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Located in Central Nebraska on 56 Acre Farm. Have been raising A.K.C. Chesapeake Bay Retrievers since 1982. The litters that I am now breeding are from eight to nine generations of my personnel hunting/family working dogs, as of latest count I have dogs from my breeding in 33 different states. I only Sell Pups to People that I Actually talk to on my Phone, so this means we talk by phone. I do not consider Texting talking, so if you have Questions, call Me. I consider myself to be a honest person and will tell you up front about the breeding of the litter you are interested in. My pups parents have been tested for passing hip/eye clearances and are tested for DM, EIC, PRA-PRCD. (I always inform puppy buyers if one of the parents is a Carrier of any of these mutated Chromosomes, so if later they decide to bred their dog that they do the genetic test first and require the same of the dog they want to use as a mate.) I will never do a breeding that will produce "At Risk" pups! My pups will have dewclaws removed, wormed, first shot, microchipped WITH AKC REUNITE chip, know how to go in and out of a vertical swinging dog door. I work with my pups so that when they go to their new homes they have good puppy manners, this includes no nipping fingers or hands, grabbing pantlegs/shoe laces, or jumping on your leg. Are conditioned to loud bangs at early age, come to you by voice and whistle calling. They get a warm bath with Baby shampoo and are eight weeks old and you get AKC FULL REGISTRATION APPLICATION, dates of worming and shots. I DO NOT TAKE DEPOISTS ON PUPS UNTILL THEY ARE BORN. A deposit is considered an agreement that you will be buying a pup from me and will finish paying the balance of the price at eight weeks when pup leaves my farm. (I will mail you a receipt for your deposit that will show the remaining balance due and the pickup date. At pickup you will pay the balance due in CASH and get a bill of sale. It is your responsibility to pickup your pup or have made arrangements to have it transported to you in advance of the pup leave date of eight weeks at your expense. HAVE A GEAT DAY. MARK
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Breeding quality gun dogs for over 41 years.
Testimonials (7)
Submitted by: Maureen Cook on Jul 06, 2020
We love senior Chesapeake's and have had 2 from Mark. Our niece and nephew also have a 3 year old. All female. These dogs have the sweetest disposition. They are beautiful dogs, inside and out.
Submitted by: Chad on Feb 06, 2018
I purchased a sedge colored male from Mark after meeting one of his other pups that my co-worker had purchased the year before. Reed is his name, and he is a loyal and sweet little guy. He tagged along on a few hunt last fall, but I will have him ready to go by the time our season opens here in North Dakota. Mark was great to deal with and a pleasure to meet, he met me at about 1 AM after driving all day from North Dakota.
Submitted by: PRAIRIE CHESAPEAKES on Oct 06, 2017
These are a couple of email I received from John about the pup they got from PRAIRIE CHESAPEAKES.

Hi Mark, This is John from Colorado, the guy who bought a puppy from you a couple months back. First off, Love the dog! He's stubborn as all heck, but ultimately he is very trainable and very lovable. Plus he is having a wonderful life. He gets two long walks a day and he's already tagged along on a fishing trip and a duck hunt. He is sure a natural in the outdoors. Great swimmer too! I'll send you some pics of this guy (his name is Stanley) if you care to see them. Anyway, I'm writing to get the name of the worm treatment you gave him. My vet wanted to know. no big deal, I don't have any reason to suspect he's got worms, but she wanted to know. Let me know, and a huge thanks for this wonderful animal. I'll stick a pic on to this email and I could send more if you want. Thanks, John

Hey Mark, I don't know if you'll remember me, we actually never met. I am the guy from Colorado who took the pick of the litter born in August '07. I've been wanting to get in touch with you, if nothing else to send some pics of this wonderful beast. Now I also have some questions for you.
First off, please find attached three pics of G's Prairie Stanley Brown.
This is our first Cessie and let me tell you they live up to the reputation. What a wonderful experience this has been. You should be proud of the line you are breeding. Stanley I'm sure you will agree is an amazingly beautiful animal. We get compliments all the time.
You would also be happy to know that we have given this dog the life. He get's out on walks, hikes, swims and retrieving exersizes twice a day everyday. He is also my fishing buddy and I get him up to the lake once or twice a week. I hunted with him almost every weekend last winter, too.
I can't tell you how thankful I am to have this dog in my life. Everything about him from the lust he has for life to the affection and loyalty he shows me and my wife, is inspiring.
One thing I was wanting to know from you, are you staying in the breeding game? Are the Sire and Dam still being bred? Stanley is still intact and we were wanting to know if you were continuing to breed before we get him clipped. We will probobly be wanting another dog when Stanley is 4 to 6 years old. Since we are so pleased with Stanley we thought another dog from your line may be in the stars for us. Please let me know what you are thinking in terms of your breeding future.
What else to say? This dog is awesome. A typical chessie in most ways, so I need not tell you all that. He is tough as nails and does everything 100%. Stubborn as a mule. Not as big as I thought he would be, he's about 68 lbs. He will probobly pack on a few if he ever slows down. He was one of the 2 big boys from that litter. Do you know what became of any other pups from that litter? Got any pics?
Thanks for your time, Hope to hear from you sometime. And once again, Thank you so much for breeding such an awsome animal. John Bouchard
Submitted by: Mike George on Feb 08, 2017
I got a little female just over a year ago. What a wonderful, even tempered dog. She is smart and a fast learner. Has all the hunting instincts and loves to hunt. Also has the ability to be very calm when necessary--even as a puppy. A fantastic dog.
Submitted by: Chad Tiemeyer on Nov 22, 2016
Can't thank Prarie enough for finding this man his new bestfirend. I was blessed with a very healthy very loving sage male named Moose just over a year ago. Moose is easily the smartest and hardest working dog I have ever owned and has easily become my bestfriend. Whether hes curled up in the bed or in the duck blind, Moose has gone above and beyond my expectations.
Submitted by: Mark Nesbit on Jun 27, 2016
It has been almost 11 years and 12 seasons that my Gunner boy has blessed our families lives with his love. He knows and loves us from the youngest Great grand daughter age 2 to my father age 93. My boy, Blue Sky's Prairie Gunner grandson of Pond Hollows Casablanca #2 sire of the breed. At 3-4 months with very little dog retriever work He retrieved a 12-15 pound greater Canada goose, That I had drop in some very deep willow's and gnarly undergrowth. I sent him in the willows on a total blind. 5-10 minutes later out he pops with the goose in mouth and high stepping to show us all how proud he was. I live on the San Juan River in northwestern, NM. I have done a good amount of waterfowl hunting here, and in central ,NM. Gunner has retrieved at least a thousand birds over the years for me in tough conditions. He has been a hell of a hunter. If he had the right trainer. I'm sure he would of made a grand champion field trials dog. Every where I go people ask and comment about how hansom he is. He has been cancer free, has no problems with his hips, eyes or any type of disease or other ailment's. I would highly recommend Mark as a breeder of Top self quality Chesapeake Bay Retriever dogs.
Mark Nesbit
Blue Sky Flyfishing
Submitted by: Jim Castleberry on Sep 23, 2014
I have purchased 2 of Mark's chessies over the years and can't say enough about them. Bull had retrieved over 1,000 ducks and geese between 7 months and his first birthday. Was taking hand signals and responded to voice, whistle, and hands only commands. Taz was a giant of a dog and no duck or goose was too difficult to find and retrieve. Both were exceptionally soft mouthed and great family dogs. I hunt every day and have been around other guys dogs enough to know how happy and fortunate I have been to have Chessies from Mark!
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