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About Stillwasser Drahthaars
 Stillwasser Drahthaars is dedicated to producing superior hunting dogs that have the proper, nose, desire, instinct, physical ability, and the mental aptitude to perform at the highest level in a multitude of diverse hunting conditions.  From pointing birds in the uplands, to retrieving waterfowl in marsh, to tracking big game, these dogs will deliver as advertised.  Bred under a strict certification process that requires an independent evaluation of performance skills like nose, pointing, retrieving, tracking, and cooperation, as well as an evaluation of coat and confirmation, this standard has consistently produced truly outstanding hunting companions. 
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Scott Crabtree
5412 Old Farm Rd.
Gastonia, North Carolina 28056
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 12 years.
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Testimonials (10)
Submitted by: Will Cochran on Oct 19, 2011
Stillwasser Drahthaars are the real deal ! I have a dog from the G litter . He is quite frankly the smartest dog i have ever owned his hunting drive is equaled by no other dog.and you can expect this from any dog from this kennel. At the april pup test no other dogs could hold a candle to the stillwassers in pointing. My dog Gus is hard working eager to please and my two year old little girl's best friend. as long as Scott crabtree is breeding his Stillwassers I will Own one Thank you Mr Scott for such a fine hunting dog.
Submitted by: Mark Carter on Jul 17, 2011
I would highly recommend Scott Crabtree and his kennel to anybody wanting a hunting dog. I have one of the pups from the "G" litter and her name is Laylah, and she is just abosulty amazing! I was hunting quail over her at six months old. Laylah was pointing and retrieving them like she had been hunting quail for years. She will track rabbits, retrieve ducks, and also bring me my slippers when I tell her too. Another Stillwasser pup and my pup was at the VJP test in April of 2011, and it was misreably hot, and the Stillwasser pups were the only ones that pointed and held point. The people in our group said "Those Stillwassers will piont!", they were just blown away how well our dogs did in the heat. Scott will help you in any way he can to train your dog because he loves to see your dog achieve goals. I have really enjoyed training Laylah and having Scott as a friend. Laylah is truly my best friend!
Submitted by: John Mattox on Jul 11, 2011
I thought by using a breeder close to home I could have questions answered easily. Well I got more bang for my buck than I ever expected. I was really surprised when I got to know Scott, of how easy he is to talk to about training and how knowledgeable he is. He has been more help and encouragement in a time when I have had some health issues than I could ever have imagined.
I have a dog from D litter. Major is the most affectionate dog I have ever owned. He is a true companion. I love to quail hunt and so does he. I believe that his natural ability reflects the type of Kennel Scott has.
I can't say enough good things about Stillwasser Kennels and Scott Crabtree.

Submitted by: John on Dec 29, 2008
This breeder delivers. No fancy talk or sales pitches, but a true bird hunter with quality dogs. I have taken my lumps from some other kennels( you know who you are!) but Scott actually sold me more dog than he ever let on. Every thing he said was true. Carla has retrieved 40 ducks, 18 geese, 29 pheasants, 12 woodcock and 22 chukars. Handled them all like a 5 year old not a 17 month old. She is also the most loyal and devoted family pet I have ever seen. Thanks Scott for a great dog and hunting season!
Submitted by: David Clegg on Apr 30, 2008
My experience will Stillwasser and Scott Crabtree has been and continues to be the absolute best experience I've ever had with a dog breeder. When I bought my first Drahthaar I was a duck hunter with Labradors and wanting to get an upland pointing dog who could also be able to hunt ducks and geese like a retriever. I did a ton of research and interviewed scores of breeders from all over North America. Stillwasser Kennels was my top pick.

Why? At first, it was because Scott was extremely knowledgable and forthright with information about the breed. I was impressed in his ethics, professionalism, and personal and business background. Importantly, he was extremely easy to talk with and he didn't have any of the "attitude" that one finds with some breeders who think they are next to God. He had tested his dogs through all phases of the German testing program - even going to Europe once for a dog test. He seemed (and does!) to know a lot about training versatile dogs. After being in the breed club for a while I now know how fortunate I was to find and purchase a puppy from him.

Scott is one of the most respected breeders and trainers in the country inside the Drahthaar world. Stillwasser is no puppy mill. In fact, Scott thinks of nothing at flying in dogs from halfway around the world to improve his breeding program. As always, the proof is in the pudding. This spring at the southeast regional United States Drahthaar hunting tests which evaluate the natural ability of a young dog - no other breeder's puppies had a higher set of test scores. That is truly impressive when you consider all of the breeeders out there.

I have hunted with Scott on the Kansas central flyway, the grouse woods of the southern Appalachain Mountains, and the dove fields of the Carolinas. Let there be no doubt that he breeds dogs to hunt and that Stillwasser dogs will hunt any type of waterfowl or gamebird out there - period.

Superior coat, conformation, biddability, even temperament and (above all) outstanding hunting ability...these are the marks of a quality Drahthaar. This is a Stillwasser dog.

Feel free to give me a call if you'd like to discuss my experience with Stillwasser and Scott Crabtree.

Good luck and good hunting,

David Clegg
Asheville, NC
Submitted by: Jason Beck on Apr 30, 2008
Stillwasser kennels produces top quality dogs. These dogs will produce as advertised. My dog Chet was from last years "C" litter. His natural ability has amazed me from day one. Recently I attended a training day hosted by Scott and several of Chet's litter mates were present. The performance of each dog from the "C" litter was impressive. These dogs are hunting machines that aim to please. At home or in the field they are great companions. After much research of the Drahthaar breed and talking to several breeders, I chose Stillwasser Kennels. Scott is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares about the quality of dogs his kennel produces. Scott knows what he is doing when it comes to producing a top quality pup that has the total package. This is no puppy mill. If you want a superior versatile hunting dog look no further than Stillwasser Kennels.....You will not be disappointed!
Submitted by: Jim Thompson on Apr 30, 2008
Being the general manager of an 8,000 acre private hunting club along the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee for the past 10 years, I've seen my share of hunting dogs. When the time came for me to start looking for a replacement for my aging GSP, I scoured the
looking for the dog that would be right for me. I knew that any of the standard breeds could fill my bird hunting niche, but I really wanted to find a diversified breed that would help me throughout the season. Besides guiding bird hunts 6 months of the year, I also needed a dog capable of tracking wounded deer, and one that might pick up a duck on the rare occasion that I got to travel to do some waterfowling. It only took a few hours of searching before I realized that the Drahthaars were going to be a strong contender in my search. My biggest hurdle was finding the right breeder. Most all of the Drahthaar breeders do a great job, but most of those I spoke with were a bit "difficult" to deal with. That is, until I spoke with Scott at Stillwasser Kennels. Speaking with Scott was much like speaking with an old hunting buddy you have not seen in years. After our first contact I knew that the Drahthaar was the breed I wanted to try, and that I definitely wanted it to come from Stillwasser.

Well, that decision was made about a year and a half ago, and I can honestly say that it was a wonderful decision. My dog, "Buckshot," has proven himself as a lot more dog than I am a dog handler. By 5 months of age, Buckshot had assisted in the recovery of four archery shot deer, 2 of which wouldn't have been recovered without him. He is a natural retriever, and has taken minimal training to become a quality bird dog. Although he has been a bit slow to take to the water, he will not hesitate to go straight in from game retrieval. All in all, Buckshot is growing into a dog that is as fine as any man could ask for. And as far as his behavior is concerned (I realize this is a topic that pops up with this breed), Buckshot is great around my two young boys (9 and 4), and has become a bit of an icon for the club members. He is just about everyone's friend. I do however recommend that anyone buying a VDD spend adequate time socializing your dog at an early age, which will help guarantee a well behaved dog through the years.

If you are looking for an all around dog, or even a breed for a specific purpose, the Drahthaar is a great dog, and Stillwasser Kennels is the place to start looking for your next hunting companion. Not only have I gotten a good dog from there, I also gained a new friends in Scott and his family. What more can an individual ask for?

For further information or questions, feel free to contact me at
Submitted by: Derek Frye on Apr 30, 2008
When i first talked with Scott about a Drahthaar, I was very impressed with his knowledge and love for the breed.When I found out he was an avid hunter and talking with him about dogs, he truly wanted to see these dogs do well and hunt!I am a hard hunter and enjoy hunting with dogs. I hunt just about any thing that is legal. When I got Arko from Scott I did not know what I had until hunting season rolled around. Arko is a truly versatile dog. He will sit in a duck blind for hours in the morning no matter how cold or wet until he is called upon to do his job and I mean he will sit or lay very calmly at that! But when you send him it is all bussiness then and the retrieve will be to hand!Then in the same afternoon he will go and point all the quail etc. that he can find and if you are lucky enough to kill one, he will bring it to hand or if you want to go dove hunting he is truly up for that!or woodcock,snipe,or retrieving squirrels for you!This year he also tracked and recovered 2 deer that would not have been recovered if it was not for him. He is also very good with kids-he loves to play baseball with my girls.great family and guard dog! So when Scott told me about all these dogs could do, he was right on the money!They are wonderful dogs and Scott has some of the best I have ever seen. Scott is truly a wonderful guy and he is very loyal to his breeding and his customers. We have developed a pretty good friendship-he is always there if I have any questions. He also helped me with my other dog Amos and he done a wonderful job. So if you are considering a versatile dog then I strongly suggest that you give Scott a call you want regret it. When i get ready to get another dog, he will be the one that I call. Derek Frye
Submitted by: Jason Pardue on Apr 29, 2008
I bought my Deutsch Drahthaar “Cisko” from Scott in August 2007. Not only am I pleased but I am also amazed at the DD’s natural abilities and drive. I am an avid hunter and enjoy lots of different types of hunting. After much research I settled on a DD and have not regretted it a bit. The training program is phenomenal and if you stick to it you will have a great versatile hunting dog. Scott has been a huge help in the training program. He is always available for advice and has sponsored several training events. His is a first class operation, not a puppy mill, and you will be getting a puppy hard wired to hunt.
Submitted by: Brent on Apr 29, 2008
Ana, my three year old female from Stillwasser has matured into an excellent gun dog. She has now logged over 60 duck hunts and has performed exceptionally in all conditions. Her blind manners are impeccable and her manner of retrieve is top notch. She is equally at home hunting upland birds. We have pursued woodcock, snipe, quail, dove and pheasants and has performed excellent on every species. I can truly say she is a complete gun dog and I am looking forward to many years of hunting with her.
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