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If you are looking a all purpose hunting dog we have what you want they have a very strong hunting drive while in the field and when the hunt is over they turn it off and become the family pet. We are planning 4 litters this year.
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German Wirehaired Pointer
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Jim Snyder
3574 Fountaintown rd.
Chinquapin, North Carolina 28521
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 15 years.
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Testimonials (7)
Submitted by: Jeremy Greene on Dec 30, 2017
My name is Jeremy and I have an addiction !

I have to go to the beginning to get you too the present!

My addtiction is
Waterfowl and anything with feathers as well!
Jan 7 2017 was my first ever duck hunt in snow inside a flooded swamp ! My friend had a dog named King! King was 9 years old and lived his earlier years as a bird dog on family hunting preserve ! King was awesome watching him work the swamp flushing up ducks and finding dead birds was spectacular indeed! I asked my friend what King was he said a Drahthaar aka German Wiredhair Pointer ! I was hooked on King like a kid on candy! King was wirey , rustic ole manly looking indeed! I loved it! And he was a working machine !!!! His tempement , attention to detail was second too none! I know everyone says “ LABS IS ONLY WATERFOWL dog you’ll ever need!” That maybe true but I didn’t want a lab like everyone else ! I wanted a dog that could do it all if need be, a dog with the hunting drive like no other ! A dog that had the tempment of a calm person but would drive you too hell if needed be! Also needed a dog that welled mannered around others and dogs as well ! I wanted a dog like King ! So I researched all breeders far and wide and lots of breeders have “ SHOWDOGS” all medals and whatnot! That’s great but I wanted a dog that could HUNT! Like a very close friend that has championship beagle and top breeder in USA! Said papers and show medals mean “NOTHING TOO ME” if dog don’t hunt or mind then his/she is no good too me and they’re just a house pet only not a hunter . A dog either has it in the bloodline or they don’t! So with his help an advice I decided too go with Jim ! Jim asked me several questions and answered a 1,000 of mine! We came up with a plan, I told him the colors I’d like too have if possibly and I wanted a male . So I left it up too Jim to pick the pup for me and my new addtiction that I’ve started ! So Jim was awesome on telling me how his kennel runs and what he expects from it. So he sent me a picture of my pup and I told him I wanted too call him “ Diesel” . So he called him by his name and at 5 weeks old he was pointing wings and recalling his name! I got Diesel at 6 weeks old and my jounery started ! I worked with him daliy with little things. I took him everywhere fishing in canoe, kayak and Jon boat . Was in swamp at 10-12 weeks walking, swimming around! Around 16-20 weeks was shooting frogs out of canoe at night he was perfectly fine with gun fire! Fast forward to dove season he was pointing and fetching dead doves up here and there! At five months old doing frozen duck retrieves drills in ponds , millet and wheat fields! Oct 2017 we went duck hunting for real and he did great shot several ducks and he fetched them perfectly ! Now it’s dec2017 and we are still going strong cold weather doesn’t bother him at all ! Fetching ducks in frozen waters ect with a vest on . Also I put Ecollar on him at 6 months old and he was a super fast learner ! Only have too tone him and he will come too me and HEEL! He’s only been corrected 3-4 times . But we learned all commands before ecollar was applied ! Diesel will never get more that 50 yards from me with or without ecollar! And he never lets me get out of his eye sight never ! Diesel was born on May 23 2017 and he’s 7 months old and weights about 65lbs he eats very well! And stays outside all day until night then he comes in and goes right too his kennel !! All I say is Kennel and he goes right too bed! Now is not all good he does whine a bit here and there if he lose sight of me and we’re wirking on that ! But Diesel came into my life when I think he did because I needed saving I believe ! I’ve not had a dog since I was 18 and now I’m 39 . I had too put him down he was 15 years old! Hardest thing I had too do! So Jim is awesome guy, friend and family ! If anyone wants too see videos of Diesel working go too Facebook @warpigcompoundoutdoorservices too see videos or pm I’ll send them too you or answer any questions . Btw I’ve never trained a dog before!!!

You can’t go wrong with Jim !

Submitted by: Joe Novak on Sep 27, 2016
We picked up Gus in July. He is birdy, with a calm temperament in the house and overall great personality. At 4 months I shot the first quail he pointed, and he even retrieved it.
Submitted by: Kole on Jul 01, 2016
Mill Swamp Kennels by far exceeded my expectations. Mr. Snyder was very informative and really gave me a good understanding of the GWP breed. Throughout the early days of our puppy's life, Mr. Snyder kept me updated with pictures and emails that stated how Cooper was doing. I have been working with Cooper a lot and its unbelievable how smart the little guy is. He is fetching and pointing like a champ. He has gotten a pretty good grasp on the obedience commands and is really doing well with them. He also house broke pretty well too. I would suggest Mr. Snyder and Mill Swamp Kennels over and over. It was a real pleasure getting to know Mr. Snyder and his GWP's.
Submitted by: Chad on Jun 16, 2016
We got our puppy from Mr. Snyder in April. After having a GWP for 11 years, we wanted to stay with the breed. Mr. Snyder was very good with responding to emails and sharing the first weeks of Gru's life with pictures when he would sit still long enough. Gru is an excellent dog. He quickly responded to house breaking and basic commands. He is now swimming and retrieving on land and water. He is a very brilliant dog with a very loving demeanor. He is incredible with my 9 year old daughter who loves to hug him and pick him up. I would recommend Mill Swamp Kennels and Mr. Snyder if you are interested in a great dog.
Submitted by: Fred Hutto on Apr 18, 2016
Great Pup! Been working a lot of hours at work since we picked her up, but with the little bit of training I've had she's sharper than expected. Sitting on command and loves playing fetch. Two thumbs up
Submitted by: Chase on Apr 12, 2016
Two weeks I with our GWP and things have been great. She's been a smart and sweet puppy and Jim knows his dogs as good as any hunter or breeder out there. He was spot on in helping us pick the right pup and was helpful and communicative all the way!
Submitted by: Bekah Sidden on Mar 22, 2016
Our 14 month old pup from Mill Swamp Kennel is a pure joy. She has been an easy pup. She is full of energy and loves to interact with our young boys and other people. She recently passed a versatile dog hunting test which included field (wing), tracking, and water (NAVDHA NA Prize winner achieved with novice handler). She loves to hunt and work in the field and is good working alongside other dogs. Communicating with the kennel was simple and direct. The Snyder family is very personable and love their dogs. From a hunting standpoint: She's a nose down hunter and natural tracker. She is very trainable with minimal need for correction. Reacts well to positive reinforcement; she is shy to punishment. She is non-sharp and has a soft mouth. Physically agile and athletic. Never gun shy. Has strong natural prey drive. Transitions well from home to field. In general is a smart, fast learner, willing to please.
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