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Hallmac Kennels is pleased to announce our current litter.  Expected whelp date is September 18, 2015. 

As of September 2015, we have a new NAVHDA Versatile Champion: VC MH Hallmac's Gracie Garbo's daughter Lucia.  She is out of Gracie and Cisco, pictured above.

Hallmac Kennels is known for producing calm and loving family pets that "turn on" in the field. A commitment to quality and high standards has produced versatile GSP's with excellent temperaments. Our GSP's have a high level of natural ability which result in excellent pets or hunting, field trial, agility and conformation winners. Our 2013 pups have excelled, scoring high, in AKC Hunt Tests and 2 perfect scores in the NAVHDA Natural Ability Tests. Our veterans have continued their pursuit for their title goals as well. The outstanding pedigrees (which include 9 German Shorthaired Pointer Hall of Famers) are a proven factor in these GSP's which possess style, intelligence, stamina and a tremendous willingness to learn. They are social, terrific with children and other animals and thrive in just about any living situation, as long as they receive regular exercise and stimulation.

Hallmac Kennels' careful and select breedings are based on temperament and ability first, then well-matched pedigrees. We do not breed for color. For us, it's a bonus, as we happen to have every color variation of the GSP, including the rare all liver and even rarer black GSP's. We have bred the black GSP's from a titled, direct German import, producing elegant, eye-catching and playful dogs that hunt with unbounded enthusiasm and style. The AKC recognizes the black GSP's in all categories but conformation (show), but as they are recognized in conformation everywhere else in the world, it won't be long now here for the AKC.

All of our pups/dogs are 100%% guaranteed against genetic defects or abnormalities. A sample contract is available upon request. Our GSP's are all AKC registered, some NAVHDA registered, studs are DNA registered, and most have been certified with the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals). References upon request.

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German Shorthaired Pointer
Breeder Contact Info
Lisa McDonald
346 Quarry Road
Unadilla, New York 13849
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 20 years.
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Testimonials (8)
Submitted by: Shelly on Mar 02, 2011
I recently picked up our third GSP from Lisa. Lisa truly loves all of the pups/dogs. She has a keen eye to observe and report hunting potential and temperment. We have had our newest puppy for approximately 10 days... What a joy! Greta was easy to house train, and is pointing pheasant wings. We truly appreciate all that Lisa does for us!
Submitted by: LISA DEMPSEY on Dec 18, 2010
We got our first GSP from George and Lisa. They are fabulous. Our new pup was fabulous. No one comes close to the quality and foundation for pups like these two. we had labs before, and the GSP are a special breed. Lisa and George were there to coach us all the way. They are great. Keep up the good work.

Submitted by: thomas wiley on Mar 29, 2009
Finding Lisa & George was a godsend!! We got our GSP from them in mid February and she is awesome!! friendly, happy, healthy and eager to please. Training comes so easy for their dogs!!

George & Lisa took the time to help us over the puppy period of feedings, housebreaking, ect and they were great. Now our GSP is on her way!!!

Love this breed so much we reserved a 2nd GSP and can't wait for the next litter!!

GOD BLESS George, Lisa !!!
Submitted by: Alferd Radek on Feb 28, 2009
George and Lisa are the very best at what they do. The dog you get from them will be hard to beat. They are smart and egar to please. They will hunt hard but most of all they hunt smart and they will hunt for you. the dogs are easy to train and are fantasic house pets, and are good with the little one's. Do your self a favor and get a HALLMAC GSP.
Submitted by: Manny Cunha on Jul 31, 2007
We got Trigger from Lisa and George. He is a great dog. He is our second Shorthair. Trigger is a hunting machine. Trigger is an AKC JH. He passed all four test in a row with almost perfect scores. We are training toward a SH title. I have a 3 year old daughter and he is great with her. Pheasants don't stand a chance with Trigger but a home he wants to be a couch potatoe and a playmate for my daughter.
Submitted by: Vartan Khachadurian on Jun 17, 2007
Stop!! Look no further! If you want a dog that will run long after the horses quit, but will behave better than any dog you've owned prior, you'll want a dog from Hallmac kennels. These dogs will find birds better than a shark will find blood in water. George and Lisa are smart, experienced breeders who will answer any and all questions you may have. They care even after the sale is made and love to hear progress reports. They are two very special people with dogs second to none. At every hunt test I'm constantly asked where did you get that dog and what did you do to make him look that good. The answer is nothing, the breeder did that.
Submitted by: Peter Imhoff on Jun 11, 2007
We replaced a GSP with a dog from Hallmac Kennels. This our third GSP. She is an awesome dog. Beautiful, sweet, athletic, and incredibly intelligent. I cannot say enough about Idaho or Lisa. When our 11 year old goes, I will be back to Hallmac for another GSP....
Submitted by: Andy Dellefave on Mar 06, 2007
I have nothing but good things to say about George and Lisa. We purchased our GSP in October of 2005. We were new to the breed only owning Labs before. Anybody that owns a GSP will tell you it is a learning curve. They are definately a unique breed.
We had the typical growning pains of a new puppy but with the help of Goerge and Lisa these were easily smoothed out. They were always available night or day and quickly responded to our requests. We could not be happier with our Hallmac GSP. He is by far the best dog we have ever had and look forward to visiting Goerge and Lisa in the future when we are ready for our next dog.
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