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About Rise And Shine Retrievers
 We are a small retriever kennel locacted in Loudon, NH.  We produce good looking, hard driving Labrador and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers with excellent temperment and a desire to hunt.

You won't find any brood bitches here.  All of our dogs hunt upland and waterfowl and run hunt tests during the spring/summer.  We are hunters first and foremost.

Running HRC, NAHRA and the occasional AKC hunt test, allow us to take the dogs "hunting" year round.  Our hunt test titled dogs actually go hunting!  Ask about joining one of our training groups.

All of our dogs are also house pets and part of the family.  Our puppies are raised in the home and go to their new family well socialized as a result.  Every pup goes to their new home with a written 30 month OFA/CERF guarantee.

If you are looking for a new canine companion,  for hunting, hunt tests, or a pet give us a call.

A wet dog is a happy dog!

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Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Labrador Retriever
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Breeder Contact Info
Wes Reed
526 Rte 129
Loudon, New Hampshire 03307
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 8 years.
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Submitted by: Chris Fair on Feb 24, 2014
Just a quick note to tell you how happy we are with Kimber. She is smart as a whip and very friendly. She is a part of the family for sure. I think we got the "pick of the litter".
Submitted by: Tom Hartigan on Feb 24, 2014
From the moment I took Trigger home I could tell the care that went into the breeding and the blood lines. He is damn near perfect in my eyes. Now at 8 months old his true personality is showing through. He has a defined way of showing his affection unlike any dog or breed I've known. Now to the hunting. He made his first retrieve of a male wood duck at 4 months old. He is still a work in progress at 8 months but he has the basics and the drive. He could easily be a dock dog in another life because his leaping and no fear attitude is a sight to behold. I couldn't be happier with the dog and have been reffering friends and family in a feverish way because I will be back for another pup.
Submitted by: Tricia & Greg on Oct 31, 2013
I wanted to let you know Gunner is doing really well. He is a wonderful addition to our family. Our Veterinarian is extremely impressed with how healthy he is and says he is the best example of the breed she has ever seen. She asked for your information so she could recommend you to other Chessie owners.
I can not say enough how happy we are with Gunner. He has a wonderful disposition and a lively, loving personality. Thank you for being a responsible breeder and providing us with such a fabulous addition to our family.
Submitted by: Leisa & Charles on Oct 31, 2013
We have been thrilled with our Miss Moxie since the day we brought her home. She had a very tough act to follow as our 13 year old Chessie was "as best as they come". Miss Moxie lives up to her name with a spirit in her that is known far and wide by her ocean friends, where she will not get out of the water for hours. Her retrieving and hunting skills are second to none and she even shows the older Chessie a thing or two, her nose is unbelievable. She is extremely fast and agile, and only stops running when she is called in. We could not have asked for a Chessie with a better personality. She is extremly loving and gentle with the family and provides us with endless enjoyment. She is the ulimate protector of "her" four kids and has been a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you Wes at Rise and Shine Retrievers,,,we will defintely be back for our third Chessie soon!
Submitted by: Pete, Val & Trevor on Apr 17, 2013
We purchased Abe from Rise and Shine Retrievers as a companion for our 13 year old lab. We would've never thought that we could get a dog as good our aging Winston, but Abe has absolutely exceeded our expectations and they have become best friends. Not only is he sweet and loving, he is so intelligent. The pups at Rise and Shine Retrievers are raised in their home and come to you with the best start. Housebreaking was not an issue. He had already learned that outside is where to go. We camp almost every weekend on the river. As soon as Abe sees the camper getting packed, he's ready to go.

Oh So Handsome, Best Dog Ever! I would recommend Rise and Shine Retrievers to anyone looking for a new family member!

Submitted by: Gerry & Aloma Violette on Apr 17, 2013
Hi Wes, we wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how very happy we are with Bridger. This is our second Chesapeake, we love the breed very much. It’s amazing to see how different personalities can be within a breed. Our first CBR ‘Yogi” (from another breeder) was a great dog, but he definitely had the stronger attitude, and was not shy with showing tone. He also had skin and ear problems throughout his life. Bridger has never showed any signs of aggression, is very happy and a very healthy dog.

I want to thank you for your open demeanor; we had just lost Yogi, when we had contacted you. You were very accommodating and invited me to a training session. Then you opened your home for us to meet Skye while she was carrying her litter. I’m also thankful to have met the Jetty the stud. It was nice to meet all the players in advance of the big day…

Bridger is a great loving companion to the both of us. We look forward to getting another CBR from you in the near future. I would recommend Rise and Shine Retrievers for any dog / training needs.

Submitted by: Bob J on Nov 19, 2012
Hello Wes, just checking in. Wanted to tell you about Sunny. She is proving that stacking the odds in my favor by getting a pup from a good breeding pays off. We’ve hunted geese, we’ve taken her on 2 duck hunts and 4 pheasant hunts. She has made about a dozen Canada Goose retrieves, all in water. She has made about 15 duck retrieves, and 6 pheasant retrieves. She takes hand commands with no sound when we sneak on ducks...unbelievable...at 8 months. I am super pleased. Sunny is a great learner and has a fantastic nose. I have her listening and taking commands from my hunting partners also. She is quartering great, doesn’t go beyond 20 yards, and she comes back with a quick "come around" command. In another year she will be a hunting machine!!!
Submitted by: Ken & Karen, Gilford NH on Apr 17, 2012
We met Wes and his dogs long before Lady's litter was due. Although it is unlikely that I will ever hunt with Lady, we were convinced that a pup from Rise and Shine Retrievers would be healthy and intelligent. Wes welcomed us into his home where it was evident that his dogs are well cared for and exceptionally well trained. Lady has been with us for a little over three months now and it is hard to remember our lives without Lady. She is healthy, smart as a whip, loves people and has turned into a loving companion for my wife and I. She has twice traveled with us to Pittsburg, NH where we fish and without a whimper from the back seat. We are looking forward to training Lady to fish with us in the Spring. We would not hesitate to recommend Wes and his dogs.
Submitted by: Jeff Enos on Jun 27, 2011
Marley is my first Labrador retriever and while I have always owned pointers and could easily train for obedience and drive I had no idea what I was doing with a lab. At my very first attempt at running Marley at the HRC seasoned level, I failed. I had no clue what I was doing but I had a pretty good idea that I had a decent dog. Luckily Wes was at the same test. We spoke that evening and I started training with Wes the following week. Wes is a wealth of knowledge and his approach is simple, he shows you how to train your dog. The environment that Wes provides is something that is lacking in many other training environments. He doesn't do the training for you, he just coaches you on what to expect and what should be expected of the dog. Training is in a small group environment and from the time you show up until the time you leave your dog is out of the truck. Socializing and steadiness are key aspects to the training. Marley can't wait to get out of the truck during these training sessions. After starting with Wes, Marley and I have passed 3 for 3 at the HRC Seasoned Level. Thanks Wes.

Submitted by: Adam Pomeroy on Jul 24, 2010
After years of waterfowl hunting and watching some dogs’ work I decided to get my own. I searched and called around for places to train my pup and found Wes. I am sure glad I did, after two minutes on the phone with him I could tell he knew what he was doing and meant business. Not only can his dogs run the test but he puts them to the test every season day in and day out. It shows in the dog’s temperament and mannerism. As a trainer he does not just give you the "this is the way it’s done and that’s it." Wes has read my dog like the latest edition of DU knows exactly why the dog is doing what it does and why it’s doing what it’s not supposed to. There is no take your dog out of the truck he picks up a couple bumpers and you put him back, all the dogs work together to make the dogs and trainers better for the upcoming season or test. All and all I couldn’t be happier with how my training is going and I hope to continue training with Wes for years to come, because I have seen in a few months I have only begin to scratch the surface of his vast knowledge of running true hunting dogs.
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