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About Hellfire Performance Springers

Breeder of Field Champions, Master Hunters, Agility Champions, Nose Work Champions, Obedience UDX, Search and Rescue dogs and many Sussex Spaniel Show Champions. Please contact us through our website to learn more about our dogs, excellent pedigrees and upcoming breeding plans.

Hellfire has produced outstanding field and family companions with proven, high performance, healthy genetics since 2000. We are a small hobby kennel having just 2 litters a year. Our parents are fully health screened with all results made public in the OFA database. Hellfire is an accomplished and experienced AKC Breeder of Merit for both our breeds. Our litters are livestreamed 24/7.

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English Springer Spaniel, Sussex Spaniel
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Hellfire Kennels
SW, Montana 59748
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 20 years.
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Submitted by: David H. on Nov 06, 2018
Luna was a star on October 20th. I was shooting mostly by myself and unfortunately don’t have any pictures. She acted like a seasoned dog within a few hours! I’ve never had a dog like her. Thanks so much! I will be taking her to AZ in December and I will get photos of her in action.

Submitted by: Little Brown Dog Owner on Feb 07, 2018
We bought our first Sussex Spaniel from Angela in 2017 and are delighted to be the first to review one. After researching the breed for months, we finally took the plunge and are absolutely in love with the LBD breed. The breeder went above the call of duty to ensure that we were armed with knowledge and ins and outs of this rare breed, and had the resources we needed to be happy with our fur baby. We are looking forward to trying some light grouse hunting with her this fall.
Submitted by: Dennis Deems on Oct 15, 2017
This is a quick shout out of appreciation for Rook. He is from TobyxZeeZee. Best dog ever. Got his agility initials and is a certified lap dog affectionado, still at 6. Have a great day. Dennis
Submitted by: Wylder in the West on Sep 08, 2017
We purchased a wonderful dog from this breeder 14.5 years ago, lost him just this year. We have had three field springers and he was the best dog we have ever had. Currently waiting for another one.
Submitted by: Steve H on Jul 09, 2017
Two year old Storm (Haley X Ice) is doing very well. We are getting ready for 4 Master level hunt tests in Monmouth Oregon the third weekend in August.

She runs hard and big. Hits the water like a lab. Marks well, is attentive and loves to train and hunt. Once per week we go to a dog park to train and honor other dogs.

She flushes hard. Steadying is coming along well. She understands it but still will sometimes chase 10 to 15 yards. At home she is steady to wing and shot, however yesterday on new training grounds with the club, she chased a few yards. We need to be more crisp but it will come. She is very good on blinds however it is hard around here to find good training ground for masters level blinds.

She is a delightful dog and a wonderful family pet.

After masters title I hope to trial her. That will be new to me so I have a lot to learn as well.
Submitted by: Evan Slee on Sep 22, 2015
My wife and I moved to Kansas last year and decided we couldn't live in Kansas and not have a bird dog. I was deployed to Kuwait at the time and had lots of time to research every Field Springer Spaniel breeder I could find. We decided on Hellfire Springers and got a puppy from the Haley X Ice breeding. We could not be happier with our puppy, or Angela for answering hours worth of first time Springer owner questions. Last week prairie chicken season opened and we decided Riley (almost 8 months old) was ready for her first hunting trip. She did amazing. She stayed close and quartered beautifully infront of my wife and I. She even flushed 4 birds perfectly for us on her first trip out. This was also the first time I fired actual rounds over her and it didn't faze her at all. I'm definitely the weak link in the hunting partnership, all 4 birds are still alive and well for our next trip out. She absolutely loved it. I tried to shoot Skeet Sunday afternoon, after our second hunting trip, and as soon as she saw me get my shotgun out of the safe, she ran to my Jeep, jumped in and refused to get out.

We couldn't be happier with her. She learns everything extremely quickly and does most things naturally, which works out great since she is the first Springer I have worked with. Some of the time I feel like I'm learning more from her than she is from me. I can't wait for quail and pheasant season to open next month. I know she'll find birds and put them up for us, now the pressure is on me. Just wanted to give you a quick update and say thanks again.
Submitted by: The JVH Family on Mar 05, 2015
We are from Missoula and have a wonderful gun dog puppy from this breeder and are already making plans on buying a second one within the next year or two. A+++ seller, fantastic dogs and excellent, caring customer service. Just do it.
Submitted by: Teresa Zurberg on Mar 04, 2015
I have the extreme pleasure of owning and working a pup from this kennel. Angus is being trained to be a C. Difficile detection dog. Before getting Angus (Haley x Bones), I spent many hours researching different breeders and many more hours speaking with Angela on the phone. She wanted a complete understanding of what I was looking for in a detection dog, so she could pair me up with the right dog. And she did one "hell" of a job! Angus is everything and more a professional K9 handler would want in a partner. In fact, Angus, is receiving international attention for his work and being followed by some of the top medical professionals in the world. Without Angela's passion for the breed, expertise in breeding and knowing her lines so well NONE of my work with Angus would be possible.
Submitted by: Susan on Mar 04, 2015
Hellfire Springers are the best dogs ever and Angela is a compassionate, careful and conscientious breeder of merit.
I love these dogs!
Submitted by: Mark Alt on Dec 13, 2014
I have an 18 month old male from the Mia and Mickey parents that just does not quit in the field! Hands down the best hunting and retrieving springer I've ever had. The wife loves him even more. Thank you for allowing us to have one of your excellent dogs.
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