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Excellent health, temperament and hunting ability are the essence of our German Wirehaired Pointers, and our primary considerations. We believe that these three essential qualities, bred carefully and with the consideration they truly deserve, also make the GWP an exceptional household pet that excels in any job given to them. Conformation, intelligence, work ethic and other attributes that complement our primary aims are equally important to our breeding program. Health Testing is a MUST for this breed!! We test for everything this breed is inflicted with, and will not breed any dogs with health issues!! We test hips, elbows, thyroid, eyes, and vWD (bleeding disease).

Health Considerations

The GWP in the United States today is plagued with various health issues, and we feel that testing our breeding dogs' health is important to produce healthy puppies that will live long and function into old age as a hunting partner and pet. Our dogs are hip and elbow x-rayed and submitted to OFA for evaluation. We also run full thyroid panels, von Willebrand (vWD) test, and CERF eye test our dogs. We pedigree research in order to take extra precautions to avoid the multitude of inherited diseases and conditions, such as epilepsy, and take care to avoid producing and propagating genetic disorders into the gene pool.

Temperament Considerations

Quality of mind is very important as is a certain level of "toughness" (never aggression) and resiliency. GWP's with the correct temperament are easily trainable for any job and also makes them exceptional pets and house dogs. Our dogs compete in the obedience ring, as well as agility, and rally.

Hunting Ability

Our dogs are working hunting dogs, but they also competed in various venues such as conformation dog shows, field trials, hunt tests and NAVHDA testing to help us assess our breeding stock. We do not, however, discount the differences in competitive events and real hunting, and most of all, we hope to produce dogs that will serve as hunting companions. Exceptional drive, strong pointing and retrieving instincts, water love, willingness to please and intelligence are all characteristics we value in our dogs.

Conformation Considerations

We breed to the GWP standard, "The functional wiry coat is the breed's most distinctive feature. A dog must have a correct coat to be of correct type. " Balanced and moderate type is strongly preferred, and extremes are avoided. "The German Wirehaired Pointer is a versatile hunter built for agility and endurance in the field. Correct size and balance are essential to high performance."

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William and Courtney Bastian
Missoula, Montana 59823
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 15 years.
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Submitted by: Marc Sutton on Oct 21, 2015
I recently purchased a two year English Setter from William. He was great to work with and was very helpful in providing me with as much information about the dog as possible. I could not be more happy with the dog we received and her training. She has a very friendly disposition and responds well to commands in and out of the field. We just came back from a week of grouse hunting and she performed wonderful by working close, holding point, and retrieving the birds. I would highly recommend any dog purchased from William and we are pleased to have such a great dog.
Submitted by: Kelly Mitchell on Apr 27, 2015
I have been involved in purebred dogs for the last 20+ years with the majority of my experience in conformation dogs. My husband wanted a dog to hunt over; I wanted something I could show. We need a dog that was functional and structurally sound, with a solid temperament to live as a pet with our Pugs and cat. We went back and forth on several breeds and decided upon a GWP. I had known Bill & Courtney for years and inquired about a puppy. I had no idea how changed our life would be...

In May 2014, we welcomed a handsome solid liver Claddagh boy into our home, our very first upland dog. He has excelled at everything we have asked of him, and Bill and Courtney have been there every step of the way, guiding training, answering questions, and being the most exceptional mentors in all that we choose to do with him. They have hooked us on the breed and introduced us to upland hunting, hunt tests, and field trials. He may be our first, but he will not be our last!

You will find no better dogs - and certainly no better breeders - anywhere in the world! Feeling so blessed to be considered part of the Claddagh Family. You will not be disappointed in a Claddagh dog!
Submitted by: Joel Dobberpuhl on May 11, 2014
I bought my pup Fritz from Claddagh Kennel in the fall of 2012. I had a GWP previously that was great as a hunter and a very devoted family dog but her temperament was an issue with some strangers and other dogs. I researched breeders for some time and I was impressed with William and Courtney's dedication to breeding only the best GWPs with great hunting ability, sound temperaments and health testing.
I hunted with Fritz for the first time at five months old and was impressed with his "birdiness" and strong pointing instinct. In his NAVHDA NA test he scored a prize 1 with 112 points at nine months of age. He has a great temperament and is great with people and other dogs. He is an excellent family dog and is very eager to please. William and Courtney are also always available as a resource for questions and any training issues.
Submitted by: Beth Wiltshire on Mar 18, 2014
When it came time to search for our next dog, I researched breeds and decided on a GWP. I then researched kennels and breeders and found right in Wisconsin everything I was looking for: thorough health testing, outbreeding, clearly defined breeding goals, puppy raising philosophies that included complete socialization, appropriate owner scrutiny, health guarantees, follow through after the purchase, and someone who would be willing to mentor a first-time GWP owner.
When I gave Courtney my puppy wish list, I knew it was demanding, but our puppy has met it all: a beautiful, sound dog with proper coat, darker rather than white; bold but cooperative, a happy temperament, aptitude for upland and retrieving, energetic and driven but not "hyper", love of the water, intelligent, and people- and dog-loving.
During the wait for our puppy I researched breeders again just in case another GWP puppy would be available sooner, and after contacting a few other breeders came back to Claddagh. I was willing to wait for a kennel that offered everything I was looking for.
Since we brought our puppy home the Claddagh team of William and Courtney have been available with advice on health, feeding, grooming, and training, and offer helpful tips and support to owners through social media.
I highly recommend Claddagh Kennel if you want a quality GWP and an involved breeder/trainer.
Submitted by: Jeff Lemmenes on Feb 18, 2014
I am the owner and trainer at Lumpy's Kennels. I have seen and been around a lot of dogs. My pup "Basil" is one of the nicest dogs I have ever been around. I like all dogs, but there are only a select few I REALLY like and she is one of those special dogs. I can't wait for her to grow up and start making a name for herself!
Submitted by: Christine Gross on Feb 18, 2014
We have had GWPs for 15 years. Our first GWP had a less than ideal temperament and multiple health issues that plague the breed so when it was time to add another GWP to our family we researched breeders for months. All that research led us to Claddagh GWPs and William and Courtney Bastian. Why did we choose Claddagh? Upon meeting William and Courtney and their dogs in person, and observing the temperament, conformation, coats and hunting abilities of their dogs we both instantly knew we had found the right breeder. Their dogs are even-tempered and calm, producing pups that make great family members as well as cooperative hunting partners. Their dogs are thoroughly health tested before breeding. Their dogs have great conformation and coats and therefore hold up in the harshest of hunting conditions. The success of their breeding program is evident by the numerous accomplishments of their dogs and their offspring in NAVHDA, AKC, and many other venues. William and Courtney are passionate about producing outstanding versatile dogs and plan every litter thoughtfully with the intention of improving the breed as a whole.

Our Claddagh GWP has been a delight since the day we brought him home. He is the calmest dog we have ever had, yet when out in the field his desire for game kicks him into high gear. Even at the tender age of 19 weeks, he has already demonstrated outstanding scenting abilities. We are very active in NAVHDA, AKC hunt tests, obedience, and rally, and hunt upland game as well as waterfowl. We have no doubt our Claddagh pup will excel in each activity.

We highly recommend Claddagh GWPs and do so without hesitation. William and Courtney and their dogs are class acts!

Brad & Christine Gross
Submitted by: Rick Neumann on Feb 18, 2014
I met Courtney at the 2011 Game Fair in the GWP booth. She had a puppy in the booth that prompted a discussion about the breed. At the time I was an owner of a GWP that was 6 and a 10 yr old GSP. I was looking for a breeder for my next pup and I was very impressed by her knowledge. Our communication continued for the next few years and I was assured that I had selected the best GWP kennel. To have a couple who is so strong in the breed genetics and hunt ability is the best of both worlds. While I am not a show person and more of a hunt guy I now own a great looking GWP who just finished her 1st wild rooster season with over 30 roosters shot and retrieved.
The other benefit is their social media updates, training tips and connections to the other Claddagh Kennel friends. More than breeder more of a group committed to great GWP's.
I am excited at the opportunity to find my next "mate" in a few years at Claddagh. It has been a partnership that I truely value.
Submitted by: Amber Duff on Nov 21, 2012
I have been involved with purebred dogs for at least 15 years. I have had bird dogs for a bit over five (5) years now and actively participate in AKC Hunt Tests, AKC and American Field Trials, AKC Conformation Shows and Upland Bird Hunting (pheasant, quail, grouse and woodcock) with my dogs. When the time came to add a German Wirehaired Pointer puppy to my household, I researched dozens of different breeders over a period of 18 months or so. In the end I got a GWP puppy from Courtney and William Bastian of Claddagh Kennels in Wisconsin and I’m very satisfied and happy with my interactions with them.

My whole experience with Claddagh Kennels has been 100% positive. My puppy is now about 5 months old and I am very pleased with him. From the day I picked him up at 9 weeks old, he has been bold and confident, yet eager to please. He’s also very smart. The sire and dam of the litter had both been proven as quality individuals through actual hunting experience, AKC Hunt Tests, NAVDHA Tests and AKC Conformation. Courtney and William are knowledgeable about the breed and forthright about each of their dog’s strengths and weaknesses and were helpful in guiding me towards a breeding and a puppy that would fit my goals.

In every interaction with Courtney and William, they demonstrated their joint dedication to producing healthy dogs with great temperaments that are true to the German Wirehaired Pointer original breed type. My puppy has a great coat, a good nose for birds even at 5 months old and a wonderful personality.

During my puppy buying process, I had a few opportunities to watch William train and work dogs. Each work session was tailored to that dog’s specific need and every session was a POSITIVE learning experience. William was patient with the dogs and I saw improvement in the dog as a result of the training session. I would not hesitate to send one of my own dogs to William for training. Courtney and William work together to make sure that each client dog’s complete needs are being tended to while the dog is staying with them for training.

All in all, I can say without reservation that I would recommend Courtney and William Bastian of Claddagh Kennels to anyone seeking a well bred German Wirehaired Pointer or a positive method gundog trainer.

Amber Duff
Submitted by: Bob and Ann Karrick on Nov 12, 2012
In 2010 we started a search for our third German Wirehaired Pointer. That search took us to Claddagh German Wirehaired Pointers. Their commitment to breeding physically, mentally and genetically sound dogs drew us to them. We could not be happier with the pup we acquired from one of their breedings. William and Courtney have always been available to help with any questions we had while raising and training our pup and with the beginning of their new venture into gun dog training they have even more to offer.
We were especially pleased when William Bastian started his own training business. We had seen him work with dogs and knew just how well they responded to him and his training techniques. So when it came time to train our wire to be a finished gun dog we sent him to William. In three months he had trained and tested our dog to his Master Hunter title, got him ready to enter the NAVHDA UT test and given us a steady, solid gundog for hunting. He was a joy to hunt pheasants over in North Dakota this season.
If you are looking for a quality German Wirehaired Pointer or hunting dog training then we would highly recommend you check with Claddagh Kennel.
Submitted by: Kristin Wehking on Sep 13, 2010
I have been breeding, raising and showing dogs for over 35 years. My husband and I were looking for a versatile hunting breed to add to our dog family that he could hunt with and that I could show in conformation. We met Courtney and Bill and their Wirehair clan at the Wisconsin Dog Fair and soon feel in love with the German Wirehaired Pointer. We acquired a female puppy from Claddagh Kennel last summer. Not only do we have an outstanding hunting dog, she is a beautiful conformationally sound dog as well. We are new to hunt tests and NAVHDA and Courtney and Bill have provided excellent guidance and support in all aspects of training. Their extensive pedigree knowledge of their dogs, hunting expertise and veterinary science training broadens their base for selection of breed type and genetic stability and predictability. It has been both a privilege and a pleasure to get to know them over the recent years and I would highly recommend them as breeders.
Kristin & Paul Wehking
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