups in an upcoming litter. Living in VT proved no challenge. Kenny took care of all the necessary travel arrangements on getting Boone to his new home. Upon arrival, I noticed that he was clean, and very well adjusted. Boone has turned into a fantastic family dog, and an unbelievable hunter. I've already spoken to Kenny about another pup in a few years!
Submitted by: JoLeen Johnson on Nov 10, 2015
Hi Kenny,
We would recommend Dakota Rose Kennel to a hunter that is looking for his next hunting partner and family dog. We had searched the internet and talked to many kennels before we talked to Kenny. We chose Kenny because of his customer service and willingness to get to know us and what we wanted. A big plus for us was that we got to pick out our own puppy, instead of the breeder choosing for us. When we came to visit the kennels, we immediately fell in love with Minnie and her great mellow personality. We are very particular when it comes to structure and composition of our animals, and Kenny's dogs are very sound and travel well. The kennel and garage were clean and didn't smell like dogs lived there. We could tell that Kenny loves his dogs and has a lot of pride in how he manages them.

Our dog, Einar, is only 20 months old and we have already decided that we will be coming back to Dakota Rose for our next family member. Einar has great instinct and drive in the field, and an unbelievable nose. We have raised and trained many Labs, but very few had the drive that Kenny's dogs have. He points hard, loves to swim, and lives to hunt. This morning Einar aced a 300 yard blind retrieve on two swans. He is versatile, as he will point and flush pheasants and then retrieve ducks/geese out of our biggest sloughs. He is also a great fit in our family as we have lots of small children, horses, and cows, and he gets along fine with them. He lives in the house with us and is very mellow, except when he goes hunting. His coloring is impressive and he stands out everywhere we take him.

We are very glad we made the switch to a German Wirehair Pointer from Dakota Rose Kennel.

Thank you,
Jeremy and JoLeen Johnson
Egeland, ND
Submitted by: William Knox on Nov 10, 2015
Hi Kenny,

Nancy and Mike Knox in Ohio just thought I would send you a picture of Gunner and his pheasant from this morning. We love him he's the best family dog and hunting dog ever! Thank you for raising great dogs.
Submitted by: Justin Fryer on Nov 10, 2015
It was a pleasure working with Kenny in regards to finding a new hunting dog to meet my needs. I hunt upland birds throughout the hunting season and I needed a durable dog that could hold up in both North & South Dakota. Kenny was able to provide with a great dog!!! I am so happy with Gus-his ability is great and he has been easy to train. He just turned 1 in April of 2015 and I have already shot many birds over him the last two hunting season. He makes solid points and in excellent at retrieving as I have not lost one single bird this hunting season. If you want a dog and are a hardcore hunter like me I suggest giving Ken a call as he will provide you with a pup to meet your needs. I also want to stress that Gus is excellent around my two children ages 6 & 2. He is a big teddy bear and would not hurt a fly. During the off season he has a made a great running partner for me as well.

Thanks Kenny,

Justin Fryer
Mandan, ND
Submitted by: Jodi Runyon on Jan 13, 2012
Hi Kenny - As you know we love Bristol Belle! She is an amazing dog. I will let Brian fill you in on her hunting instincts and abilities - I know she has done a great job duck hunting from the boat this season and she gets all the retrieves (as long as the guys make the shot :) !) Also we will write up a testimonial on the process to get her from North Dakota to Washington, etc. From my perspective, she is a great all around companion. She is very intelligent and in tune to everything going on around her. Even more so when she is outside - if it flies, crawls, flutters, runs, she's on it. She watches the sky for birds and has he nose to the ground when she's not. She seems to understand what we say and knows items and people by name. Although she can be intense at times, she also has a very sweet and loving side. I have had labs all of my life so this is my first experience with this breed. I adore her. Jodi
Submitted by: Tony Aaukland on Jan 13, 2012
Kenny is the best breeder of communication with potential owners. He sent many updates, informative on how Belle (Dam) was doing, and numerous pics after the pups were born. Week after week we were updated. Many other breeders I spoke to were surprised with how much time Kenny spent taking and emailing pictures. At the same time, he took my calls and answered all my questions and his knowledge was great at helping me pick the puppy for me and family. I have trained numerous flushers, this was my first experience with a pointer. On the day, I picked up my pup, Kenny had so much information and was so helpful. Most breeders just release you to the pups and have you pick one, he let us meet the mother and spend time with all the pups available. If I would not have been able to meet at least one of the parents, I would not have taken a pup.

I took this pup out day 1 of Pheasant opener in North Dakota at 6 mos. old, I had worked with him in the local Central Dakota Chapter of NAVHDA for a couple months. He has done so well so early and Kenny told me I'd regret taking him out this year if I waited. My pup has great drive, he is a great retriever and pointer, I worked with him greatly on fetch, come sit whoa (Stay) and heel. He is already holding points and making long retrieves through very difficult brush. I took him to a professional guide hunt at 7 months old and the guides were very impressed with his drive and determination, he was still a puppy and they told me, you are going to have YEARS of great hunts with that dog.

Temperament wise, I have 2 teenage daughters, a 3 year old son, and a 1 year old cocker and he is a great companion and friend to all of them. He loves his crate and will even "crate" or "Kennel up" upon my children's command. He loves being with his people.
Submitted by: Jeske, Lindsey on Jan 13, 2012
Actual Purchase:
I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Although we have had wirehairs in the past, this was my first time dealing one on one with the breeder, and Dakota Rose Kennel set some high standards. Although I was 300 miles away, the emails, pictures, and phone calls I received made it feel as if I was party of the whole experience. Dakota Rose Kennel kept me updated almost weekly with the growth of the puppies, as well special reports on the one we had an eye on. In my eyes, they are a small, family based kennel, who who’s priority isn’t dollar signs, but to give their customers the dog they want and expect, not the dog they need to settle with. The best part, your experience does not end the day you take your puppy home. Dakota Rose Kennel is there to offer advance and assistance whenever you need it.

Puppy Itself:
I often find it hard to put the words beautiful and wirehair in the same sentence, but I can honestly say our puppy – even after 9 months, our wirehair is beautiful. His body has the perfect low maintenance, dense coat, while the head has noticeable wirehair attributes; thick beard, long eyelashes. While out in the field, his nose in constantly down and hunting is his number one priority. He has a nice light bite, and loves to retrieve – not only in the field. He is a people person hands down! Not only is he great with kids of all ages, he is great around other dogs. Jake not only loves attention, he loves being part of the family, and we love having him!
Submitted by: gene petersen on Jan 13, 2012
Kenny, Happy new year and hope all is well in ND Just wondering who you are planning to cross Belle with ? Ace is doing a nice job on ducks and geese. In the sept. goose season we had a lot of geese fall alive in the decoys it was awesome to see him tackle them he is a big sturdy hard charging GWP and he is beautiful. We shot plenty of pheasants even though the bird population is the lowest i have ever seen in my 35 years of bird hunting this mild winter should help. If anyone would like info on the natural ability, trainability or disposition they can contact me Gene Petersen at Wolf Lake Kennels 507-822-3323
Submitted by: Tim McIntrye on Jan 13, 2012
Purchasing a pup from Kenny and Dakota Rose Kennel in 2009 was an excellent experience. With concerns of the temperament of the breed, Kenny invited me up to visit and meet Belle, after that it was an easy decision. The communication of how Belle was coming along and then the picture updates of the pups was fun and exciting for the whole family. I ended up with not only a top notch hunting dog but another member of the family, which my wife and three young girls adore. I also appreciated the phone calls from Kenny and visit from Kenny and Kathy when they were passing through to see how Bailey was coming along.

Bailey has an excellent disposition and temperament with both humans and other dogs. She has been easily trainable, great nose, a good pointer, and has become relentless in retrieving and finding downed birds, with never ending drive. Thanks again Kenny.

Tim McIntyre
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