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Dan Fisher
1708 Todd St.
Platte City, Missouri 64079
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 3 years.
Testimonials (4)
Submitted by: Willi Nelson on May 20, 2011
It is hard to describe how happy we’ve been with our vom Fisherhaus pup. Dan took time to understand our needs and wants and did an excellent job in pairing us with the pup that best fit our requirements for hunting, family, and overall temperament; Addie has seemingly limitless desire and aptitude for every hunting situation I introduce and has quickly become a part of our family. Her versatility and ability amaze us on a regular basis.

Beyond the breeding savvy, though, is Dan’s love for the breed and determination to support Drahthaar owners. The time and energy Dan has spent with the pups and their handlers/owners has been tremendous. He is available to answer questions and actively schedules training days and seminars to keep both owners and pups moving in the right direction. Nearly a year after “making the sale”, Dan still plays an integral part in our pup’s training and everyday life and she carries the vom Fisherhaus surname with pride.

If you’re interested in the best dog you’ll ever own whether you’re a new handler or a very experienced one, I would highly recommend Dan. If you’re interested in a breeding program that’s about building up the breed and providing assistance to owners over just selling puppies, I would highly recommend Dan. If you’d like more examples of the exceptional ability of our pup or the exceptional support Dan provides, just ask Dan to put you in touch with me and I can go on for hours!
Submitted by: Chris Himes on May 07, 2011
I picked up Abby vom Fisherhaus from Dan and his family this past summer. It's refreshing to meet people like Dan when looking for a new pup. Dan always responded promptly to my e-mails and phone calls. He has been pro-active in arranging hunting/training weekends for all of the owners. That's fun!!

Abby is the first Drahthaar I have owned/trained. I have been hunting wild birds in the Midwest for 20+ years, so I have been around alot of upland dogs and owned a few. I hunt birds 30+ days a year and I like tough dogs that hunt for me! That is why Abby is so pleasant to own.. She has bundles of desire to work and please. She is a fetching machine, and points most anything that moves. She has been to ND, IA,SD, CO, KS,NE, and even AZ in search of birds and loved every second. Pretty good workload for a 10 month old dog. All I can say is she's a not-for-sale type dog. I would be stupid to let someone else have her for any amount of money!

If you want a naturally gifted hunting companion from a good guy then call Dan for help.
Submitted by: Norbert Johnson on Apr 19, 2011
I have a 10 month old Drahthaar pup of Breeder Dan Fisher's(vom Fisherhaus). I am 67 and have owned many hunting dogs, mainly German Shorthaired Pointers, that have all been good dogs but this Drahthaar is special. Adonis, aka Fuzzy, was pointing solid and retrieving pheasants at 5 months. He also tracks rabbits and I am looking forward to working him on waterfowl. Of the 8 dogs I have owned, he is the smartest, most versatile and most loving. He is an wonderful family dog. Dan has done an excellent job in the breeding of his pups. Because of the distance I have not been able to attend the training days Dan has given but he has explained this breed to me and been helpful in my training of Fuzzy. I highly recommend this breeder.
Submitted by: Rob Lambert on Feb 01, 2011
I purchased my first Drahthaar from Fisherhaus in June 2010, and the experience has been terrific. Dan Fisher has helped in training the dog in the field and in the home. He has remained present (answer phone calls, scheduling training days, ect.) in the pups development to date. Axel, the pup, is a strong hunter (retrieving waterfowl at 5 month and point wild quail at 6 month) and great family pet. I highly recommend a pup from this breeder if you are committed to raising a dog that will work in the field and become a part of your family.
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