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About Collina d'Oro Spinone
We have a small kennel committed to breeding sound Spinone Italiano as versatile hunters demonstrating exceptional temperament, health and conformation. Collina d'Oro means 'hill of gold' and refers to our home which sits on a hill overlooking the river below. We breed about once a year, giving us a new Spinone puppy to develop into a sturdy, confident hunting dog and family companion. All of our dogs come from excellent pedigrees with champion lines, sweet temperaments and great looks. We are a member's of the Spinone Club of America (SCOA) and North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA). All of our dogs are AKC registered. PUPPIES AVAILABLE
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Spinone Italiano
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Stacey and Lorne Belt
Carson City, Nevada 89701
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 10 years.
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Testimonials (9)
Submitted by: Rosanne Anderson on Feb 12, 2015
One year ago we brought home our wonderful Spinone, Stella. She has been such a joy and delight; sweet, gentle, energetic and intelligent. Our breeders Stacey and Lorne Belt have been marvelous. The care they take with their litters is phenomenal. By the time we picked up Stella, at 8 weeks old, she was well socialized, prepared for training and ready to join our family. Stacey and Lorne take great care in planning their litters, making sure to breed exceptional puppies. They are also always available to answer any questions and give help and advice whenever needed. Their house is always open to us when we want to bring Stella up for a visit. After not having had a puppy for many years we could not have asked for a more enjoyable experience.
Submitted by: Paul and Rosanne Anderson on Jan 28, 2015
One year ago we brought home our wonderful Spinone, Stella.
She has been such a joy and delight; sweet, gentle,energetic and intelligent. Our breeders Stacey and Loren Belt have been marvelous. The care they take with their Spinone litters is phenomenal. By the time we picked up Stella, at 8 weeks old, she was well socialized,prepared for further training, and ready to join our family. Stacey and Loren take great care in planning their litters making sure to breed exceptional puppies. They are also always available to answer any questions and give help and advice when needed; as well as dog sitting our Stella when we go out of town which gives her a chance to play with her siblings. After not having had. puppy for many years, we could not have asked for a more enjoyable experience! We have enjoyed our Spinone so much that we are already planning on another! It will most definitely be a Collina d''Oro puppy.
Submitted by: Cortney Bloomer on Feb 15, 2012
Stacey and Lorne Belt do an unbelievable job of raising their puppies, starting with choosing really good parents. I know careful attention is given to the health and the personality of the dogs they breed. I’ve been to their house and it revolves around the puppies and dogs. The puppies are raised in the middle of their house with access to everything; the kitchen, pots and pans banging, vacuuming, etc. They set up a puppy pool for water exposure, leave crates folded and unfolded, create an obstacle course, lay down different surfaces and introduce everyone to their puppies (while being careful about exposure). I’ve been waiting for the perfect puppy and the timing is finally right, I wouldn’t get a puppy from anyone else because I know this pup will be confident, loved, healthy and beautiful. I can’t wait to hunt with him and work with him on Therapy work, I know he’ll be able to do it all!
Submitted by: Elaine Bergenheier on Feb 15, 2012
We are a lucky family in that we were blessed with a male spinone pup from Stacey and Lorne Belt in November. His name is Collina d’oro Open Windows Amadeau (aka Axle), and he is the center of our world. Our handsome boy is a well adjusted, confident, affectionate, and smart - all of which are attributed to the environment in which he spent his first weeks of life. Stacey and Lorne opened their home to us on multiple occasions so that we could spend time with him and his litter mates during the process. Stacey has continually made herself available to us, offering guidance and resources when needed. She is a wealth of information and demonstrates an ongoing commitment, not only to her puppies, but to the integrity of this beautiful breed. This has been a fantastic puppy experience, and I would recommend this breeder to anyone who is interested in a spinone.
Submitted by: Jason and Tara on Mar 01, 2011
We were fortunate enough to get a female Spinone puppy from Stacy and Lorne last April. When we researched for a versatile gun dog a Spinone fit everything we were looking for. In short a work horse in the field, and happy to lay around a relax at home. Our dog has been all this and more. She is a natural in the field and continues to impress us with her athleticism, and temperament. We give great credit to the Collina d'Oro Spinone for their dedication to the breed.
Submitted by: Kathy Tener on Feb 26, 2011
We consider ourselves to be the luckiest pet owners around. The Belts blessed us with our Mia. Grand Champion Collina d'oro Deal Mia Diamond. The name really fits....She is a jewel. We are convinced that her breeding and first months of life has made her the wonderful girl we love. The Belts devoted their lives to this litter of us a well adjusted and loving girl that is affectionate and independent. It's a tough combination to find. They consider everyone of us puppy owners to be family and are always there for advice and encouragement. Next step is hunt titles for Mia and they're going to help us train her...We are so lucky. Be assured, a puppy from the Belts will be a jewel for anyone looking for a Spinone.
Submitted by: guy fasanaro on Feb 25, 2011
We have been blessed with 4 great bird dogs over the last 35 years, 2 Brits and 2 Labs, prior to our immersion into the world of the Spinone Italiano via Stacey Belt of Collina d'Oro. Her passion for the breed and her accommodating nature allowed us to meet her first litter of pups out of Tizzie 3 times before our Sophia chose us. This now 1 year old puppy is pointing flawlessly, retrieving equally well, working to the whistle, extremely soft- mouthed, and overall the most capable pup I've ever known. She is a super affectionate, well adjusted dog around the house as well as a super competent bird dog (since age 6 months). I have shot 200+upland birds over her this year, and she never ceases to amaze me. This is a direct result of great breeding and early and dedicated human contact from day one. I have recommended this breeder to many who have admired my dog, and will continue to do so. Best puppy experience of my life, and a phenomenal breed.
Submitted by: Rebecca Tevis on Feb 17, 2011
Our Spinone Italiano, Floyd (Collina d'Oro Pretty Boy Pink Floyd), just turned a year old this month and we couldn't be happier with him! We purchased him as a companion, but his desire to hunt couldn't be ignored. So with encouragement from his breeders, Stacey and Lorne Belt, we joined the local bird dog club. His instinct is amazing, and he earned his junior hunter title at 10 months - with an inexperienced handler!

As we continue with his training, Stacey and Lorne have been wonderful resources. They are always willing to discuss any topic that comes up, and their Spinone insight is invaluable. We'd only planned on one dog, but we've been so happy with Floyd, that we've started talking about getting another puppy!
Submitted by: Dana and Dave Stabenow on Feb 17, 2011
I grew up with breeders in my family in Iowa hunting was huge! But Ive never seen breeders like this so committed and never hardly got any sleep. They converted their home basically to the safety and comfort for these Spinones. What they put into outside the same a haven for these pups! I had the pleasure to get to see the whole process after the pups were in a safety age zone to receive visitors.
Once again I didn't even know there was a time line until they could be around us. Thank You
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