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About Big Sky Boykins
While we are no longer breeding Boykin Spaniels or Braque Francais, we do occasionally have started or finished dogs for sale.
Hunting Dog Breeds Raised
Braque Francais
Breeder Contact Info
Trina Frederickson
6861 Rising Eagle Road
Bozeman, Montana 59715
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 12 years.
Testimonials (1)
Submitted by: John Morrisroe on Dec 05, 2017
10 years ago, I got Chloe, a half Boykin, half Braque Francais, from Trina. Chloe exceeds all expectations that I could have ever have hoped for. An absolute demon on upland game, she always choses to crash through the roughest bushes first, because she knows that there she will find pheasants and quail (that is the Braque Francais in her). She has twice fetched a downed pheasant and on her way back, with her snout covered in pheasant feathers, suddenly stopped, dropped her bird, and pointed at another clump of bushes. I approached those clumps, and whump, whump, whump, out burst the second rooster, which I got. Then she fetched #2 and #1 together. OMG! I still shake my head in wonderment about this.
She is an enthusiastic water dog and loves going duck hunting, looks for incoming birds so that often I simply look to where she is staring to locate incoming birds, she marks them when they go down, and fetches (that is the Boykin in her).
She is obedient to my directions except in one regard: when she smells deer she becomes unmanageable, and will chase them every time. (Boykins were initially bred as deer dogs).
Let Trina help you pick out a pup according to your needs. It is difficult to get 100% satisfaction in this world, but Chloe is about as close as I have ever gotten, and Trina perfectly married me to Chloe. Plus, she is a wonderful house dog, gentle, without a mean or malicious bone in her body...until she comes across upland bird or waterfowl scent.
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