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Willow Creek Kennels is a breeding and training kennel in operation for two decades. As a German Shorthaired Pointer breeder we look for early development, intelligence, bird sense, prey drive, natural honor, natural retrieve on land and water, calm temperament, cooperative nature and sound health and movement. After developing the lines for almost 20 years we can confidently say that our dogs would make great prospects for hunt tests, field trials, water games, shed hunting, agility/frisbee games, falconry, skijoring, explosive detection or anything else you would like to throw at them. As a training kennel we have the opportunity to evaluate our own lines in addition to training all the various hunting breeds. We train anywhere from 400 - 600 dogs each year, operating year-round. MN License #745942

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German Shorthaired Pointer
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Chad & Tracy Hines
22545 195th Ave
Little Falls, Minnesota 56345
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 20 years.
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Submitted by: Ryan Schmidt on Jan 04, 2012
Chalk me up as another satisfied customer of Willow Creek. Amber Sassen did a wonderful job working with my setter this past year! Owning a type of setter that is known to be “soft,” I was a little reluctant to send him off for training. Amber did a great job of staying flexible and working with him. Willow Creek says they don’t run a dog through a set program, and I can attest to that statement. My setter came home more confident, and very well trained (both obedience and hunting). I flew down from Alaska for 4 days, and tagged along with Amber as she worked with a number of other dogs. It was a great learning experience, and a fun trip. Amber is a good trainer, with the right mix of caring and control with the dogs she was training. Paxson has adjusted well to being back home, and did great in the field this past fall! What a great facility and great staff. My next setter will be heading back to Willow Creek for sure.
Submitted by: Carolyn Varley on Jun 16, 2011
River Varley (Darby and T-Rex) is about five months old now, and we want to tell you folks just how much we think of her! We wanted a family dog and Ethan suggested her. She loves to snuggle on our laps in the morning. She loves to chase birds at a near by soccer field. She is also walking on a leash and a harness very well now. When it comes to training ( sit, stay etc.) she seems to learn in two or three times and remembers what she has learned. We can't Thank-You enough !!
We will send a up-dated image when we get a really good one!

Carolyn Varley
Submitted by: Rich Wong on Jun 16, 2011
Thanks again for boarding and training Hunter this summer. Leah and I were on the North Shore this weekend, “Hiking,” or some might call it grouse hunting. Hunter’s never hunted grouse (other than a one time failed attempt in 90 degrees last year), so I didn’t know what to expect. We ended up moving 8 birds, 7 of them he pointed in only 2.5 hrs. I had two legitimate shots, of which I connected on both of them. He got scent of a bird about 30 minutes in to the hike, flushed it out for an easy shot right over the logging trail. Once he got the first bird in the bag he was a mad man, and he pointed the rest. The second bird was from a point on two birds, one I couldn’t even see the flush, the other one he flushed towards me and I landed it on the logging trail. The other ones, were classic grouse flushes and I either couldn’t get a safe shot off, or I threw up a hail mary. It was a blast, I may just become a grouse hunter yet, if you can’t tell I was pretty impressed with Hunter. It was fun to be out there with leah too!

Submitted by: Del Thompson on Jun 16, 2011
Thought you should know.... Yeller (my Yellow Lab) & I just returned from a pheasant hunting trip in SD. Over the course of 4 days, we had up to 8 hunters and as many dogs. Simply put, Yeller set the gold standard as an exemplary field dog. While other hunters constantly barked their dogs name (pun intended) and stuggled to keep their flushing dogs within shooting range, Yeller heeded my pages, enabled a perfect shot, and retrieved every bird I hit. In fact, I received the greatest compliment - another hunter admiring your dog's performance. I'm truly indebted to you guys. Thanks for introducing Yeller into my life 5 years ago (Abby-Ranger pups) and thanks for teaching and training him skills which set him apart from the pack. He's a phenomenal dog and it's all due to your talents and efforts.
Submitted by: Sal Palma on Jun 16, 2011
I bought a German Shorthaired Pointer named Billy a year ago, and I am extremely pleased with his hunting performance. I have been hunting wild birds in Maine and in New York. His skills and abilities in pointing, searching and retrieving exceeded my expectations.
I highly recommend purchasing a dog from Willow Creek Hunting Kennel. Thanks for giving me a dog that is first rate in both hunting, as well as, a loving family pet. -Sal Palma
Submitted by: Mike Filas on Jun 09, 2011
Just wanted to update you on Ruger… I spent a week in Montana, chasing the running birds. Ruger had several nice points and was rock solid. He tore through the brush and covered a lot of ground. I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work you put into training him, that led to his Master Hunter Title. I have had a lot of good compliments on how Ruger hunts, which is a direct reflection on your hard work. I will highly recommend you to anyone seeking dog training.

Thank-you Again,
Mike Filas
Submitted by: Richard Chenoweth on Jun 09, 2011
I wanted to write to thank you for the outstanding work that you have done to prepare Homer for both the hunt and the home!
His hunting abilities were "off the charts" right from the start-he has already established a reputation for excellence and perseverance in the field, and it's a real joy watching him learn even more every time that we are out hunting.
He has a great nose, and even more impressive is his growth, both physically and emotionally. He is developing a real savvy understanding about the habits of the birds (pheasants, quail and chukar), and he is the complete package, being picture-book perfect holding steady-to-wing and shot, completing his retrieves and staying staunch on point. And, his stamina and endurance is also amazing. He can't wait to get out there and hunt, and never wants to stop...
As much as he is all business in the field, in the home, he is becoming a loyal and loving companion for both my wife and me. He has a goofy and lovable temperament and is learning the house rules well. In addition, he gets along with the other pets in the house, although he has also established himself as a vigilant watchdog, too.
I can't thank you enough for the excellent training that he has received from Willow Creek Kennels, and I do look forward to having you see him in the near future so that you can enjoy his growth and progress, too!
My best wishes,
Dr. Richard Chenoweth
Submitted by: Ralph Moeller on Jun 09, 2011

I have nothing but good things to say about Willow Creek Kennels. After looking at their website, I am impressed by their new upgraded facility. I purchased my hunting dog from Chad & Jodi in 2005. Casey, a Labrador retriever, is more than I could have asked for in my hunting dog. Chad stands by his money back guarantee. When the first dog didn't work out, he willingly took the dog back and replaced it with my current dog. I have been hunting with Casey for 5 years and she is quite a pheasant dog. I hope to come out and tour the new facility some day soon. I would definitely come back some day to purchase another dog.
Submitted by: Gail Wise on Jun 09, 2011
WOW! WOW!! & WOW!!!!! Bailey totally amazes us & everyone else!
Must admit we had some concern since she appeared almost afraid of pigeons we began working her on. Then last wk took her to Tom Sweezey’s (Indian Brook Kennels where we got Ace, an Enzo son) & after the 2nd pigeon release she was ON it! Picked up scent 40 yds. out, tracked, then held her point for over 5 minutes!! We walked in front of her, kicked up grass, stroked her back, & the entire time she stayed focused, never even looked @ us, stayed in the zone until told otherwise. Tom was blown away by her control & discipline @ such an early age. This past wk was NAVHDA training & she blew the guys out of the water w/her discipline, concentration & control! Tom worked her in the afternoon & said he’s completely dumbfounded by her!!! He’s been raising/training shorthairs for 25 yrs. & has NEVER seen a 6 month old pup w/her level of discipline!!

Will forward photos so you can see how the wonder girl is looking ~ getting tall, weighs in @ 44# & has a truly beautiful, shiny coat. Needless to say, we’re completely in love w/the little shit!! Tom encouraged us to enter her in AKC Jr. Hunt test on the 24th/25th so will let you know how she does. Also entering Ace in either the Jr. or Sr. test & will be interesting to see how they both do. He has a HUGE prey drive which is great but could also be his downfall in a few areas.

Hope all is well w/you & yours. Take care!
Submitted by: Chris Hogan on Jun 09, 2011
It has been about eight weeks since I picked up Bernie and I wanted to let all of you know how good
he is doing and how thrilled I am with him. Working with Willow Creek to get this eighteen month old
GSP trained for upland and waterfowl was definitely the right choice for me.

This dog can do it all and just keeps getting better with every passing week. From retrieving geese out
of deep water to a one hundred yard duck retrieve across thick weeds, open water and up a brush cover
slope to slicing up a grassy field and slamming a point on a pheasants or pushing his way into very thick
brush in pursuit of Grouse. Bernie is truly a versatile dog.

Bernie has also been a welcome addition to our family. He will play in the back yard with my three daughters
like a puppy full of energy but let him in the house and he will go directly to his dog bed, be very quiet and
not get out until released. My father in-law called him a humble gentleman with the way he acts so gentle
around all people and other dogs. Bernie can turn his hunt drive on and off like a light switch and that is
what allows him to be a good family pet.

Bernie has been all you told me he would be and more. What A Great Dog!

Thanks Again to all of you at Willow Creek.
Chris Hogan
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