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About Gaylan's Golden Retrievers

For over 30 years, we have produced beautiful companion hunters for home and sport.  We emphasize natural birdiness, water courage and biddability in our breedings, along with longevity, health and both mental and physical soundness.  Our proven puppy development program sets our pups up for a lifetime of success.  

We have produced Qualified All-Age, Canadian and American Master National qualifiers, Obedience Trial Champions, Tracking Champions, Agility Champions and Conformation Champions, in addition to numerous hunting companions.

Hunting and competitions pups often available out of parents with all their clearances and proven pedigrees.  Stud service available.


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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 30 years.
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Testimonials (7)
Submitted by: Deborah Abbott on Aug 04, 2011
I have two Gaylan's Golden Retrievers, and they have introduced me to the joy of training a working retriever. I committed to putting a JH on Devon not really intending to go farther. At 5 months old, she was retrieving a duck to hand without any training and the pro who was giving me lessons said, "You don't want a Junior Hunter, you want a Master Hunter." She has achieved a Senior Hunter being completely owner trained and handled, and she's working on her Advanced training.

Two years ago I got another Gaylan's dog, and she is everything I asked for. When we stepped to the line in Junior when she was 15 months old and she was released for her first mark, the judge said, "I thought this was a Junior test; what are you doing bringing a Master dog to this test?" She has done nothing but turn heads, and even the Lab guys stop to watch her run.

These dogs have drive, natural ability, trainability, intelligence, stamina and style. And at the end of the day, they lay at your feet (or in your bed) as the perfect house dog. These are the best bred dogs I've ever encountered.
Submitted by: Dallas Bates on Jun 08, 2010
Gaylans Belle of the Ball (Tess) is my four year old golden companion. When I picked her up at 8 weeks, she naturally retrieved to hand and had been conditioned to come on whistle. I was, and continue to be, extremely pleased with her.

She is the first dog I have trained and she has worked with me through my first experiences with AKC Hunt Tests and dog handling. She is currently SH and we're working towards MH. She is very smart, extremely biddable, with good marking ability and perseverence... she would have proceeded in AKC tests much more quickly with a knowledgeable trainer, but I view hunt tests as fun with Tess when we're not actually hunting.

In the field she is a machine. She hunts pheasants from 10 o'clock to sunset for days... SCENT POINTING, flushing, and retrieving on the South Dakota prairie. She also hunts grouse in northern Michigan and when she gets birdy, you better be ready.

I would not hesitate to take another Gaylans puppy and I am very grateful to Gayle for her breeding program, advice, and willingness to share her experiences and to the Gaylans Goldens email community for advice, reunion fun, and friendship.
Submitted by: linda lowy on Jun 05, 2010
I currently own a Gaylan ,golden, boy. Shiloh is very bright and biddable. He excels in any venue you wish to pursue. Shiloh earned his Master Hunter title at age 3. He's a great marking dog and a talented "blind" dog. He loves to "hunt" with the boys and picks up all birds that are shot!
Submitted by: Brent Danielson on May 26, 2010
I have a young (10.5 months now) golden, Gaylan's Give Me Liberty!, aka Gus. He has not had a lot of opportunity yet, but pheasant season opened here a week before his 4 month birthday and I thought he had the minimum set of tools (strength, sensibility, recall, and curiosity) needed to spend at least a half hour or so in the field just to see what it was like. Surprisingly, he showed the pace and stamina to hunt the entire day in extremely heavy tallgrass prairie. He never flagged, never lost his way or his sense of purpose. I ended up hunting him all fall and he was just superb. Only the pheasants complained.

We even did a little goose hunting and he loved to retrieve decoys as I was unable to get him the real thing. I can't say enough good things about Gus. He is built for power and endurance and still has plenty of speed. He is well put together to say the least and easily the strongest golden I have ever had or worked with for his age. His ability to deal with new things and keep his wits about him be lie good common sense and excellent exposure to new things as a youngster even before we got him home at ~10 wks of age.

You can't beat a Gaylan's puppy as far as I'm concerned.
Submitted by: Pat Swallows on May 16, 2010
I have three Gaylan's goldens and they all love to hunt. They are birdy, biddable, and love retrieving, whether they are hunting with us or at hunt tests.
I love Gayle's breeding program so much that I have done co-breedings with Gayle, following and partnering with her and her program very closely. She is a very conscientious breeder, making sure she keeps health in her program, along with birdiness, temperment, and structure. Gayle raises the Gaylan's pups in a very different way than a lot of breeders. She exposes the pups to all kinds of things like birds, water, noises, and people, and this helps prepare the pups to become great hunting partners in the future.
Submitted by: Pamela Martin on May 07, 2010
Are you looking for: an intelligent, birdy retriever that excels in nose and water courage?; a fast, athletic and driven golden that also possesses biddability?; a dog capable of competing at the highest levels of hunt tests or a hunting companion with the stamina and energy level to work all day in the field but is perfectly content to curl up with you on the couch at the end of the day? Then I highly recommend a Gaylan’s golden retriever.

Gaylan’s is a small kennel that focuses on breeding goldens that possess natural working abilities and remain true to the breed standard of “primarily a hunting dog”. While you may see more Breed champions in the pedigrees of Gaylan’s puppies than some “field breedings”, these breeding decisions are made to ensure that not only are Gaylan’s dogs true to the breed’s purpose, but are sound, good-looking, athletic dogs with the correct coat and conformation necessary to support their work in the field.

As the proud owner of a Gaylan’s golden, Canadian GMH OTCH Gaylan’s High Roller WCX TD VCX Am. WCX CD CCA, I can honestly say that I have never had a puppy come to me more prepared to learn. From the time a litter is born until they go home 9 weeks later, Gayle dedicates herself to caring for and socializing her puppies. By the time her puppies leave, they have met 100s of people, kids and dogs of all ages, had the opportunity to swim every day once they are old enough to make it to the stream on their own, been on live and dead birds of all kinds, heard gun shots, learned basic whistle commands, been introduced to cover and so much more. They are sound, stable, well-adjusted puppies who have little or no trouble fitting in with their new families.

The son of a Canadian Champion, Group-placing dam and the grandson of a 2x National Speciality winner, Dice is a 2x Master National qualifier, was a CKC Grand Master the week after his fourth birthday and is one of the strongest hunt test competitors I have ever known. At Gaylan’s goldens, pretty is and pretty does.
Submitted by: George Gibson on May 05, 2010
I have had setters for 35 years and Emma [a gaylans golden] hunts with the style, instinct, intelligence and nose of the best setters I had. She also is a great lover and in the house my wife lets her do things my setters never did. In addition to finding the birds, her retrieving is outstanding and I also use her for duck hunting and bird releases. She is an incredible marker. I shouldn't be saying all this because Gaylans will be overwhelmed by those who want a great hunting dog as well as wonderful family/pet. It has been quite an experience and I hopefully will be getting a second if a current breeding is successful. Emma also loves to go trout fishing with me and spots the fish for me. They are quite amazing dogs. George Gibson
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