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About Southern Jamm Retrievers
With over 30 years experience, we have bred, trained and raised some of the most recognized field trial, hunt test/hunting, dogs in the country. By selectively breeding some of the best American and occasional British bloodlines.
Southern Jamm Kennels' mission is to produce an amazing all-around gun dog with sound genetics and wholesome attitude.
We focus on family raised Labs for sound, hard working, fun loving with great temperments. Dogs that willing to please and are guaranteed to be your best friend!!
We are happy to provide references, help with training and getting our puppies off to the right start with their new owners.
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Labrador Retriever
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Mike Madsen
4786 250th St East
Faribault, Minnesota 55021
Breeding quality gun dogs for over 35 years.
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Testimonials (5)
Submitted by: Jan Caldwell on Jan 27, 2014
A little game farm action with the pups. Mac on right and Ellie left. Ellie is methodical and Mac goes full guns. Mac has an unbelievable Having so much fun with them:). Awesome dogs:). Thank you! We would have had more but the boys need to get out shooting more....or remember to put my gun in the truck;)

Hope all is well.


Submitted by: Geoff Wagner on May 30, 2012
Hello Mike,

How are you? Hope your family is doing well and you are keeping busy with your dogs! I called you a couple years back and talked with you about my lab I have. I had planned on coming over to work with you, but I was busy with school and my daughters are busy with their sports. Well, I am done with school now and have a little more time to do some things. Our lab, Eli, is still doing well and I would love to come over and learn from you. Would this be something you would be interested in? I think you told me that you did most of your work on weekends. Just let me know if you are available, and I will figure out a time that works for you and plan on making it over.

Also, we will be looking for a new pup and would like to get it from you. I will be looking for a female to keep Eli company when we are not home and another dog to train and have fun with! Do you have any upcoming breedings?

Again, hopefully this message finds you well, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Submitted by: Steve Hinz on Feb 14, 2012
Mike, just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for bird and gun training on my buddy's Deke dog last fall. We took our usual trip to North Dakota and got him on 60 retrieves on Mallards, Pintail and Gadwall. He had a blast and never dropped a bird! I think his tuneup made all the difference. Another buddy of mine wants to send his pup over this spring, nice job, thanks again!
Submitted by: Tim Levens on Jan 05, 2008
Hi Mike:

You probably dont remember me, but we bought a pup from you back in October. She was one of Lean Maxines' pups that were born on August 15th. Anyway, I thought I would share with you a picture of "Annie" as she has grown up. I was cleaning up my email archieves and found this email from you. As I read your note, I thought....." I wonder if Mike ever see's any of his pups as they have grown up?? So, I will send you a quick note and a picture. This dog is truly an asset to our family. Everyone loves her company, she has a wonderful temperment and we are very proud to have in our family.

A funny side note..... My mom did not really like the idea of us getting a dog. She didnt want the hair mess, she didnt want the dog in her house, did not want a dog jumping up on her etc etc......but now, Annie has full run of the house and my mom always asks "How is my Annie". and refers to Annie as her "Grand Dog" ( as opposed to her Grandsons etc....) and of course every time she visits there is a treat or 2 in her pocket for Annie. My.... how people change.

Anyway, I have attached a photo of Annie w/ my son Tony. This was taken on Halloween night. She is in "Great Health" per the Vet and weighed 50lbs at her annual check up back in the 1st part of December.

Thank you,

Tim Levens
Submitted by: Cheri Jacobson on Oct 12, 2007
HI Mike- We bought a puppy from you Feb.14th 2006, we came from Elk River. I came down with 2 of our girls and then came back 2 days later with Jeff and we took forever to pick the right one. Well I just thought we would up date you with a few pictures and tell you that he is very HAPPY with his family I think. He is a great dog and has a great spirit. He is a lap dog. He doesn't know that he is too big to sit on your lap. When we brought him the first night he let out a little cry and that was it , He sleeps in the bed ever since. He Loved to be rocked in the rocking chair, it was the cuteist thing, he would sleep like a baby. He is very attractive dog and listens good.
Thanks again and hope you enjoy the pictures of him.
Cheri and Jeff (i am not very good with sending pic's so i hope it works)
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