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We are a small kennel dedicated to breeding and training the most excellent gun dogs and pets in the canine species:  the Epagneul Breton (French Brittany).  Our dogs carry excellent bloodlines and are natural hunters as well as family pets. We manage a database on the Epagneul Breton/French Brittany at Please contact us if you would like your dog added.


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Epagneul Breton, French Brittany Spaniel
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Kevin Pack
PO Box 9
Alamance, North Carolina 27201
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 23 years.
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Testimonials (7)
Submitted by: Mike R on Aug 04, 2009
The pup is adapting to my home very well. I believe he will be everything I was hoping for as he really uses his nose and is very gentle.
Submitted by: Ray F. on Nov 15, 2008
It has been a while since I have messaged you regarding our dogs Bella and Booker; pups we purchased from you out of Remi and Tarot. These dogs will be 2 years old next month and have began to settle down a little now and they are doing very well. As for hunting, I never gave them any formal training, other than throwing the ocassional dummy around in the back yard. On birds, from the beginning as a small pup, Booker knew what to do, freezing stone cold like a statue when a quail or pheasant was detected. Bella on the other hand didn't "know" what to do, but I kept taking her afield with me and on a paid hunt earlier this year Bella happened to see a quail run into a sinkhole. We killed that bird, but something happened then. After that she began to understand. Now Bella probably has a better nose than Booker. They back for one another; which is so very cool. When Bella gets birdy she runs in a squat, zig-zagging this way and that, well you better get ready. We put a few quail out last Sunday. One bird was pointed by both dogs, but it flew and I tried to shoot it before it fell in the pond. I wasn't quick enough and the bird fell about 20 feet out in the water. My old dog Lucy, hated water and I thought,"lost that one", but simultaneously Booker and Bella leapt into the ice cold water thinking nothing of it. There they both were out there splashing around swimming in frantic circles looking for this bird. After a couple of minutes, Booker had enough, but Bella kept looking and a moment later found ther bird and began swimming back to the shore, where Booker was watching. Realizing the Bella had the quail, Booker jumped back in the pond and took the bird from Bella and completed the retreive. While I'm not crazy about them fighting over the bird, I was thrilled that they both retrieved in water, WOW!

I have to admit that when we met you at the church that day, I wondered about our pups, but as it turns out we couldn't have better dogs. They have wonderful temperment and are very intelligent, eager to please us. They have posed several challenges, but they have become important members of our family.
Submitted by: Brad on Nov 14, 2008
Just wanted to send you a quick update on Bindi. She is now 2 years old and is a great dog. She has an unbelievable nose. We just went on our first hunt this year where they put out 20 quail. We shot 23, she probably found close to 30. She is a great dog.

Just a side note. I hunted with a gentleman last year on Bindi's 5th hunt.
This gentleman hunts with the people like T Boone Pickens. He said Bindi was a better bird dog than dogs that are professionally trained and cost thousands of dollars.

Bindi had a little training from me in the backyard but that had nothing to do with how good she is. The first hunt we went on she just knew what to do.
She is unbelievable.
Submitted by: John G. on Nov 12, 2008
I'm glad I got the opportunity to own Boone. I hunt a good bit with a couple of friends that love it as much I do, so our dogs get plenty of chances. Boone learned alot his first season and I'm pleased with his progress. Toward the end of the season he was finding his share. Gets along well with other dogs and hunts well with other dogs.
Submitted by: Cindy Smith on Oct 12, 2008
Hi Kevin and Julie,

Thought I would email, while I have a moment to let you know how puppy Darth is doing. He is AWESOME! We have enjoyed him so much...well maybe not at 2am, but he keeps sleeping better every night. He has adapted well. Doing great with crate training. No accidents in the crate yet, some in the house, but not many. He is wide open in the mornings, wanting to play and he is very sociable. Making a big hit with family and friends. Our neighbors are jealous. I think they have visited your web site. Took him to the vet yesterday, he got a double A+. (summa cum laude).
Submitted by: Curtis Winter on Oct 09, 2008
We have Bandit, a 2 year old French Brittany from Kevin Pack. Bandit is great house dog, he travels well, and he is a good watch dog on our farm. He is a great hunter. Excellent instincts. We have hunted Bandit for doves, quail, chukars, grouse, pheasant, and wild turkey. He is solid on points and retrieves. Bandit is a close hunter and always stays in contact in the field.

Bandit comes from excellent bloodlines and I believe this is the reason for his exceptional performance in the field and in the home. Kevin and Carolina Brittanys gets a 5++++ rating.
Submitted by: Robert Giovannoni on Sep 14, 2008
Bracco Du Talon De Goudron, Epagneul Breton (French Brittany), 10 Months old when purchased Jan. 2007. Six days later we went hunting.
The result of Mr. Kevin Pack's Kennel and Bill Kelly's training is what my wife and I consider an astounding dog. My comments to Kevin Pack after several January hunts included the following; ". . in the field he is obviously in a familiar environment. He hunts with enthusiasm, range and cast are perfect for the cover, he visibly keeps track of me, into dense/thick cover - no problem, he has no fear of water and/or ice. He broke through the ice and climbed out calmly; very impressive! He finds birds at long distances and points with style and intensity. Throw a wet blanket on me! Yes, I am pleased!"

He retrieves willingly and tenaciously on land or water. He is not force trained to retrieve but he does play retrieve dummies on a daily basis and swims almost daily May - Sep. He is calm and biddable in the house and senses every mood. My wife has taken him to Obedience Training and is starting Agility Competition Training and Canine Good Citizen Training. He truly is "our" dog and responds well to both of us. I have and will continue to recommend this breed and Carolina Brittanys Kennel to friends.
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