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About Robingun Kennels
Robingun Kennels is committed to breeding the best Small Munsterlanders possible that are true to the German FCI standard. This breed is a truly versatile hunting dog that points, retrieves, and has the ability to hunt furred game and blood track.  They also make excellent companions in the home and it was their calm nature that first attracted us to the breed. All of our current dogs have a first or second generation line to European descendents. We have made sure that we have only the best breeding stock that are healthy, are good hunting companions and are good companions in the home. A dog's temperament is equally important to us as their hunting ability so we strive to produce truly versatile hunting dogs that can not only hunt but be a lifelong member of a family. All of our breeding stock has passed testing in the NAVHDA system. We are committed to continuing a strict breeding practice using only the highest performing dogs in the U.S. and overseas. In addition to providing a six year health guarantee on all of our puppies, we also provide each owner with a puppy training manual and we offer our advice and assistance in training the puppy. All of our puppies we whelp are whelped in our home and evaluated at 8 weeks of age for their conformation and temperament and we do our best to match puppies with the prospective owner's hunting/training experience and their personal lifestyle. We want our puppies to go to the best homes possible so we ask prospective buyers to fill out a questionnaire before we agree to sell them a puppy. We are members of International NAVHDA and our breeding dogs have all been approved for breeding by the SMCNA Breed Council. All of our dogs we own and 99% of the puppies we have produced that have tested have passed the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) Natural Ability test which rates seven important inherited abilities: nose, search, tracking, pointing, water, desire and cooperation.  Our male, VC Joker, became the youngest SM to date to earn the title of Versatile Champion with a perfect score and we trained and tested Joker ourselves.  Three of our adult dogs have qualified for the NAVHDA Invitational which is the highest level of testing. In January of 2012 we imported our first dog from Germany, Zandor vom Fuchseck, who is one of our breeding males with a genetic line that is new in the U.S. He has earned the most NAVHDA/SMCNA Sire Awards of any male in the U.S. He comes from one of the most respected breeders in Germany, Uta Schumann, who has been breeding Small Munsterlanders since 1973. In June of 2015 we imported a male puppy from the Czech Republic, Ukon Eben-Ezer,  that passed two levels of NAVHDA testing before he was 16 months old.  In 2016-17 we imported puppies from Germany, Sweden and Denmark to further diversify the gene pool in the U.S. Our oldest female, Hunting Hills' Nixie Rae has the best PennHip score of the entire breed in the United States with 0.17 for both hips and she has earned a Prize I in the NAVHDA Utility test. Wolfsburgs' Etta Juwel, our second female came to us from Tom McDonald, former SMCNA Breed Council Chair and the person who first imported the breed from Germany into the United States. Both litters she has whelped have earned NAVHDA and SMCNA Breeders Awards. We whelped our first litter in May of 2013 and all of the puppies from that litter that tested in the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test in 2014 earned a Prize 1 score. All puppies we have sold that have been evaluated in the NAVHDA Natural Ability tests have passed the test. Robingun Kennels has earned NAVHDA Breeders Awards for all of our eligible litters. Several of our adult dogs are also UKC and IABCA Conformation Champions. All of our adult dogs are hunted regularly during the upland hunting season. We also use our dogs to guide for our friends who hunt and at a local sporting club September through March. We take a limited number of applications for each of our litters and we offer a six year health guarantee on all of our puppies we sell. We are happy to give potential buyers a list of our puppy owners and their contact information as references. We require that our puppy buyers test their puppy in the NAVHDA Natural Ability Test and we only sell our puppies to hunting homes. In addition to our website you can visit us on Facebook under Robingun Kennels.
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Small Munsterlander
Breeder Contact Info
Pam Robinson
Lincoln, Nebraska 68522
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 12 years.
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Submitted by: Paul and Suzanne Ostoff on Feb 16, 2021
3 years ago we suddenly lost our first Small Munsterlander, Eve. She was 15 years young and hunted up until she passed. We knew it was going to be hard to find a compatible hunting partner and all around family dog like her. We heard about Robingun Kennel. We reviewed her website to look at her dogs. We wanted to find a dog with similar characteristics to Eve. We contacted Pam and were very impressed with the questions she asked and how she listened to what we wanted in a dog. She matched up with the perfect hunting companion and hunting dog, Robingun’s Maika. And she didn’t stop there, she sent us home with tools to train our dog to be the best she can be. Pam has been with us the entire way. She always makes time to answer our question. Her love of what she does and her mentorship has given us the confidence to start breeding our own litters. We now have 2 Small Munsterlander females and have our first A litter on the way. Pam has proven to be an outstanding breeder of versatile Small Munsterlanders. If you are looking for a hunting dog whose lineage has been planned with thought and love, you will find that with Pam. We consider her a family friend and strongly recommend Robingun Kennels. Paul & Suzanne Ostoff
Submitted by: Chad Christianson on Jun 16, 2019
Simply the best.......great dogs. Got me an awesome hunting dog from them.
Submitted by: John F. on Feb 28, 2019
Hands down the best breeder with the best dogs. Can't say enough about them. They have amazing dogs in the field and home. The care of their puppies is unbelievable. Our pup was crate trained and started on potty training when we brought him home.
Submitted by: David Thompson on Dec 19, 2018
I have seen their dogs in the field, in their home and as therapy dogs with kids at school. We just got our first pup from them this Fall. He is amazing. We visited with six breeders and as soon as we saw Pam's dogs we wanted a pup from her.
Submitted by: Paul on Dec 15, 2018
Robingun Kennels is by far the best breeder I have seen. We visited several SM breeders in the Midwest and nobody comes close to Robingun Kennels. Our pup is now six months old and hunting pheasants. She was almost totally house trained and introduced to water and birds when we got her. Highly recommend this breeder.
Submitted by: MICHELE BAILEY on Dec 03, 2018
We have a female from Robingun Kennels that is 16 months old. She is a fantastic hunting dog and member of our family. Pam helped us pick out the perfect puppy. Outstanding breeder who truly cares about what is best for the breed.
Submitted by: Keith on Jul 27, 2018
The most knowledgeable, honest and reputable breeder I have ever encountered. After meeting her and seeing her dogs in action I was sold on both the breed and this breeder. Simply the best! We love our pup and Robingun Kennels.
Submitted by: Chris on Jul 13, 2017
Love this breed. They hunt and are great family pets. We picked Robingun Kennels over several breeders after meeting them and seeing their dogs in person. Amazing breeder with amazing dogs.
Submitted by: Brandon on Feb 02, 2017
Super great breeder with amazing dogs. Got our first Small Munsterlander from her and are planning on getting another one from Pam next year. Very helpful with training.She loves her dogs and so do we!
Submitted by: Dean J. on Nov 25, 2016
We discovered that there are many differences in SM breeders in the United States and Robingun Kennels is the only kennel that has consistently produced pups that have not had health or temperament issues. Very few SM breeders can show how they hunt all of their dogs like they do or bother to test their dogs beyond the bare minimum puppy test required for breeding. We have owned GSP's and labs and we love this breed and can't say enough about the honesty, passion and professionalism we encountered with Robingun Kennels
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