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Please connect with us on Facebook, you have to be logged into Facebook to view profile. Photos and videos are posted daily.

I only breed maybe twice a year. The reason I started breeding was not to compete with other breeders but to offer you the great experience with the English Setter as I have had with mine. We DO NOT line-bred(inbred). I want to offer you the healthiest puppy I can offer to save you money in the future.� Call Today! This breeding is a hunters dream. Specifically bred to make exceptional gun dogs and inside/Family Pets.

Raised inside and will be crate trained started, these puppies will be ready to take home at the end of 6wks of age! Charges will be applied to pups that have been sold and not picked up after 8 weeks of age. $100 per week. (Deposit Non-refundable) Unless I do not have the color + sex you requested premium pricing is applied to all pups that are not fixed by 8mths of age of $200. The color + sex you ask for is what your deposit will be held for. If I don't have that color + sex, then you can request that your deposit be returned. You may also however, choose to get in line. If I do have the color + sex requested and decide you don't want the puppy based off his/her markings you will not receive your deposit back. For example: If you have third pick of a tri-color male, and there are only two tri-color males, then you may pick your puppy after the other five people have already had their pick (assuming that I only have six deposits). Your deposit can then be deducted from your purchase. Ask me for a copy of my puppy agreement. This litter of FDSB English Setter pups is bred RIGHT.

Perfect for hunt and good homes. Parents are FDSB (Amer. Field) champion bloodline and excel in the field. We expect exceptional pups from this breeding with good bone, conformation, coats, structure, working ability, drive and mostly--great temperaments. References are available. These pups will be up to date on all vaccinations and their dew claws are removed.

For more information on Pedigree please contact me and I can get you a copy of these pedigrees.

I breed for:

Exceptional style
Superior nose
OFA Hips
DNA Tested
STD Tested

If I don't have the pedigree you are looking for or a puppy available please contact me, I will be happy to find you what you are looking for through my other contacts for English Setters, American Brittany and GSP etc.

Past Litters:

Dam - Ginger

Sire - Pilot

Ginger and Pilot's Puppies

�������������������������������������� Phin, ����������������������������������������������������������� Ranger

���������������� � � � � � � � �� � Conner, �������������������������������������� � � � � � � � � � � � � �� Camp

���������������������������������������������� Maggie, ����������������������������������������������� � � Riley

Past Litters

������������������ Hunter, ���������������� Cody, ������������������������������������������������������������ Dixie

����������������������� Riley, ���������������������������������������������������������� Daisy

������������������������������������� Maggie, ���������������������������������������������������� �� Gunner

��������������������������������������������������� Gogi, ������������������������������������������������������� � �� TY

������������������������������������ Breeze, ����������������������������������� � � � � � � � � �������� Circles

Dam, Ginger and Sire, Pilot were the parents of these wonderful pups.�

Ginger's (Dam) pedigree is: Ch. Calico's Future Force, Ch. Smoke Rise Buck, Ch. Grouse Ridge Reroy, Ch. Grouse Ridge Storm, Ch. Crystal Light... plus other solid gun dogs.

Pilot's (AVAILABLE FOR STUD SERVICE) pedigree is,
Sire 5x CH Tekoa Mountain Patriot
(Pedigree CH/6XR-U CH Crescent City Dexter, 11XCH/R-U CH/FTHF Tekoa Mountain Sunrise, CH/2XR-U CH Pinekone Max, CH Pinekone Max Jr)
Dam is from (3XCH/3XR-U CH T'S Gunrunner, 9XCH/FTHF Hick's Rising Sun)

I always have more pics and videos of my dogs, please always feel free to ask to see them.

I recommend that you do NOT get your puppies from a pet store or(puppy mill). Generally their main focus is on the bottom dollar (money) and do not properly test the parents of the pups for potential genetic defects. Do your research to locate reputable breeders in your area! Do NOT buy puppies solely over the internet! You should be able to visit the breeder to view the conditions of the pups/dogs in their care. Visiting the breeder will also allow you a chance to bond with the pups before you decide whether or not they are a right fit for you. If the breeder doesn't allow you to visit then beware� it's likely a puppy mill. Also make sure the dam and sire are STD Tested, also make sure they are OFA Hip Certified, as well as DNA Tested. Dogs that are line bred(inbred) can have more problems in the future. If they don't test for these things they are most likely a puppy mill and will put on a show while you visit.

Pilot is available for stud services. $600

Shipping can be arranged. I also ship I will assist any buyer in getting his/her puppy. Buyer pays for the freight/ flight required health certificate/ acclimation clearance/and the crate. Located in Columbia, MS with a specific bloodline, that is sure to appease the most demanding wild game hunters and families. I am not a kennel OR puppy mill, my puppies are raised inside, crate trained and handled with the best care. Not left in dog runs. They are raised around children, handled and small animal tested.Additional training available on site.

When you want the best in breed, call Christy Lee at 601-395-5005 or email me at for my address. I'm always looking for ways to help market my dog training services. For more about our positive guin dog clicker training please contact me at 601-395-5005 "

ATTENTION: Scammers ...PLEASE do not waste my time. I DO NOT wish to hear about YOUR AGENT.

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English Setter
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Breeder Contact Info
Christy Lee
Columbia, Mississippi 39429
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 7 years.
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Submitted by: Shearer Ann Anderson on Jul 18, 2014
I have been owned by English Setters my entire life. Dad and I hunted quail and dove until I left for college. I've also had Show Setters. I even had a National Champion. But my heart is for a little hunting setter. I have been doing English Setters Rescue for years. In rescue it is rare you find a liter. My hunt was on... I know the breeders I wasn't going to consider. I put out feelers. I have relatives in Birmingham who told me about Christy Lee. I looked her up and liked what I read. Then two friends had her dogs. Mind made up. Looked at her web page and a new born litter front and center. Not a pretty site but this 60 year old woman was doing the happy setter dance. Called Christy Lee and put my deposit in the mail. It is worth taking time to check out your breeder. Christy Lee is, in my humble opinion, one of the good ones. Several things that impressed me. Within the first few days pictures of Sire and Dam with several generations were in a post, at least 1 photos and videos per week more as it is safe to touch the liter, finally she takes takes individual photos, group and videos about every 3 days. Her litter was raised in her home and was from what I could tell an impressively clean. They spent daytime outside to play. She informs you when the dew claws are coming off, offers to have a micro chip put in for a great price, and answered all my questions in less than a day. She starts early training that is a blessing when you get your puppy home. Tells you the food the puppy is on and why she uses it. Christy Lee communicates your new baby progress so you feel like you are there. Christy Lee works with you about a pick up date. All necessary papers were ready and my Gracie Ann was clean smelled great and her puppy breath melted my heart. This is usually where the breeder exits the picture. However, with Christy Lee she explains how she has started potty training. If you follow her training you are good to go. Gracie came home and I only had a few accidents. I also liked that she raised the litter in the laundry room. The noise of her washer and dryer prepared Gracie for the sounds in the field and at home. She isn't a scared puppy that you have to slowly introduce noises. Gracie is very birdy and is already pointing. Her nose is always to the ground. She is starting to track quail wings. The mark of a superior breeder is one that communicates with you when there may be a medical issue. I know to many breeders that would sweep that under the rug. I really could go on and on. I respect Christy Lee so much I would buy another English Setter from her and I would also recommend her to my family and friends.
Submitted by: Myles Malone on Jun 02, 2014
I have recently purchased my first setter and it was from Christy Lee's Setters and so far this has been the best dog I've ever purchased! Christy crate trained and began the potty training for Blue and since we've had him we haven't had any problems out of him its been a shock to see how smart and well trained he has been and he is a very quick learner. I highly recommend Christy Lee if you are looking for a great setter.
Submitted by: Phillip Hyche on Jul 31, 2013
Tip Toe, that's my dogs name and you bet he is tip top. I purchased him at 15 weeks for a hunting dog and pet for my son Luke. At first sight he was fiesty compared to his sibling and I like him right away, so did Luke. I didn't post early because as a hunter I wanted to see if he could do the job for future hunters to read. Pointers, Gsp's are known for hunting not so much as indoor pets and hunters. Brittany's and setters are (typically) known as indoor pets, more family members and hunters. However are known to be harder to find in hunting quality. In Setters you look at size for superior hunting, the larger are usually show type. When I looked at Pilot, tips dad I knew he had it , the hunting gene smaller and athletic. I was right, easy to trainand loves his job. He is a hunter that is what make him tick. My finest to date. We have a very hard to find bond and he is only10 months old. Make no mistake these are gun dogs and also great pets. Thanks P
Submitted by: Veronica Willey on Apr 02, 2013
We purchased our English Setter, Lucas, from Christy Lee and it was a great experience. We were able to visit Ginger and Pilot before making our decision about breeds and that was it! we knew after meeting them that we wanted a puppy from their next litter. They are beautiful, loving, smart, healthy dogs. Christy Lee kept us informed during the pregnancy with Facebook messages and phone calls. Then we were able to see pictures and videos of Lucas from birth until the day we got him. I was able to call Christy (and still do) whenever I had questions regarding training or anything and she has been very good about sharing her experience and knowledge with me. Great tips in how to raise a healthy loving dog. Lucas has been an amazing dog and he is still so young (6 months next week). He is so smart and loving, just the perfect family dog for us. He does great with my girls (5 and 9 yrs old) and he is super friendly with everyone (He loves carpool time). Training has been actually pleasant and easy, to the point that we are considering getting another one soon. Christy keeps in touch with her puppies and their families....she took Lucas hiking with Ginger and Pilot few days ago! did I mention that he is also extremely handsome? yes he is a beautiful dog too.
Submitted by: Jeannie Walker on Apr 02, 2013
My husband and I had never owned an English Setter but were interested in the breed. We do not hunt but have owned a Brittany as our last dog and we loved the sweetness and loyalty in a gun dog breed. I found Christy Lee's Setters in Alabama, listed on the Gun Dog Breeders web site. We contacted Christy Lee and set a meet and greet with her and her male Pilot and female Ginger, at their home. Christy talked to us for a good while about her work with Traing gun dogs and about her two fine setters and about their past litters. We put our deposit in for a female due from the next litter. We became the new family for our beautiful tri- color setter that we named Skeeter. What a smart puppy. We brought her home at the age of 6 weeks and within a month, she learned to go to the door to go out for her business. She is a very loving, fun filled young pup. She has taken to her puppy obedience classes really well. Skeeter is very friendly to all! Being a puppy still, Skeeter gets along with the small dogs in the local dog park. Skeeter does set the doves under the bird feeders as well as those that fly up to perch on the wires. She holds this pose for a good while. The natural talent to hunt is there. Skeeter gets her exercise daily with our walks, romps in the dog park, rides I the car, and play in her fenced yard. I make sure she has a fun and stimulating day with her well deserved naps listening to classical musical. Christy has offered any help if we have any questions or needs concerning Skeeter. Oh by the way, a lot of people complement us and Skeeter on her beautiful English Setter looks and demeanor. Thank you Christy for the best setter companion!
Submitted by: Casey Garrett on Mar 14, 2013
I have an English Setter that's 8 months old. We live in the city but have a house in the country and go there about 2 weekends out of every month. She is very familiar with our home in the country and roams about 10 acres but knows where home is. I saw your pictures of Ginger and Pilot at Ruffner Mountain and wanted to know if u put GPS's on their collars. I would love to take my setter hiking around bham but nervous about taking her somewhere where she isn't familiar. I would greatly appreciate your opinion. Thank you!!

Casey Garrett
Submitted by: Terry Lyster on Apr 13, 2012
Our Dixie is now 3 years young.. She is a great family dog. Definitely a bird dog. We have kept in contact with Christie and definitely would get another setter from her and have recommended her web site.
Submitted by: Jessica Stowell on Feb 09, 2012
We have had Maggie since October when she was 6 weeks. She has been an amazing dog thus far and she continues to learn quickly and she is a natural hunter. We had a great experience through the whole process and would recommend Christy Lee's Setters to anyone looking for a great dog.
Submitted by: Jodi Pitchford on Dec 28, 2011
I am so pleased to say that I purchased my english setter pup from Christy Lee's Setters! My experience was outstanding from the very beginning to the end of our transaction, and we continue to stay in touch. At first sight of Ginger and Pilot, I knew that Christy cared about her english setters! They are beautiful dogs, with a superb temperaments, not to mention their pedigrees! I showed up unexpectedly to pick up Champ, and Christy came home from work to deliver him to me. Thanks Christy!
Submitted by: James Kahler on Dec 24, 2011
Christy, I just wanted let you know, that not only do we feel super lucky to have such an attractive young addition to the family (and I am personally wowed by all the compliments we continually get (as you've probably noticed through FB), but Phin simply has the sweetest personality. In a couple short months he has already become an integral member of our family. I continually smile as I watch my boys (and wife) have so much fun with him. His training is also going really well. He's a smart guy. His manners around the house are great, he does great on walks, with people and dogs each of all ages, and loves loves loves our regular runs and walks around our local trails and lakes.

As you know, Phin will not be raised as a hunting dog, but as a family dog and running companion. We are surrounded by wooded running trails and Phin already absolutely loves those surroundings. At 4 months, he's too young to go too far or often, but I can share that just the other day, he and I ran a comfortable 4 miles with him only dragging a short leash. He spent the entire run 10-30 feet in front of me, continually checking where I was. At the end, he clearly wanted to go out again!

You might have noticed, but I've kept him in a green collar, similar to the ribbon you put on him as a puppy. I'll always think of him as Mr. Green.
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