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About Prime Shorthairs
Welcome to Prime Shorthairs. We are the Premiere Kennel for German Shorthair Pointers in Southwest Missouri. We sell two litters per year and look forward to connecting you with your next hunting companion. Our dogs come from the Vom Riverwoods Bloodline which is DK (Deutsch Kurzhaar) The first known standard for the breed was established in 1879 and in 1890 was the formation of the first Deutsch Kurzhaar club, the Braun-tiger-klub. The club name was changed in 1891 to the Klub Kurzhaar and the first field tests under the club were held in 1892. (The Klub Kurzhaar also produced the first studbook in 1897 up until 1968 when the Deutsch Kurzhaar Verband took over the production.) In the year 1907, according to some breeders at the time, belief that there was loss of pigmentation and a need for a higher nose, the Deutsch Kurzhaar was crossed to a few black English Pointers. One of these was a black colored female import named Beechgrove Bess from William Arkwright's famous black English Pointers. When the numbers of these black English Pointer to Deutsch Kurzhaar breedings were high enough to justify a separate registry in the breed book, they were kept in a section of the Zuchtbuch called "Zuchtbuch Preussisch Kurzhaar" for 10 years until discontinued in either 1934 or 1935 because the percentage of English Pointer blood was so little. Essentially, these Prussian Kurzhaars were back to being the "same Deutsch Kurzhaars" as all the others, and the studbooks were combined. Leading up to WWII, the breed continued to progress. A more set "type" was now seen and had been consistently produced for some time. When WWII came about, the breed endured its hardships with the control of a fascist government and with the war the population as a whole suffered. Many of the white colored dogs were destroyed because some felt they did not blend with the forest, among other reasons. With the advent split of East and West Germany, one side was left suffering. However, the exchange of dogs never ceased and the breed survived and continues to flourish.
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German Shorthaired Pointer
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Westin Yancey
141 S. Nicholas Suite #1
Nixa, Missouri 65714
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 1 years.
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