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Deadwater Gun Dogs is in Northern NH.  we breed our English Setter guide dogs once a year ( to keep the ball rolling so to speak ) we are a guide business " Deadwater Adventures" we generally keep one of the pups retire our oldest to the house and offer the rest of the pups for sale. These dogs have some of the best bloodlines in the country on grouse and woodcock. ( Ck out our pedigree's)   We spent a lot of time scoping out Champion field trial blood to put our line of Deadwater Setters together, since we are a guide business it's important for us to make our guest's happy. It was also important that our dogs have great dispositions around adults and children, they love to play but when the guns and bells come out and the tailgate drops it's down to business. Ck out our website or our Face BookPage "Deadwater Gun Dogs of New England" call anytime 603-237-4894.

         Deadwater Slick and Deadwater Jake will have there pups the 1st week in June 2023 ck out our pedigree's   PUPS ARE HERE 4 males & 2 females...............One male puppy is up for sale again due to flooding issues in VT.


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Submitted by: Thomas Miller on Aug 03, 2020
I have two Deadwater setter females (Annie x Hick, Wissah x Jake) and can with strong confidence recommend these bloodlines as some of the best available today if you are a serious grouse hunter. Most bird dogs will point and hold woodcock, and pheasants are the only option in too many areas, but it takes special dog to properly handle a partridge. Some dogs learn with experience to be proficient, but those dogs must be worked in the woods very frequently to develop those skills. Most setter owners I have met do not have the time to devote to training and hunting their dogs enough to bring out their potential. I am no different. I have had other bird dogs and would have been better off hunting alone. Deadwater dogs in my experience are intelligent, biddable, eager and are natural hunters. Yes, everything that runs, crawls or flies is fair game for the pup at first, but show them a few birds and that problem will not return. I planned on supplementing my 7 month old female pups training with pigeons as I did with my 7 year old Deadwater female, but this won't be necessary. I will hunt her in the fall at 10 months of age confident she will hunt within range and have some solid points on grouse and woodcock. My setters back naturally, retreive willingly, and are adaptable everywhere I take them. If you are a casual hunter, or you cannot ensure your new pup will get the grouse woods exposure it deserves and has been carefully bred for, consider another another breed. Scott is correct by proclaiming these bloodlines are too good for anything less. But if you expect more from your bird dog, do not hesitate to seriously consider a Deadwater setter. I know where I will get my next pup. Thanks Scott and Jason.
Tom Miller Arlington, Vermont
Submitted by: John Catlin on Oct 26, 2018
My son, Sean, and I flew from Wisconsin to Boston and drove from there to Colebrook, NH, to get our new setter puppy almost 7 years ago. Hard to believe so much time has gone by since that little pup sat on Sean's lap all the way back. Since then, Copper has become a superb pheasant dog.
We go to South Dakota in October or November, sometimes both months, to hunt wild pheasants, and this dog will find them. He works tirelessly and eagerly. When there are few birds, he only tries harder. A couple years ago, Sean and I were hunting out of Mitchell, SD. We headed north to get out of a local snow storm and found a public hunting area to try. After pointing several hens only to see roosters had run a hundred yards and flushed wild, we found ourselves at the corner of a quarter section of grass. After two more hens, Copper seemed to have had enough of this game. He just took off! and from my vantage point, I could see him run the entire perimeter of the property, seemingly cutting off any running birds and finally settling into a staunch point near the far road. These birds had been hunted a lot and were not fooling around.
We also go to Kansas in December where I am invited every year to join a new group of English setter hunters invited by a friend of mine. Copper consistently outworks and outperforms the other dogs. By comparison, they seem to just be out for a little exercise.
I just returned from a solo trip to SD where Copper just put on a clinic. The last day was a very warm day with temps in the mid-60's, and I had pretty much decided not to hunt at all. I visited with Ron, our family friend, who owns a farm there, for a couple hours having coffee and a slice of pie. As we finished, I decided to make just one more loop to let my Deadwater dog stretch his legs before the 8-hour ride home. I kept him at heel as we crossed a hay field, since it was so hot and asked him to explore a few spots where the grass had not been cut, but nothing was there. Finally, when we had run out of cover, I let him go. Off he went. When he didn't come back, I knew he must have found a bird. I finally saw him a quarter mile away pointing a bird he must have followed down the ditch along the road. I jogged over to find just the most beautiful point ever seen, and we got that bird.
Copper is great in the house. I have a little baby boy now and Copper is very careful with him and only very gingerly takes treats from MIguel's hand.
Somehow, he always knows when we have made our last hunt before going home, and that is when he refuses to get in his crate. I could make him get in there, no problem, but it's more fun to install the seat protector in the back and take him to Sioux Falls for a McDonald's cheeseburger.
Thank you, Scott, for a great dog. I can't imagine what he would be in better hands than mine!
Submitted by: Patrick Loughman on Dec 31, 2017
My wife and I have two wonderful dogs from Deadwater Gun Dogs. Kelsey will be 4 years old in March and he is a tremendous hunting companion. Molly is almost 4 months old and a terrific pup. Not only are both dogs beautiful but they are extremely smart and were very easy to house train.
They are very well-socialized which demonstrates just how much personal attention Scott has given them from the time they were born.
We would, and do, recommend Deadwater Gun Dogs to anyone seeking an excellent pup.
Submitted by: JS Busfield on Dec 31, 2014
Bear Rock Cloe out of Deadwater Hick X Deadwater Annie was voted ANEFTC. puppy of the year Award 2014.
Submitted by: Scott Busfield on Aug 17, 2014
This was sent from Bob Lang ANEFTC (Assoc. New.Eng.Field Trail Club)Ma.Nh.Vt.Me.Ct. RI; Held it's summer meeting. At the end of the meeting they announce the dog of the year awards for the winning dogs and handlers for the past field trial season. I am pleased to announce "Bear Rock Chloe"out of the 2013 litter Deadwater Hick X Deadwater Annie has won the prestigious Amateur walking puppy and the Hank Steffens Open puppy Awards for 2014. Owner/handler Mike Rodivitz and trainer Jason Busfield both of Colebrook NH.
Submitted by: jsbusfield on Mar 19, 2014
This tesimonial was posted to Deadwater Adventures facebook by Jamie Dunn of Connecticut:I have one of Scott and Jason's dogs from a litter 3 years past. The dog is an incredible bird dog with tremendous naturbility. She was easy to train in that she just needed a little push. The rest fell right into place. She is also a superb family dog. Well behaved very affectionate and the kids love her.
I could not be happier.
Submitted by: jsbusfield on Mar 15, 2014
This note was sent to us on facebook October 2013 by Jim Quinn We had a fantastic time Bird hunting with Jason, his dogs find birds when everybody else says there are none and his dogs are a pure joy to watch work birds. I recommend Deadwater Adventures without any reservations.
Submitted by: Scott Busfield on Feb 02, 2014
This message came one facebook to use these people bought a pup from the 2013 litter from Hick & Zee; HAPPY NEW YEAR nice to share Pearla's accomplishments with you she works hard to please us. Gus and Pearla work good together and all the birds are cooked up for them. Be proud you have a good line.........Bobbie-Joe MaCallister
Submitted by: Maria Scott on Sep 16, 2013
I mentioned earlier how impressed we were with our pup out of the Zee Hic litter on 2/18/2013. As if we weren't impressed enough, we decided to enter Dee Dee in a field trial. She took first place in Open Puppy against people that were professional dog trainers. We are so proud of her and wouldn't buy a Setter from anyone else but Scott and Deadwater!
Submitted by: Scott Busfield on Aug 27, 2013
This letter was sent by John Catin of So. Wisconsin who acquired a pup out of the Deadwater Hic X Deadwater Zee litter last year;

Scott, my dad and I picked up copper at Pine Island wildlife area Field trial grounds on Saturday. Copper spent 6 weeks with Greg in N.Dakota learning how to be a better bird dog, at the end of his training Greg was nice enough to bring him to the field trial which is nearer to my home. Greg took the time to show me what he learned and spent some time with me giving training tips and suggestions. I thought you would like to know how much Greg liked Copper out of Hic and ZeeZee. He told me what a pleasure it was to train Copper, how he loved to work and accepted correction without losing his desire or folding. He said Copper is amoung the top 5% of dogs he has trained, and he told me the breeder (that would be you)obviously really knew what he was doing. Greg went to compare him with a setter that was in the trailer. He felt the setter could win a national field trial. I don't know if i'll pursue any trials, but i do know i have a good hunting with speed, intensity and class, and I don't think i need a trainer to tell me what a great addition to the family I have in Copper.
Copper will be 2 in December. When i was looking for a puppy, i never dreamed i would drive more than a couple of hours, much less journey from southern Wisconsin to northern New Hampshire, but I'm glad i did. It was definitely worth the drive through the snowy mountains of New Hampshire and Maine back to the airport.
Thank you for a great dog!
John Catlin
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