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About Gevock Setters

English Setter pups from proven hunting lines. Field Dog Stud Book. Both parents get hunted a lot and have excellent stamina and noses. Sire is a medium build and the dam is smaller.

Hunting Dog Breeds Raised
English Setter
Breeder Contact Info
Nick Gevock
616 Helena Ave. Room 207
Helena, Montana 59601
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 3 years.
Testimonials (2)
Submitted by: Bryan Brundage on Jan 01, 2012
Samantha (Sam) was whelped on Jan 28 2110, and I purchased her just after weening from Nick Gevock of Gevock Setters. I trained her obedience, and with bird wings etc from the time I got her home, but I had no access to live birds. September 1'st 2010, we went on the first bird hunt, with my veteran Deuce, and Sam. although she didn't really know the game, she followed him like buddies, and watched, and learned. I hunted every evening after work, and within 10 days she pointed on her first sharp tailed grouse. That was less than two weeks, over six months old, and she has only gotten better, and better, with very few Plato's. her hunting is persistent, and steady, with no real surprises, and she points with no need for a whoa command. she is persistent, and patient, Wow! Her desire to hunt is profound, and she would hunt an empty parking lot, looking for any game bird scent if that was all she had! The temperament of these dogs is amazing, a little bit sensitive, and wanting to please makes training easy, but they will be a puppy at Two, so expect business in the field, and a goofball at home! Harsh training will never work!!! you might break their spirit! In all I must say that if your looking for a good shot gun, or one of Gevocks setters, the dog will put more birds in your vest! Happy Hunting!!!
Submitted by: Fred Chilson on Dec 01, 2010
The pup we purchased from Gevock Setters has been wonderful! Since the first day, he has been very birdy and is very much a pleaser. We have taken him out hunting several times, and at 9 months he was pointing beautifully and retrieving to hand. The parents are truly a positive matched pair. I would heavily recommend purchasing a pup from Gevock Setters!
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